5 Major Reasons Why University students fail exams

There are a lot of reasons why university students fail exams but only a few students can understand the major reason for their failure in the exam, Failure is not actually the end of the journey rather proper time to re-plan, it’s time to figure out the actual problem and possible ways to fix it.

Most students lose confidence immediately after they fail a single course, without thinking about what caused their failure, but they do not remember that there is the possibility of reading without learning, and learning without acting is a possible experience.

Most students usually claim that the reason for their failure is their inability to understand what they read! The best thing is for you to understand your confusion and find out ways to make it clear.

“motivation doesn’t eliminate confusion, clarity does clarity of vision, mission and purpose is the strength of progress.”

For me not to keep you bored, let me quickly move straight to the reason for writing this awesome article.

1. Lack of preparation

If you want to build a strong house, try and make your foundation strong, most university students immediately they gain admission they will be over happy to the extent that they will not think about studying until a day before the exam before they will start cramming.

For you to succeed in University, you need to always start studying your textbooks before or immediately school resume, do not wait until someone tell you before you do.

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing the best today”.

2. Lack of interest

This is another reason why university students fail exams because when a student is studying a course that he/she is not interested in, he will not have the motivation to put more effort into studying the course.

Sometimes this usually caused by the institution when they offer a candidate admission into a different department from the one he/she applied for.

3. Improper information

Information is power, and proper information is key to succeed in a high institution, if a student lacks proper information he may not be able to target the right track.

” He who is not informed will be deformed”

You need the right source of information that will direct you rightly, information on when lectures will start, information on the best textbooks to read, information on what you need to do for you to pass a particularly difficult course etc.

4. Overconfidence

It is good to have confidence in yourself, but overconfidence is bad, you do not need to fully depend on yourself or someone else, sometimes our plan may not work as we think.

Some students usually forget about reading a particular course simply because they think it too simple to read, that they even know it even though they have not looked at it.

Remember, overconfidence might make you be panicking in the exam hall or even forget what you know, yes! It has happened to me.

5. Procrastination

Procrastination has a twice brother called an excuse, it might make you postpone what you need to do today tomorrow, it usually happens among university students.

A lecturer will give you an assignment to do and submit in two weeks’ time but you will not do the assignment until the day the assignment will be submitted.

Procrastination can make you forget about reading your notebooks for days, “I will read this tomorrow am tired now, let me sleep small when I wake up I will do this or that” these are some language of procrastination.

I advise all high institution students to run away from procrastination and do the necessary thing at the right time.


The above-mentioned points are the major reasons why university students fail exams, there are some other reasons such as poor study habits, poor time management, week foundation of the student’s academic background, etc.