50+ Shoe Making Schools Globally Online and Offline

This post provides details on shoe making schools that offer courses via online, offline, or both learning formats for students to gain skills on shoe making whichever learning mode that suits them best.

According to a recent analysis, the footwear industry is estimated to reach $530 billion by 2027 but in 2020, the industry was valued at 365 billion dollars.

What is the reason for putting up these estimations first?

It is to let you understand just how well the footwear industry is doing and encourage you just in case you doubt how long and how well the industry would survive.

Every human being needs a type of footwear or the other, from babies to adults we all need to protect our feet. Footwears are basic needs, just like water, electricity, food, clothing (footwears fall in here), and shelter. The feet need protection from dangerous hazards lurking around in the environment and these dangers would never end nor go away, thus more footwear is needed.

Aside from protecting the feet, footwear also adds to our fashion, which has become the main purpose of wearing one these days. There are so many footwear designs these days that is really hard to have a favorite but brands like Adidas, Puma, and Nike remains the favorite shoemaking brand of so many people.

They are also among the top footwear companies in the industry and cash in billions of dollars annually.

Humans need footwear always, it has become an important part of us and if you have ever considered learning shoemaking or already in the industry, you’ve made one hell of a good choice. It is never too late to be part of it, if you aren’t in it yet, you can enroll in shoe making schools, get equipped with the skills, knowledge, and techniques.

These days, it is so easy to learn whatever you want all thanks to online learning mode, you can be in the comfort of your home and gain a skill. Shoe making is a skill you might want to consider gaining, the shoe making schools listed in this article are offering courses both offline and online and you get a certificate of completion.

The skills you will gain at these schools will help you in setting up a career path in the footwear industry, you can either become an employee or establish your start-up. Whether you have existing knowledge of making footwear or not, these schools are ready to train you from scratch or polish your existing skills, thereby making you better.

Before we dive into the main subject matter, take a quick look at the FAQs below:


What is a shoemaking school?

Just like there are culinary schools where you learn how to cook and become a professional chef, shoemaking schools are designed to equip you with professional skills and techniques to become a footwear designer or maker.

Shoe making schools train you with hands-on experiential learning on how to design footwear from scratch and how to use the tools correctly.

Can I learn shoemaking online?

Not sure if you can learn shoemaking online? Well, the answer is Yes!

Of course, you can learn shoemaking online and a bunch of other skills, thanks to online learning tools enforced through the internet. With a stable internet connection, PC/tablet, dedication to learning, and the required shoemaking tools, you can learn shoemaking online.

How profitable is shoemaking?

Shoemaking is lucrative considering how much the industry is valued, it is a source of wealth for many entrepreneurs, there are big opportunities for you to make money in the shoe manufacturing business.

With these FAQs cleared, it’s high time we dived into the main subject matter. Below is what you’ve been waiting for – shoe making schools where you can learn and gain shoemaking skills whether online or offline.

Shoe Making Schools Globally Online and Offline

  • Octoxii School of Shoemaking & Craft
  • I Can Make Shoes
  • Shoe Making Courses Online
  • Sneaker Factory
  • Arsutoria School
  • Carréducker
  • Footwear Design & Development Institute
  • Central Footwear Training Institute
  • Skillshare
  • Schola Academy
  • Brooklyn Shoe Space
  • School of Footwear
  • The Shoe College
  • Arts and Sole Academy
  • The Footwear Academy
  • Chicago School of Shoemaking and Leather Arts
  • University Arts London

Octoxii School of Shoemaking & Craft

This is one of the shoe making schools in Lagos, Nigeria where you can gain professional shoe making skills as well as other handy skills that concerns leather crafting. The school is backed by one of the brightest team in the shoe making industry, their skills and zeal to teach are known in the province and have succeeded in training several others who are professional shoemakers.

Classes are divided into beginner, intermediate, and masterclasses which require one month, 12 months, and 24 months respectively to complete. Octoxii offers courses in these class levels via online and offline study mode to allow students to choose any of the learning options that suit them best. And you do know the online learning option accommodates interested learners from all over the world.

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I Can Make Shoes

I Can Make Shoes is one of the online shoe making schools and offers all of its shoe making courses online. The courses are designed to train total beginners to become professional shoe designers with the help of experts in the industry.

With I Can Make Shoes, you can learn anywhere at your own pace, be equipped with business skills to launch a business of your own, get support from a team of experts, and lot more benefits.

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Shoe Making Courses Online

This is of the online shoe making schools and this particular one is owned by Sveta Kletina, a professional shoemaker who has been teaching people from all over the world how to make shoes for the last 6 years. There are 20 shoemaking courses all offered online at this school at affordable fees.

You’ll also get full shoemaking tools and materials kit delivered at your doorstep for free, with these tools and online tutorials you will learn professional shoe making skills.

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Sneaker Factory

Sneaker Factory is one of the shoe making schools that offer shoemaking training courses fully online and whether you are a beginner or an experienced shoemaker, Sneaker Factory will train you to become better. While beginners will be taken on an exciting learning experience of designing shoes from scratch, already experienced shoemakers will be equipped with modern styles and techniques to efficiently design shoes.

All of these lessons and experiences will be gained via online learning led by the company’s expert shoemakers. There are tutorials and books, available in PDF and print format, at your disposal along with the online training classes to make you design and produce shoes like a professional in no time.

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Arsutoria School

Italy is a popular fashion hub and is home to some of the best leather works in the world which includes shoes, belts, and bags.

Arsutoria is one of the shoe making schools in Milan, Italy, and offers shoe making courses via online and on-campus learning mode. If you are in Italy – Milan specifically – and want to be a shoe-making expert or enhance your skill in the industry, you may want to jump at this opportunity.

The opportunity to become an expert shoe designer at Arsutoria is also extended to people living outside Italy you can equip yourself with these skills via the online learning format.

Arsutoria has been in the footwear manufacturing industry for 70 years and started training people at the time of its establishment, this makes them highly experienced experts in the shoe business as well as training students. It is also one of the very few shoe making schools that offer Diplomas for shoe and bag training, typically taking one year to complete.

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Carréducker is one of the shoe-making schools with over a dozen training courses on footwear and bag productions. With 20 years of experience, this school could be the right place for you to get started on shoemaking or top your shoemaking know-how.

The training is provided via an online and offline mode of learning so that every interested person can be able to participate.

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Footwear Design & Development Institute

This is one of the shoe making schools in India, it is an accredited college of learning that teaches students how to make shoes, bags, and other leather accessories. The school was established in 1986 to impart appropriate knowledge and skills to promote the quick growth of footwear in India.

The college has four campuses, Patna and Kolkata in the East and Jodhpur and Ankleshwar in the West. It has a total of four schools that offer an undergraduate degree, the schools are;

  • Footwear Design and Production
  • Fashion Design
  • Leather Goods and Accessories Design
  • Retail and Fashion Merchandise

This is an opportunity for Indian residents to get quality education on shoemaking and other leather accessories. All programs are offered on campus, none is offered online.

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Central Footwear Training Institute

This is another footwear training college in India, it was established in 1957, and has more than 18 advanced courses. The institution accepts individuals from other countries to come and enjoin in its quality training education in shoe-making technology.

The school aims to train individuals in footwear technology following the requirements of the trade and industry, to train footwear designers, to promote the acquisition of international standards in the industry, to introduce modern technology in footwear technology, and many more.

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Skillshare is a popular online learning platform that offers varieties of courses ranging from computer and business to programming and shoe-making courses at an affordable fee. This isn’t a school and shouldn’t be part of this list of shoe making schools but you might want to consider it since the show-making training is done online.

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Schola Academy

This academy is based in Florence, Italy, and is dedicated to craftsmanship and uncompromised quality, blending technical skills with a creative and cultural approach. Among this craftsmanship is shoemaking thereby making Schola Academy one of the shoe making schools globally.

The academy accepts 12 students each term, courses are entry-level and delivered in the English language, and training can take 17/20 weeks-long taught by experts in the industry.

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Brooklyn Shoe Space

Brooklyn Shoe Space deals in everything footwear and has a strong specialization in shoemaking. The company offers online and in-person classes to individuals who want to develop their shoe-making skills or want to start learning from scratch.

There are workshops, webinars, and tutorials all designed to make you a shoe making expert in the industry and also help you in building your business by connecting you to a network of clients.

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School of Footwear

Established in 2010 with the mission to teach as many people as possible the art of shoemaking, the School of Footwear is one of the shoe making schools located in Sydney, Australia. Classes are held in a group of no more than four students per class to make it a one on one experience.

Classes are held in-person and not online, international and interstate individuals are welcome to apply.

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The Shoe College

The Shoe College is a shoe making school with base and in-depth courses for newbies and intermediates. The base courses will introduce newbies to the art of shoemaking and take them through the journey of becoming expert show makers while the in-depth courses will enhance the skills and knowledge of intermediate shoemakers.

Classes are offered in-person, online classes aren’t provided by the Shoe College.

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Arts and Sole Academy

Arts and Sole Academy offer kits, courses, and quality tools to help build your creative confidence in the art of shoemaking. It is one of the shoe making schools with a mission to make shoe making accessible to the public. It is the first Canadian shoe making school founded by Jennifer Allison in 2014.

The school teaches techniques that are designed to take over industrial machinery with user-friendly and affordable tools to provide students with the opportunity to continue creating on their own.

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The Footwear Academy

The Footwear Academy is one of the shoe making schools in Abia, Nigeria to become the foremost footwear training and production institute in Africa, putting Nigeria on the roadmap of footwear business by training and mentoring students who will dominate and be relevant to Africa when equipped with the right skill and technology.

The academy offers 4 weeks intensive program, one on one training, and a “learn by doing” process to ensure students get the best of the programs.

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Chicago School of Shoemaking and Leather Arts

This is one of the shoe making schools in the United States, this is an opportunity for the residents to gain quality shoe making skills via online and in-person training courses. With a passion to foster the skills and techniques of a wide range of leatherwork and footwear construction, students are trained to be experts in the industry.

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University Arts London

This is one of the very few universities in London that offers shoe-making programs for beginners. The classes are held online and will teach you the fundamental shoe design techniques to make sneakers and other kinds of footwear.

It is a short online course that includes live lessons, support forums, 2 weeks of online access, and a certificate of completion.

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These are the shoe making schools globally offering offline and online training courses, learn more and enroll via the application links provided below each of the schools.

Shoe Making Schools in Italy

The following are the list of shoe making schools in Italy;

  • Arsutoria School
  • Accademia Riaci
  • Schola Academy
  • MKS Milano Fashion School
  • ADL Fashion School

Shoe Making Schools in Lagos

The following are the list of shoe making schools in Lagos;

  • Octoxii School of Shoemaking and Craft
  • NCR Shoemaking School
  • B-Eazy Shoe Making Academy

Shoe Making Schools in South Africa

The following are the list of shoe making schools in South Africa;

  • Footwear Design and Technology School of SA – Johannesburg
  • Footwear Design and Technology School – Pretoria
  • Footwear Design and Technology School – Cape Town
  • North West School of Design
  • Design Academy of Fashion (Pty) Ltd
  • Bourbon Leatherworks
  • Stadio School of fashion

Shoe Making Schools in Canada

The following are the list of shoe making schools in Canada;

  • The Art and Sole Academy
  • College for Creative Studies
  • College LaSalle
  • Amber’s Leather creations
  • Terrenaut School of Shoemaking
  • The Make Den
  • York University
  • Centennial College
  • University of Waterloo
  • Kwantlen Polytechnic University
  • Chicago School of Shoemaking and Leather Arts

Shoe Making Schools in the U.S

The following are the list of shoe making schools in the United States;

  • Chicago School of Shoe Making
  • Fashion Institute of Technology
  • T. Chappell Bootmaking School
  • Bonney and Wills School of Shoemaking and Design
  • Carreducker School of Shoemaking
  • Healthy Handmade Shoes
  • Shoemakers of LA
  • College for Creative Studies
  • Sutorial
  • PK Bootmaker
  • Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

These are the shoe making schools in different countries they are designed to equip you with the expert skills to start a successful shoemaking business in the country.