How to Teach English in Taiwan

If you are looking for detailed information on how you can teach English in Taiwan, then this post should be your bus stop. What you will find here includes complete steps on how to teach English in Taiwan, what the requirements are, the lovely places you can teach English in the named country, and what salary you will be paid.

Taiwan is among the top Asian countries that expats move to for English teaching jobs. The country is aiming to become bilingual by 2030, which is why they are highly demanding English teachers who will help them achieve this aim.

If you can speak English fluently, then you can teach English in Taiwan. It is a good place for you to begin your teaching career and showcase your excellent teaching styles while earning a good salary. Interesting right? Let’s continue.

In Asia, Taiwan is among the top 10 safest countries to live and work in. It’s a nation with low crime rates, a standard healthcare system, quality educational system.

Teaching English in Taiwan will give you the chance to enjoy a low cost of living which will enable you to save a good amount of money because you earn more than you spend, though how much you save depends on your personal spending rate. Asides from the money talk, there are tons of attractive places you can visit during your free time or holidays.

There are lots of aromatic good meals that you can enjoy here while doing your teaching job efficiently. If you decide to teach English in Taiwan today, you are also deciding to live in a safe country, eat good food, tour attractive places like museums and falls, learn new languages and culture, as well as living inexpensively. So, why not teach English in Taiwan?

You may also want to teach English in Korea, or another Asian country of your choice.

Requirements to Teach English in Taiwan?

If you have a passion to teach English in Taiwan then you need to meet the following requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree (the Taiwan Government does not accept online degrees)
  • 120-hour TEFL certificate
  • A clean criminal background check
  • A valid visa ( mostly required for offline jobs)

If you are applying for online jobs, then you must present a bachelor’s degree and clean criminal background evidence. There are lots of English teaching jobs you can land in Taiwan, just make sure you have met the above-stated requirements before applying for a job.

Also, take note that some schools will go further to add their own requirements, like holding specific teaching skills, so it would be beneficial for you to acquire great teaching skills. Most times, Native English speakers are preferred for English teaching jobs in Taiwan.

Here is how to get a Taiwanese visa.

Where Can I Teach English in Taiwan?

There are lots of places you can teach English in  Taiwan, but there are cities that are the best to do this job in. New Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung are the best places for this kind of work. They are the most populated cities in Taiwan with the largest being New Taipei which was formerly known as Tapei county. Now let me tell you why these cities are considered the best for English teaching jobs. Let’s begin with Taipei.

Taipei is the largest city in Taiwan and this is proportional to the number of schools established in this city. This is to say that, there is a high chance of you getting an English teaching job here than it would be in any other city. This is not all.

Taipei is praised for having a low crime rate, inexpensive living costs, outstanding health care, an exceptional education system, and easily accessible & affordable public transportation. In fact, the city was listed as the 10th best city in the world for quality of living in an annual survey by UK-based global affairs and lifestyle magazine. Now let’s look at Taichung.

Taichung is the second largest city in Taiwan with a population of over 2.5 million people. If you wish to engage or you have an interest in arts and cultural activities, then you should consider teaching in Taichung as the city is recognized as the center for arts and culture in Taiwan.

Taichung has lots of attractive tourist places and museums like the National Museum of Natural Science, and the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. As this city is the second largest in the country, a more significant number of schools are located here giving you a greater chance of landing a teaching job more quickly.

The last city here is Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung is another good place for tourism in Taiwan, the city has the largest port in the country and is known as the maritime capital. Kaohsiung is the center for cultural excellence and historical significance and houses some of the great museums including the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts.

These cities listed above are more generally populated than the rest of Taiwan cities and therefore, have more established schools, this in hand requires a greater number of English teachers to teach in the schools. While you teach, you have the opportunity to visit some of the great places in the cities as well as live inexpensively in peaceful towns.

How to Teach English in Taiwan – Full Steps

Before you can teach English in Taiwan, there are a few things you need to do. This ranges from meeting the outlined requirements to finding a good teaching job. Here, I will show you the necessary steps you need to take in order to land yourself a job.

The first thing to do to become an English Teacher in Taiwan is to meet the qualification requirements.

Meet the Qualification Requirements

You will have to meet the requirements set out for doing a teaching job in the beautiful country of Taiwan. These requirements are a part of your qualifications which shows that you are capable and can handle a job like this. They include a 120-hour TEFL certificate, a bachelor’s degree, and a clean background check. After this, the next step is to do some research.

Do Relevant Researches

Once you met the requirements, go ahead and find more information about Taiwan’s educational system and what their schools look like. Check about how many hours you need to teach per week, what amount of salary you will be paid, and every other information you want to know. When you are done, go ahead and find jobs.

Find an English Teaching job in TaiwanThe first thing to do before you apply for an English teaching Job in Taiwan is to arrange your documents, this may include a CV in some cases. Once you are done arranging your documents, go ahead to look for a job. You can always check on Linkedin, Upwork, or other platforms that have a space for job advertisements.

Most schools that are in need of an English teacher do place their adverts on google, so google, or maybe other search engines that are preferred by you should be the first place to go while searching for a job. Always provide authentic information during job applications. Now, the last thing to do is to get yourself prepared for traveling abroad.

Bear in mind the type of school you want to teach, there are private, public, and international schools, after-school programs, and college or university categories to choose from. The higher you go, the higher the qualification requirements and paid salaries.

Get Ready to go Abroad

Hurray and congratulations! once your application is accepted and an offer to teach English abroad is given to you, quickly gather every document you need to go overseas of which your visa is the master key, and visit places that you like being at, in fact, do anything you wish to do in excitement. Prepare yourself for a new life in a new country, because the next big thing that awaits you is TAIWAN!


Teaching English in Taiwan is a lucrative job that teachers do. If you have a passion and interest in teaching and would love to do this abroad, you can go ahead and find out more about Taiwan and its requirements for a job like this. We wrote about these requirements earlier as well as how to teach English and the best places for Teaching in this country. I hope that these pieces of information would be of great help to you.

Let’s look at some of the questions relevant to teaching English in Taiwan.

Teach English in Taiwan – FAQs

What is the Salary of English Teachers in Taiwan?

The salary of English Teachers in Taiwan is between $1,200 – $2,700

Can I Teach English in Taiwan without a Degree?

Yes, you can teach English in Taiwan without a degree, but you are more likely to teach in a cram school.