Top 20 Makeup Courses and Schools in Dubai with Certificate

This article shares information on the makeup courses in Dubai and also on makeup schools in Dubai for international and domestic students who want to learn makeup. Learning about these schools and courses will also facilitate your admission and kick-start your career in the makeup/beauty industry.

Makeup is the art of using cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face to alter or enhance the appearance. What started as a home practice is now a billion-dollar industry, it has many use cases, job positions, and a lot more.

In today’s world, a makeup skill can take you to many places with a great makeup skill you could get yourself a job with movie producers, where you get to makeup artists, actors, actresses, and celebs in general.

You could have your makeup salon, develop a type of cosmetic or makeup style, partner with top makeup companies, or start up your own makeup-producing company. This field sure has a wide range of options to earn an income.

After all, the purpose of learning makeup is to earn an income and satisfy your clients.

You could have an inborn talent for beautifying, enhancing, or altering the faces of people using makeup, but that isn’t all there is to it. It’s not just about altering appearances, you have to learn how to hone and develop your skills, package and monetize them, and make sufficient income from them.

That is not a talent people are born with – making income – you have to learn it and apply it to your makeup skills to help you develop a brand you will be proud of.

The importance of makeup in today’s world cannot be stressed enough, but the fact that it is a billion-dollar industry should raise your hopes and acknowledge its importance. There are makeup schools in Dubai offering makeup courses specifically established to teach and hone the skills of students in makeup artistry.

Some schools in Dubai are also offering makeup courses as part of their programs, this should further show you how much of a huge role makeup is playing in today’s world.

Good thing you have come across this post.

In this article, we have compiled a list of makeup courses in Dubai as well as makeup schools in Dubai to help international and domestic students who want to hone their skills in this booming field of study. This way, you get to know the makeup courses you should take or the particular school you should attend to better develop your skills.

Before enrolling in a makeup school in Dubai, you may want to consider enrolling in some free online beauty courses to test the waters before diving in.

How much do makeup classes cost in Dubai?

Different makeup classes in Dubai cost different amounts of money, however, the cost of makeup courses starts from 700 AED ($190.60) which ranges from bridal makeup classes to special lessons on Halloween makeup and special effects.

Some courses cost up to AED 1,500 ($408.40) to AED 2,000 ($544.51) which are the Creative/Fantasy Makeup and the Makeup Artist for the Full Day. While some professional makeup courses can go as high as AED 9,000 ($2,520) to AED 25,000 ($7,000)

So, yeah it depends on the makeup course you chose to study. If they seem too expensive for you and cannot afford them, there are online cosmetology schools with financial aid that you may consider enrolling in or apply for grants for beauty school to receive scholarships for your makeup classes.

How long is a makeup course in Dubai?

The duration to complete a makeup course in Dubai is from 10 days to 6 weeks. This duration largely depends on the beauty school and the specific makeup course you want to study. If you are already a makeup professional, going to a beauty school means you want to add to your skillset so it shouldn’t take you long to learn what you need to learn. However, if you are a complete beginner which means you are learning from scratch, it will take you a longer time to complete the makeup course.

How do I get certified in makeup in Dubai?


Enroll in a makeup course in Dubai and complete it, at the end of your studies, you will be given a certificate.

Still, confused?

Then keep reading till the end of this article, there are further helpful insights below.

Which makeup course is the best in Dubai?

When it comes to the best makeup courses in Dubai, the truth is any makeup course is best as long as you have a passion for it and strive to attain the skill. However, some makeup courses in Dubai are considered the best for some reasons, these courses are:

  • Electro facial course
  • Expert beautician course
  • Professional Makeup Artist course
  • Advanced Makeup
  • Airbrush makeup
  • Acrylic nail extension
  • Arabic-Asian makeup workshop
  • Basic facial
  • Bridal workshop for the bride
  • Fantasy makeup

These are considered to be the best makeup courses in Dubai, if the makeup course you want to study isn’t here, that shouldn’t bother you. You know what you want to do, do it right so it becomes the best for you.

And now that we’ve cleared that out of the way, it’s high time we dived into the main subject matter. Keep reading!

top makeup courses in Dubai

Top 10 Makeup Courses in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is a place with people from diverse cultures and classes and due to this have people with various skill sets that they sell to the market. Makeup artistry is one huge skill in Dubai, and because of its diverse cultures, people require makeup artists with diverse skills in makeup like special effects, bridal makeup, Arabic makeup, etc.

The UAE has reputable makeup schools and courses that are designed to make you a professional, certified makeup artist in no time.

Below, are the top makeup courses in Dubai you should consider taking to become a professional makeup artist.

  • Associate Makeup Course
  • Creative Special Effects Makeup Course
  • Makeup for Mature Skin – Ages: 40+
  • Contouring Makeup Course
  • Arabic Make-up Course
  • Airbrush Make-up Course
  • Bride Make-up Course
  • Self-Makeup Course
  • Diploma in Advanced Creative Makeup Techniques
  • Foundation in Professional Makeup Artistry

1. Associate Makeup Course

The Associate Makeup Course is one of the top makeup courses in Dubai offered by Riva International Spa & Training Institute.

This course takes you through the journey of basic to advanced makeup skills, equipping you with knowledge of correction, face contouring and application, client management, products, tools, and other makeup techniques.

The course requires 30 hours to complete, costs AED 5,900, and gives you a certificate of completion.

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2. Creative Special Effects Makeup Course

This is another of the free makeup courses offered by the London Academy of Freelance Makeup and teaches students the fundamentals of Special FX makeup, taking you from a foundational to an intermediate level of expertise.

Taking this course, either as a beginner or professional, will expand your makeup skills and put you ahead of the competition. The course takes six days to complete with a fee of AED 7,000 and it also offers certificates at the end of your learning.

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3. Personal Makeup Training Course

This is a 1-day 4-hour course that will build your knowledge and skillset on personal makeup and the latest beauty trends. You will learn about morning, afternoon, and evening makeup styles. You may enroll in this course for personal reasons, for income reasons (as a side or full-time hustle), or both.

The course outline includes day makeup, color correcting makeup, face shape, contouring, and many more. The cost of this course is 1,140 AED.

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4. Contouring Makeup Course

This makeup course is provided by Kontar Beauty and Training Centre and in this course, you will learn the different types of contouring techniques to polish your makeup skills. Among the many skills, you will gain include sculpturing perfect faces, choosing the right foundation tones, eyebrow shapes, and more.

The course duration is 4 hours and costs AED 1,200 enroll and start gaining the latest contouring skills.

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5. Arabic Make-up Course

The Arabic Makeup Course is provided by the Make-Up Atelier Training Centre designed for both beginners and pros in the makeup industry to gain skills in the various Arabic makeup styles. It is one of the makeup courses in Dubai and requires 2 weeks to complete.

The course has nine lessons and the last one – the 10th – is a final exam where learners will be given models to learn what they have practiced during the lessons. After your program, you will be given a verified certificate.

The program cost is AED 19,900

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6. Make-up Fantasy Course

If you are a professional makeup artist in Dubai looking to enhance your skills, you can add makeup fantasy to your skillset by enrolling in this course. You will learn how to create an extraordinary look using your imagination skills and different materials. Beginners can also enroll in the course and learn from the basic techniques of application.

The course consists of topics in art and prints, creating original looks, color blending, materials, and textures and pigments. The total course cost is 12,900 AED.

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7. Bride Make-up Course

Bridal makeup is another type of makeup and features as one of the top makeup courses in Dubai that will fetch you a lot of income once you gain the skill and become a professional. This is because a lot of people travel to Dubai annually to do their marriages and they always need makeup artists to make them look beautiful for the ceremony.

In the Bride Make-up Course, you will learn how to make up a bride through creativity and a harmonious symphony of colors and other knowledge that will make you a professional in this distinct field.

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8. Self-Makeup Course

Just as the name implies, this is you learning how to apply makeup correctly on yourself. No errors, just perfect makeup application on your face done by you. It is a handy skill that requires extensive knowledge of makeup techniques which you will learn in this course.

The Self-Makeup Course is one of the top makeup courses in Dubai since some people just want to learn how to apply makeup on themselves and save money and the stress of going to a beautician to have their face done.

If you are one of such people, you should enroll in this course and begin gaining the right skills. The course costs AED 999 and provides you with a certificate upon completion.

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9. Diploma in Advanced Creative Makeup Techniques

If you want to excel in the beauty space, then you have to level up your creative game. The level of your creativity is what makes every beautician or makeup artist different and determines where you stand in the competition.

Up your creativity level by taking this course and become equipped with intermediate to professional makeup application. Take the lead in the competitive makeup space and take your skills to the next level.

The course fee is AED 7,000, requires six days duration, and offers a certificate upon completion.

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10. Foundation in Professional Makeup Artistry

The course, Foundation in Professional Makeup Artistry, is one of the top makeup courses in Dubai and it is designed for individuals who aspire to become makeup artists. By enrolling in this course, such individuals will be able to kick start their makeup journey and through step-by-step practice gradually make their way to becoming creative professionals.

This course is not only for beginners in the makeup space, intermediates can also enroll to polish their skills and enhance themselves to the next level.

The program lasts for six days, costs AED 7,000, and offers a certificate upon completion.

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Here are the top 10 makeup courses in Dubai that you may want to consider enrolling in, and they are offered by various institutions located in Dubai.

Next up, let’s check out the top makeup schools in Dubai where you might like to acquire the makeup skills above.

Top 10 Makeup Schools in Dubai

The following are the top makeup schools in Dubai:

  • Academy of Freelance Makeup (AOFM) School
  • Riva International Spa & Training Institute
  • Kontar Beauty & Training Centre
  • Make-Up Atelier Training Centre
  • The Lipstick Makeup Institute
  • Toni Malt Makeup Academy
  • Benton Professional Makeup Academy
  • London College of Makeup, Dubai
  • Makeup Forever Academy
  • Sara Kamkarian Beauty, Makeup, and Hairdressing School

1. Academy of Freelance Makeup (AOFM)

The Academy of Freelance Makeup is ranked among the top five makeup schools in Dubai and in Europe having other branches in Paris, New York, London, and Milan. The AOFM is not just versed in teaching makeup alone but is globally recognized for fashion in general.

The AOFM in Dubai admits international students who want to pursue a career in the beauty/fashion space. Reviews from alumni of the academy show that it is indeed an awesome makeup school that will develop you to become a professional in whichever beauty skill you aim to pursue at the academy.

The academy also offers online programs to individuals who can’t make it to classes or are in other countries without AOFM branches. With this teaching style, you can carry out your other responsibilities and gain world-class makeup skills from one of the top schools in Europe.

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2. Riva International Spa & Training Institute

This institute is one of the top makeup schools in Dubai with a specialization in hair, nail, beauty, and management programs that are offered during the weekend. There are short courses, that take a few hours to one week to complete, and they are also one-year beauty therapy courses.

These beauty programs are designed to offer you cutting-edge skills in the fashion space which you can efficiently produce when called upon by potential clients.

The Riva International Spa & Training Institute is approved by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and the Dubai Health Authority (ADH), organizations in Dubai that supervise health services.

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3. Kontar Beauty & Training Centre

Kontar is listed among the top makeup schools in Dubai, offering various makeup, nail, beauty, and hair courses such as Corporate Make-Up, Reflexology Massage, Skin Care, Nail Extension, Hair Technique, Manicure Pedicure Spa, and more.

Whether it is to learn a skill or request their services, the Kontar Beauty & Training Centre has got you covered with their exceptional quality services.

This beauty school has branches in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi and accepts international applicants as well.

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4. Make-Up Atelier Training Centre

With a full concentration on makeup, Make-Up Atelier Training Centre is one of the top makeup schools in Dubai offering a diverse range of makeup courses such as Bridal Make-Up, Fantasy Make-Up, and other hairstyling courses.

Through these training courses, Atelier equips people to become highly qualified specialists in the makeup and hairstyling field that will set them up for professional work in the beauty space.

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5. The Lipstick Makeup Institute

Using a professional studio setup to train individuals to become professionals in the beauty space, The Lipstick Makeup Institute makes it to our list of top makeup schools in Dubai, and no, you aren’t just learning how to apply makeup alone.

The institute was established to be the bridge between media and makeup in a stylish, fashionable, and unique way also equipping students with various but most effective application techniques. Thereby maximizing their experience and confidence in the industry and building careers as creative and unique makeup artists.

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6. Toni Malt Makeup Academy

Toni Malt is a Vogue and Hollywood celebrity makeup artist with Chanel, Gucci, Cartier, etc. among her clients. With her exceptional skills in the beauty space, Toni Malt opened her very own makeup school in Dubai distributing her techniques and knowledge to all who aspire for it for a fee.

Enrolling in this school either as an amateur or professional will take your makeup career to the next level and offer you a deeper understanding of how the industry works.

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7. Benton Professional Makeup Academy

The Benton Professional Makeup Academy is a contemporary makeup and hairstyling academy founded in 2014. The academy is focused on teaching its students an intensive and interactive curriculum to prepare professional makeup artists and hairstylists ready to be employed in the beauty field.

The academy offers up to 20 beauty courses designed to offer you cutting-edge skills to establish a successful career in the beauty industry.

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8. London College of Makeup, Dubai

This is a British college, the largest private college in the UAE, providing makeup education and hairstyling sessions for those who wish to start a new career or polish their skills in makeup artistry.

The academics here will equip you with the latest hairstyling and makeup skills that potential clients need and establish yourself in the beauty industry.

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9. Makeup Forever Academy

Makeup Forever Academy is one of the top makeup schools in Dubai with basic, intermediate, and professional makeup courses designed to equip you with skills to thrive in the modern beauty space.

The academy accepts students from all over the world and trains them to become professionals in any beauty category they choose to learn.

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10. Sara Kamkarian Beauty, Makeup, and Hairdressing School

With over 25 years of experience in the beauty and fashion space, the Sara Kamkarian Beauty, Makeup, and Hairdressing School make it on our list of top makeup schools in Dubai. The school offers a variety of professional makeup, hair styling, and beauty courses that will take your career to the next level.

These courses are designed to teach and equip you with a range of practical and specialized skills that will make your handwork stand out from the rest of the competition.

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These are the top makeup schools in Dubai and can also be termed as beauty schools since they all offer general beauty training programs.


These makeup courses in Dubai are designed to give you exceptional makeup skills and the makeup schools in Dubai are where you get this training and the certificate as well.

The schools accept students from all walks of life and there are no special requirements to study in these makeup schools in Dubai. However as an international student, you have to get a study permit or student visa to be allowed to study in Dubai or any part of the UAE.

The study permit can be obtained at your country’s embassy which you can enquire about through the website or in person by going to the offices.

Citizens and permanent residents of the UAE do not need any of these since they are legally there to stay permanently.

Follow the links to each of the courses and schools and enroll in the one that suits you best.



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