10 Best College Degrees for Animal Lovers

Do you love animals? Do you see yourself creating a career out of working with animals? Do you want to know the best college degrees for animal lovers? you’re an animal lover and want to make a living working with these furry (sometimes scaly) creatures, these are the college degree you may want to consider.

  1. Animal Science

A degree in Animal Science would prepare you for further study in veterinary medicine. It would act as a “pre-med” for going to vet school as it were.

It can also prepare you for a career in animal production. Animal production is the discipline of applying genetics, animal breeding, nutrition, herd health, waste management and the economics of producing beef, pork, and poultry. It would also involve managing horses, dairy and other animals that aren’t produced for their meat.

  1. Conservation Biology

As human populations grow every larger, the ecosystems for wildlife become increasingly endangered. Conservation biologists help manage the planet’s biodiversity to protect particularly endangered species and their habitats.

Potential jobs after graduation could include working for a non-governmental conservation organization like the World Wide Fund for Nature. Other jobs could include working for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, which is a government agency, or the US Forestry Service.

  1. Exotic Animal Training and Management

This is one of the more interesting degrees you can get. You can lead about how to train and manage exotic animals.

Many zoos and animal sanctuaries around the world are homes to many species of exotic animals, where the institution tries to maintain a natural habitat for these creatures. Institutions like zoos, animal parks, and oceanariums use people with degrees in exotic animal training and management to work in their facilities.

  1. Farm Management

This major helps students learn how to run a farm. It doesn’t just focus on the horticultural aspects of farm operations. It also dives into the business side of the farming industry.

Topics like marketing, finance, risk management, and operations will be discussed and studies as it relates to the modern farm.

This degree would prepare you for the obvious, to own or manage a farm. If you love animals, it can prepare you to run a farm that’s livestock heavy raising cattle, swine, goats, and sheep (there are Smithfield Foods jobs available for anyone interested in this field).

  1. Marine Biology

This degree is for the ocean lovers of the world. If you love fish, whales, dolphins, and other marine wildlife, this degree would prepare you to work in the field of marine research and management.

Post-graduate jobs would include working in zoos, aquariums, on research vessels, and fisheries.

  1. Pre-Veterinary Medicine

This degree is for those interested in going straight to vet school once they finish their undergraduate studies. The next step obviously would be going to vet school and becoming a doctor in veterinary medicine.

Most vets graduate from vet school work as an associate in a clinic and eventually open up their own clinic as they gain experience.

  1. Veterinary Technology

Maybe you love animals and care about their well being, but don’t want to go through the grueling process of becoming a doctor. Becoming a vet tech may be the career for you.

In this degree, you don’t have to spend as much time in school and go right away to start working with animals. As a vet tech, you’ll help and support a doctor to treat and care of animals.

  1. Wildlife Photography

This degree is for those who are more of the creative-types who love photography and art. You would learn how to capture animals in their habitat on camera. You would also learn how to tell a story with the photos you take.

Many wildlife photography students come out and become freelancers right away. They take their own photos and sell them to make a living. Some also get jobs at magazines like National Geographic or the Discovery Channel.

  1. Zoology

Zoologists learn about animals and their habitats. They also learn how to manage wildlife in artificial environments. They usually graduate and go to work for a zoo.

  1. Fisheries and Aquatic Science

This degree is similar to marine biology, but the studies will be focused practically on how to manage marine life and their ecology. They will leave school working for an aquarium or commercial fishery.


  1. Wildlife Technology is a nice one because not many seem to be interested on that area and hence it becomes a best bet when seeking jobs.

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