Quick and Easy Guide on Sending Fax for Free Online

Regardless of how many times tech bloggers predicted the demise of fax communication, it is quite prevalent today. With billions of faxes received and sent every month, it can never be denied that people still have a craze for it. 

Moreover, various government bodies only accept documents via fax. It was previously important to possess a fax machine and a landline connection just to send and receive faxes. Nevertheless, in this era of internet communication, how can anyone send faxes? 

People nowadays rely on free online fax platforms through their Gmail, phone, Google Drive, and others. If you have been using fax officially, you must know its superior advantages and how it is different from other communication platforms. 

How about Sending Fax online? Yes, such services are available already. Read ahead.

An Advanced Way to Send Fax Online – CocoFax

CocoFax is the one-stop-shop destination for a cost-efficient substitute to fax machines and perfect for your prosperous business. 

Without wasting further time, let’s dive right into this quick and hassle-free guide on sending fax for free and online!

Sending an Online Fax

You now don’t need to invest in buying fax machines or PC fax modem. Various free online fax services permit you to send free faxes online and receive those in your email. 

With definite benefits, sending a fax is completely free, starting from this page of CocoFax. 

In this case of free sending fax, these services generally place a logo or ad on the cover page promoting their services. Do you want to send more pages or never want an advertisement messing up your fax? 

In that case, you have to spend some money to stop ad services! However, let’s assume your faxed document is in a hard copy format. Here you need first to scan the document. 

Now save that scanned item in TIF or PDF format. A PDF file will be a better one if you want to preserve the electronic version of the file and share it with anyone. 

You may scan the document utilizing your PC and a scanner. However, if you don’t have adequate equipment, you must scan it via your smartphone using a scanning app. 

Part-1: How do I send a free Fax online?

In order to send a fax online and free, make sure to visit CocoFax on your smartphone or PC to get started. Google is a leading assortment of a wide array of products despite being a top-notch search engine. 

Therefore, because of massive development in communication technology and techniques, fax becomes a cyber-process. Nowadays, people can quickly send fax via software and other ways. 

In order to send fax via online techniques, you mainly need an online fax service that works via the PC sans requiring additional hardware. 

The software procedure possesses a hassle-free functioning solution, and it may efficiently turn any PC into a cutting-edge fax machine. Therefore, it needs software downloading. After that, you may switch to the application’s dashboard and send a fax to your preferred person. 

Furthermore, anyone can also send free fax online via Google Drive, Google, phone, and computer. Sending a fax via these ways is a simplistic process, and anybody can quickly communicate and send fax via it.

Part-2: How to fax with Google?

Have you used fax previously? If yes, via those fax machines, you will love faxing online. It will add the subtle touch of the internet to your premium love for fax. 

Nevertheless, let’s take the best possible method of faxing online when utilizing CocoFax for this motive. Follow these hassle-free steps below if you want to fax online:

Step #1: Visit CocoFax to avail of its free trial period for 14 days. After signing up for the trial, you may also opt for your own fax number. Please ensure registering your Gmail ID that needs to be used for sending and receiving faxes. 

Step #2: You have to opt for the option to prepare a new Fax once CocoFax has opened. The new email will pop up quickly after opening it. 

Step #3: Now, carefully fill out the required field to send the fax. Enter the fax number of your receiver in the “To” section, which will be followed by “@cocofax.net.” For example, if the fax number of your receiver is 345678, you have to type: “345678@cocofax.net.” 

In the subject line, please enter whatever note you want to leave for your receiver. Now, in the email body, enter a perfect email body, and you may also create a cover page for the received fax. It will appear as the landing page of the fax. 

Do not forget to attach the fax document, which is a staple document for faxing. The probable supported formats are .docx, .doc, .jpg, .xls, and .png. 

Step #4: Carefully crosscheck the entire format and press the “send” button. CocoFax will catch your mail and quickly translate it as a readymade fax document to the fax number you typed in the destination. 

You will quickly receive a confirmation mail from CocoFax when the fax document has successfully been transferred to the fax machine. Even when it doesn’t send to the receiver’s location, you will get a non-transferred notification about the same.

[NB: The general reasons for an unsuccessful fax document are that the receiver’s fax machine is busy, or the fax number is not valid, or even it is turned off.] 

Concluding words

You only need top-notch fax of a single PDF, whether a one-off situation or a premium element to your business; faxing is still an inevitable medium for video chatting, emailing, and text messaging. These are the quickest methods of sending free fax through Google. 

It could never be an intricate and annoying process when you have complete access to CocoFax. In recent years, you may find truckloads of free faxing sites over the internet, which may end up giving you disappointment. 

But the case is not for CocoFax as it is very credible and functional. From top-notch free trials to premium paid services to authentic free faxing sites, CocoFax is there for you to send a free online fax.