See Reasons Why UNIZIK Has Not Admitted You And How To Correct It

Below are the reasons why UNIZIK has admitted, read through and make quick corrections. If your admission portal is showing “admission in progress”, you have more chance of being admitted and should fix things quick.

According to the university and from our findings, there are many factors responsible for this issue and most of them are from the applicants.

We have written this guide to help you effect changes and get admission as soon as possible.
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Please take note of the new UNIZIK school fees updates below.

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See Why UNIZIK Has Not Admitted You

  • Course Combination
  • Large difference between JAMB and PUTME score
  • irregularity in name on JAMB and on WAEC result.
  • Not uploading WAEC result
  • Not having an Accounts on CAPS
  • Scoring below cutoff mark for either school or course.

How Course Combination Affects Admission.

Before every jamb exam jamb releases brochures both online and online showing the course combination for every course in all universities in Nigeria.

According to JAMB if you dont have any of all the courses required as a prerequisite for your admission, you wont be admitted. The solution to this is to look up the jamb brochure on time and plan for another course you may like through supplementary.

If you would like us to help you, place a comment after this post with your email address and we will reach you fast through mail.

UNIZIK will not admit you if you have not done all that JAMB have recommend you do.

Large difference between JAMB and PUTME score
imagin scoring 360 in JAMB 48% in post utme. This is somewhat a clear evidence that you may have cheated in the jamb exam and JAMB may hold back your admissin to post it later or never, depending on their findings.

Irregularity in name on JAMB and on WAEC result.

The name on all your certificates should be same and regular. If there is a notable difference between your JAMB result slip and you O’level result it would be kepft aside for proper verification and this alone can make you to lose admission.

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Not uploading WAEC result

Last year JAMB announced that they would no longer admit students with awaiting results into many university in Nigeria so it is a must and a very important admission criterion to upload your WAEC result.

If you have not uploaded your Olevel results yet, this is how to upload your O’level result on JAMB portal.

Not having an Accounts on CAPS

This is the worst of it all, if you don’t have an account in CAPS you will never be admitted. CAPS is where the whole admission process takes place so without an account in CAPS there is no head way.

Rush now to the JAMB portal at to create an account on CAPS before it is too late. If you find any of the process difficult, drop a comment in the comment box after this post and we will help you.

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Scoring below cutoff mark for either school or course

If your school general cut off mark is 180 and you score 300 in JAMB and 179 in post UTME you will not be admitted. Grade is calculated on aggregate but you must first the cut off mark for both JAMB and Post UTME before the aggregate can work.

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For those who applied for very low competition courses, you maybe considered but not in the first list, maybe in the supplementary list.

I woulod advice you to purchase the supplementary list if you can but if possible, visit your school first to find out from the admission body if you should continue.

If you are not guilty of any of these, click here to check your name on JAMB portal now.

Study-Nigeria wish you all success this year.