The Value and Importance of Basic Sciences

Basic Sciences is the foundational knowledge of concepts to develop a comprehensive understanding of organ-system-focused courses that integrate the functioning of the normal human body in wellness and illness.

Studying Basic Sciences can be your stepping stone towards becoming a medical professional. A medical field can shape your entire career by keeping you at the forefront of the essential service.

Caribbean medical schools of academic learning are springing up by offering quality education following the academically leading countries as their education model. The medical school admission requirements to pursue a medical program on Caribbean island are as follows:

  • The applicant must hold a minimum of three years of undergraduate study or equivalent of 90 semesters hour along with the pre-medical requirement from an accredited university or college to qualify for applying in medical school.
  • Medical College Admission Test(MCAT) is a requirement and shall be taken by all the applicants.
  • Test of English as A Foreign Language(TOEFL) is a must as the medium of instruction in the academic medical institution is English.
  • Applicant must hold at least 50hours of direct patient care experience to secure admission.

Once you know the requirement of applying to medical schools, you must know about the value and importance of Basic Sciences that take up a significant portion of medical curriculum study.

Basic Science introduces medical students to the fundamental knowledge and skills of paraclinical medicines to establish a comprehensive understanding of physiology, biochemistry, anatomy, and medical pathology.

The basic science program has a well-designed course curriculum to make the students aware of the health care requirement of society. During the years of basic sciences curriculum study, the students are tutored by expert and experienced faculty, who conduct extensive classroom learning of the core concepts of medical studies.

Here are the value and importance of basic sciences:

  • The medical students can develop an expertise in the knowledge of the human body in health and disease.
  • Basic science programs equip the students with the foundational knowledge of the human body structure and function, metabolism and nutrition, genetics, and development. Along with the robust knowledge, the students are also made familiar with clinical skills like physical examination of the patient along with developing communication skills to deal with patients.
  • A comprehensive understanding of basic sciences can add value to your clinical rotations as you can be well versed in applying the theoretical knowledge in practical use with greater understanding.
  • As a Basic Science student, you can be well-educated to enter the medical field with complete knowledge of all aspects of the medical profession.
  • The basic science program is designed to familiarize the students with medical ethics, including legal and ethical issues in the medical profession.

The students can develop a rigorous knowledge of the basics of clinical medicine and gain hands-on experience in clinical skills in the initial years of the medical program.

Thus, a medical course that can assist you in building a strong foundation for your medical career can be your gateway towards a successful medical career. Sign in now to know more details about the basic sciences!