Should you choose a global MBA program or a Master of International Business?

The curriculum of the global MBA program is intended to train the workforce for developing business strategies by incorporating the global perspective of practising organizational values.

Global MBA program imparts decisive business management skills including leadership, analytical, statistical modelling, evaluative skills, decision making, risk management, ethics, digital marketing, problem-solving skills, and excellent communication skills.

This study is combined with enormous global exposure to let students understand the difference between operating a business on a global and a local scale. This program focuses on the basic concepts of business planning and management with a universal concept of adopting diverse marketing platforms. Pursuing a global MBA degree will help you to explore numerous career options including the ones mentioned below.


Career opportunities that can be availed with a Global MBA Program

Global supply chain manager

The E-commerce industry has widely dominated the world and supply chain managers are considered an important part of this industry.

Their job is to coordinate with teams from different parts of the world for ensuring the efficient delivery of products to its final customers. They have to oversee the warehousing facilities, transportation and negotiate with vendors to ensure the smooth functioning of their supplies.

Global trend analyzers

Almost every organization irrespective of their specialized subject area is hiring trend analyzers to keep up with the competition in the market.

The professionals dealing with this job role are responsible for conducting market research and compiling the report by highlighting all the key points that can be incorporated into their next marketing strategies. 

Master’s International Business program is popular among students as employers acknowledge their exceptional evaluative skills for decisively scrutinizing their existing business strategies and providing solutions by devising efficient business strategies. They suggest ideal models and techniques for improvising policies governing the business operations.

This degree will introduce you to some of the key aspects of accounting, marketing, law, and other relevant concepts of business. They provide elucidated training sessions to students for handling businesses professionally.

Career opportunities that can be availed with a Master’s in the International Business Program

International marketing manager

Marketing techniques are evolving at an exponential rate as the concept of digital platforms has revolutionized the very existence of its domain.

The professionals in this sector are responsible for devising marketing strategies by consulting experts and researchers before coming up with a new product or service.

They incorporate different analytical tools to collect the data for strategizing policies and business operations. They focus entirely on target audiences and conduct business by considering their preferences and interest only. 

International trade policy advisor

The concept of globalization is the driving force behind this job role as every organization desires to open up a location in some different part of the world.

The professionals in this domain are consulted for developing business plans while considering a country’s trading policies.

Not everyone is entitled to set up their ventures in different countries as they require proper documentation and permissions. They help clients with legal documentation and other investment policies.

So, if you are planning to pursue a global MBA program or a Master of International Business, then you must make decisions by considering your professional aspirations as both degrees will lead you to different career options. Consider all the available options before signing up for a particular course.