30 Cool Last Names that Start with A

Do you seriously think that deciding on a top-notch last name for your kiddo is a cakewalk for you? For many parents-to-be out there are bewildering while picking out an apt name! It just needs to be perfect, right? 

Thankfully, opting for an extraordinary last name for your baby is one of the most fun to-dos tasks as you prepare yourself to welcome your munchkin. However, are you looking for cool surnames starting with A?

How to Find Cool Last Names?

The procedure of picking out a name makes the experience surreal, but at the same time, it could be arduous enough due to the availability of ample options. This article is all about showcasing the coolest last names that start with A by CocoFinder

Well, you never know if your baby will end up getting consumed with monograms, so indeed, the initials are essential!

30 Cool Last Names that Start with A

Some coolest surnames are demonstrating below, which contains the letter ‘A,’ you might be well-acquainted with:

  • Aagaard

If you belong to a Germanic, Norwegian, or French background, choosing ‘Aagaard’ will be a leading last name option for your kiddo. It means ‘farm by the stream’ and ‘bold.’

  • Aanenson

Being one of the best cool surnames starting with A, it was derived from the old Norse words that mean ‘ancestor.’

  • Aaron

Your newborn must have both Arabic and Hebrew roots! Therefore, it means high ‘mountain’ and ‘encouraged.’ So, your baby will surely cherish both of your roots! 

  • Aaronson

This surname is a top-notch version of Aaron, which was derived from Hebrew origination. However, your baby will love this elegant surname because of its meaning ‘Aaron’s son.’

  • Abel

It is the best European surname, which is significantly popular among the Christian community. Although it has come from Hebrew, it means ‘breath.’

  • Abelson

This popular surname ‘Abelson’ is one of the best American forms of Jewish name ‘Abel.’ Here it means ‘the noble person’ and ‘son of Abel.’

  • Abbey

If you are from a Latin background, choosing ‘Abbey’ will be a relevant surname for your newborn, where it means ‘the head of the monastery.’ However, it has a famous nickname of ‘Abigail.’

  • Abner

This renowned surname ‘Abner’ has strong biblical origins, where it means ‘father of light’ in Hebrew. However, it is the best English surname. 

  • Abney

If you are from Derbyshire, you would love to know the surname ‘Abney’ was derived from that place. Well, this coolest surname is nowadays more common in the USA than in England. 

  • Abston

The origin of ‘Abston’ is obscure, and it is contemplated to have evolved from the place ‘Abston’ in the proximity of Bristol. This surname means ‘settlement.’

  • Accurso

Do you previously belong to South Italy? Considering this coolest surname ‘Accurso’ will be a top-notch one as it is a medieval individual name, which means ‘help’ or ‘guidance.’

  • Acheson

‘Acheson’ is a diminutive of the Scottish surname ‘Atchison,’ which means ‘the son of Atkin.’ However, it evolved from the family name of John Acheson.

  • Achey

Being a cool surname starting with A, ‘Achey’ is a robust derivative of the French name ‘Ethier.’ It means ‘a person who resides in a canal.’

  • Acosta

Your kiddo must be born with both Portuguese and Spanish roots; therefore, the surname ‘Acosta’ is a top-notch derivative of both terms ‘Da Costa.’ It means ‘a person who resides on the coast.’

  • Adams

‘Adams’ has incredible Hebrew roots, and it is mainly a derivative of Adam. It means ‘Earth.’

  • Addington

It is also a leading diminutive of the Old English name ‘Eaddington,’ which means ‘settlement linked with Edda.’ 

  • Adelstein

‘Adelstein’ is a cool surname starting with A, possessing Jewish origins. Being an occupational surname, it means ‘expensive stone.’

  • Adkins

It is a top-notch derivative of the Middle English name ‘Adkin,’ which also means ‘son of Adams.’

  • Adler

This significant last name ‘Adler’ has German origins, meaning ‘eagle.’ Moreover, it also indicates to those who are residing in a house with an eagle as their emblem. 

  • Adley

It is also considered a leading derivative of the place name ‘Hadley,’ which means ‘God is just.’ Your kiddo will love this cool last name!

  • Adrian

It is the most prevalent and oldest surname with powerful roots in Greek and Latin. It actually means ‘dark and rich.’

  • Adwell

If you are from Oxfordshire, you must know the history of the evolution of Adwell! It is a habitational name, which means ‘the person who came from Adwell.’

  • Afonso

This eminent surname ‘Afonso’ was derived from ‘Alfonso,’ which is a mixed variant of Spanish and Italian. However, in old German, it actually means ‘ready and noble.’

  • Agler

It is a Germanic personal name ‘Agelhar,’ derived from a German derivative. It mainly refers to the tip of a sword. 

  • Agustin

It is a special Spanish derivative and the cool surname starting with A. It was derived from the Latin name ‘Austin.’

  • Ahlberg

This Swedish originated name ‘Ahlberg’ refers to the leading mountains of hills.

  • Ainsworth 

It is a leading habitational name of a place in the vicinity of Manchester, which means ‘my meadow.’ 

  • Airhart

‘Airhart’ is an advanced form of the German name ‘Ehrhardt,’ which means ‘strong, brave, and hardy.’

  • Alameda

It is one of the coolest surnames that have both Hispanic and Native American roots, which means Grove of Cottonwood.

  • Albach

It is also an Americanized version of a cool surname starting with A, which was derived from a German stream named ‘Bach.’ However, it originally originated from the German name ‘Albaugh.’

Concluding words

Are you Agustin, Adkins, or Abney? Or, your family surname is unusual and quite rare. Looking up the meaning and origin of the aforementioned surnames will provide you a detailed insight into its cultures, languages, place, and so on. 

The list of top 30 cool surnames starting with A includes all occupational and habitational names. Many of these possess strong roots in Old English due to the different times and places where family names evolved! 

CocoFinder is the best-in-class destination of all types of coolest surnames, names, and so on.