Scholarships For Disabled Students In Germany

Universities and charity organizations in Germany offer scholarships for disabled students. The scholarships typically cover tuition for the whole academic year and some go on to cover other student expenses. This blog post uncovers these scholarships and how you can get them.

Higher education in Germany is one of the cheapest in Europe and is also rated among the best. Most, if not all, public universities in Germany are either free or cheap for citizens and international students and this is why it is one of the most preferred study abroad destination places. Even with the low cost of education in Germany, there are still scholarship opportunities provided annually.

Thanks to scholarship opportunities many students who cannot afford higher education in their dream school are able to pursue a degree program of their choice. There is an unlimited number of scholarships, some come once in a lifetime, and others are offered annually. This is vital to know when looking for scholarships.

Now, there are different types of scholarships for different students and you need to also know this before applying because if you apply for a scholarship whose criteria you do not fit into you will not get it. Also, you’ve wasted time, effort, and, resources applying for a scholarship that you will not get instead of putting those in one that you fit the eligibility criteria.

For instance, there are scholarships for Hispanic students and there are also scholarships for first-gen students if you do not fit into any of these and you apply for the scholarship, then you have wasted your time. Just like scholarships for disabled students in Germany has to be applied by only disabled students. If you do not fit the eligibility requirement, then you won’t get the scholarship. And, of course, you have to be in Germany or looking to study abroad in Germany.

In this article, we have uncovered all the scholarships in Germany specifically for disabled students. Details to each of the scholarships are provided so that interested students can know how they work and how they can go ahead to apply for them.

Without any further ado, let’s get started.

scholarships for disabled students in Germany

Scholarships For Disabled Students In Germany

1.     SRH Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

This is one of the scholarships for disabled students in Germany provided by the SRH University Heidelberg. The award is targeted at students with a physical or mental disability or health restrictions, and of course, you have to be applying for a degree program at the university but if you are pursuing a dual degree program at the university, you will be ineligible for the funding.

Interested applicants for the scholarship are required to submit a letter of motivation for the scholarship, one letter of recommendation, a CV, proof of illness or disability, and a school leaving certificate. The SRH Scholarships for Disabilities is a fully-funded award, meaning an awardee will not pay tuition for the entire study duration.

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2.     Mobility with a Disability

This is a scholarship for disabled and chronically ill students and researchers offered by DAAD, one of the world’s largest funding organizations for academics. The scholarship is aimed at encouraging researchers and students with a disability or chronic illness to pursue an academic program abroad in Germany.

The scholarship fund is 10,000 Euros or higher which recipients can use to cover the cost of their research or tuition.

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These are the only two scholarships in Germany aimed at supporting only disabled students. While there are many scholarships in the country, they are not specifically aimed at disabled or non-disabled individuals and this is because everyone can apply for them.

So, even if you have a disability, you can equally apply for standard scholarships in Germany and, fortunately, we have helpful blog posts on that. You can refer to our post on scholarships in Germany for masters or the scholarships in Germany for international students, you can apply for, and win, any of these scholarships even if you have a disability.

And this brings an end to the post on scholarships for disabled students in Germany, you may refer to the recommendations below for further helpful guidance.