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Study Abroad In Portugal

If you would want to study abroad in Portugal then you have to take note of these few things in other to make your study application hassel free and to ensure you are succesfully admitted into a portugees universoty to study the course of your dream.

Studying abroad is beyond leaving a country for another as it integrates in scholars the ability to be universal and embrase diversity in terms of human culture and believe.

Study Abroad Programs In Portugal

In planning to study abroad you are to first find out about the study programs eligible for international students in the country and then you find out the schools that offer the programs of your choice. When searching for study abroad programs in Portugal do not just search for available programs rather search for programs that you are eligible to apply.

There would always be a program that will intrest you in every country you may want to study in, but in a situation where there is none, you may want to review the idea of studying in such country to your own intrest.

Why Study Abroad In Portugal

There must always be a reason why you would want to study in any particular country of choice and this reasons must be rooted to your intrest.

You may still take a look at some prevailing reasons why you may want to study in Portugal below.

  • The lovely weather
  • The chance to learn Portuguese
  • Fantastically unique food and wine
  • Relatively low tuition fees and living costs

Where To Study Abroad In Portugal

Lisbon is a likely choice for students looking to study abroad in Portugal. If you’re a student looking for an exciting and fascinating locale to spend a term or two studying abroad, you’re likely in search of a place that is both cosmopolitan and friendly, both entirely foreign and entirely nonthreatening, Lisbon could prbably be the answer.

How Much Does It Cost To Study Abroad In Portugal

Most Portuguese universities charge higher tuition fees to non-EU/EEA students. Additionally, public universities decide their own level of tuition fees (propinas), which in some cases, are higher than the minimum recommendation. Average tuition prices: Bachelor and Master programmes: between 950 and 1,250 EUR/year.

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