18 Theological Seminaries in Canada | Cheap and Tuition Free

The theological seminaries in Canada teach the word of God to students in such a manner that it can be reciprocated on the pulpit to the Lord’s sheep.

The theological seminaries in Canada are available to both theological students and actual preachers of the word of God who seeks to learn the ways of an opportunity to do so in a cheap and in some cases free manner.

Educating the next generation is one thing God sternly instructs humans to do as He does not like an idle mind—as we all know it is the Devil’s workshop. To keep to this, the free bible colleges in the US for international students expose their students to some of the deepest secrets held in the bible.

While the best 13 full-ride seminary scholarships are designed to ease the stress of study on the purses of students by granting them a world of financial aid. Getting the generations below educated does not stop at the religious front as there are also accredited online colleges that are available in New York for students from all places and works of life.

Theological Seminaries in Canada

Theological Seminaries in Canada

1.      Master of Art in Religious Studies—University of Lethbridge

If they closely coincide with the areas of specialization of our department’s members, students may pursue a Master’s degree in Religious Studies in any of the following fields: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, or East Asian Religions. In addition to supervising MAs in their current research areas, our members may also do so in other fields.

For such unique fields of research, please refer to the individual professors’ biographies or get in touch with them. For instance, some professors study mysticism, near-death experiences, and contemporary nondual spirituality.

2.      Master of Divinity / Master of Divinity by Extension—Vancouver School of Theology

The Master of Divinity degree program is for people looking for an academic curriculum with real-world applications where they may examine the depth of their religion and get ready for a range of pastoral and public missions.

The Anglican, United, and Presbyterian faiths in Canada as well as the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America recognize graduates of VST’s Master of Divinity program for ordination. Although some demand at least a year at their religious institutions, many other faiths accept all or parts of this degree program.

For details on the prerequisites for ordination, students may consult their denomination.

3.      Master of Divinity (Mdiv)—Carey Theological College

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) program was created to believe that local churches are the most effective settings for ministry training. You continue to develop and learn as a student while being a part of your local community, where you live and serve. As you carry out God’s call on your life and career, your education and ministry support one another.

The pursuit of an M.Div. does not interfere with ongoing ministry obligations. In actuality, learning is improved by unique contextualization as each student combines their chosen study program with their specific ministry environment.

4.      M.A. in Counseling and Spirituality

Saint Paul University’s Faculty of Human Sciences offers the Graduate Diploma in Couple Counseling and Spirituality, the Master of Arts (MA), and the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Counseling and Spirituality. They are all jointly conferred by the Senate of Saint Paul University and the University of Ottawa, with which Saint Paul is affiliated.

The master’s program’s goal is to prepare graduates for careers in research by training professionals to counsel and mentor people or couples with regard to their values, spirituality, and individual and relationship dynamics.

The MA program’s three components for each concentration are knowledge acquisition, a research project or thesis, and professional practice.

Full-time enrollment in the MA program is available in both French and English, with rare exceptions allowing for part-time registration. Students may submit assignments, examinations, and theses in either French or English, subject to university policies.

There is also a dual MA degree in feminist and gender studies available.

5.      M.A. in Theological Studies—Wycliffe College

A one-year second degree in theology is offered through the Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MATS). It encourages graduate-level proficiency in theological study and allows students to focus on a unique research topic for their thesis.

6.      Master of Divinity—the Presbyterian College – Montreal

Study for your Master of Divinity in Presbyterian College’s worshiping community and see how friendship and learning can alter you.

The MDiv program prepares both men and women to be capable pastoral leaders who truly and skillfully serve Christ and the church. A premier North American university, McGill University, is partnering with us to provide this curriculum. Additionally, in partnership with the Montreal School of Theology, a renowned ecumenical academic institution in Quebec and Canada. The Association of Theological Schools, the main certifying authority for theological education, has granted our M.Div. program accreditation.

Program Snapshot

  • A 90-Credit degree in theology and ministry that is given through a collaboration between McGill University and The Presbyterian College
  • Based on a three-year curriculum, the full-time study
  • includes residential (Years 1 and 2) and potential online (Year 3).
  • $395 for a 3-credit course and $710 for international students in terms of tuition (Canadian Students)
  • Entry prerequisites: an undergraduate degree with a 2.7 CGPA

7.      Master of Arts in Theological Studies—Regent College

Through concentrated study in a particular area of specialization, master a selected subject. Root that mastery in a profound, comprehensive, and nuanced comprehension of theology, history, and the Bible that has been formed via our core curriculum.

Lay a solid basis for a conscientious, strong, and genuine religion with our Foundational Core courses.

Focused: With a choice of twelve concentrations, you can tackle a pressing issue or acquire specialized knowledge for more research.

Integrative: Develop a more comprehensive knowledge of your vocation and identity by learning to apply your religion to all facets of your life and work.

Graduates go on to accomplish a wide range of things: many continue their education, work in the church or a parachurch organization, pursue recently discovered hobbies, or go back to prior jobs. Graduates of Regent’s MA in Theological Studies depart with a new perspective that is certain and renewed enthusiasm to pursue God’s calling on their lives.

This often indicates that you have earned a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 2.8. (out of 4). However, if you are at least 28 years old and can demonstrate that your life experience (including employment and education) is comparable to a university degree, we will take into account your application.

Cheapest Theological Seminaries in Canada

1.      Alberta Bible College—Calgary, AB

The educational goals of Alberta Bible College include your success, the value of your education to the church and the society in which we live, and the college’s standing in the academic world.

ABC is dedicated to your education, its value to the church and the community in which we live, as well as its acknowledgment that it is at the forefront of contemporary educational methods that aim to identify and foster students’ talents, knowledge, and attitudes.

The Association of Biblical Higher Education has granted Alberta Bible College accreditation (ABHE). This is what they provide:

  • Certificate – Christian Foundations
  • Diploma – Christian Studies
  • Bachelor – Christian Ministries
  • Bachelor – Theology
  • Bachelor – Sacred Literature
  • Bachelor – Degree Completion
  • Bachelor – Degree Completion
  • Diploma – Biblical Studies
  • Diploma – Counselling
  • Diploma – Leadership
  • Diploma – Non-Profit Leadership

Tuition for Domestic Students

  • Per Year—$7,500
  • Per Semester—$3,750
  • Per Credit Hour—$250

For International Students—$15,550

2.      Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute—Camrose, AB

CLBI is situated in the picturesque community of Camrose in Central Alberta. The facility is approximately three blocks from the center of the city and takes about half a city block right off the parkland shoreline of lovely Mirror Lake. The courses offered each year are shown below.

  • Leadership Development (LDD)
  • Practical Ministries (PMN)
  • Biblical Studies (BIS)
  • Mission and Communication (MSC)
  • Christian Life (CRL)
  • Biblical and Doctrinal Theology (THL)
  • Church History (HIS)

Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute in Camrose, Alberta charges $4,000 in tuition for a full academic year (tuition and fees total $12,860).

Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute, Camrose, Alberta, charges $4,000 in tuition for its second-year programs (tuition and fees total $13,610).

3.      The King’s University—Edmonton, AB

One of the theological seminaries in Canada that offers a bachelor’s degree in the arts, music, business, science, or education as well as a diploma or certificate and public or online courses.

The King’s University, a Christian institution located in Edmonton, offers educational opportunities to individuals and groups throughout western Canada and beyond.

Its campus is situated on Treaty Six territory, the ancestral homeland of many Indigenous peoples, in the capital city of Alberta, a youthful and dynamic province.

The greatest way to study the world is to realize that God made it and that He owns it. You’ll find pleasant, friendly people at King’s. They make an effort to show all pupils the grace and love of Christ. Each year, there is around $660,000 in student financial aid available.

Canadian students pay $6,541 in tuition every term (full course load, 15.5 credits, $422 per credit, and $1266 per course).

4.      Rocky Mountain College—Calgary

The reality of a growing city and the existence of competing institutions catering to the Christian market have been accommodated by Rocky Mountain College. It has also acknowledged the opportunity to expand the scope and influence of the College by providing Christian education and Biblical instruction “beyond the box.”

One of the best Bible colleges in Canada, Pathways offers lessons in a variety of formats, including online, in small groups within a local or church community, or in small classroom settings. In Western Canada, a number of churches have transformed into Pathways locations where nearby students may attend lessons. This is what they provide:

  • Biblical Studies
  • Christian Spirituality
  • History and Thought
  • Interdisciplinary Courses
  • Global Studies Courses
  • Communication & Languages Courses
  • General Studies
  • Leadership Courses
  • Social Sciences Courses
  • Theology Courses

$300 in tuition for one credit hour ($375 per credit hour less a $75 scholarship from the Pathways Fund).

5.      Victory Bible Colleges International

Victory Churches International, a Canadian apostolic/prophetic church-planting organization that is fully recognized by the Transworld Accrediting Commission International, has a training division called VBCI (Victory Bible Colleges International).

Full-Year Fees:

  • $4000 MINISTRY,
  • $4000 SOCA MEDIA
  • $4,500 SOCA WORSHIP

Tuition-Free Theological Seminaries in Canada

Here is a list of tuition-free theological seminaries in Canada, you can as well go to their websites to get more information about the various programs on offer;

  1. Emmanuel Bible College
  2. Thomas University
  3. Tyndale University
  4. Prairie Bible College
  5. Columbia Bible College
  6. Pacific Life Bible College
  7. Trinity Western University
  8. Redeemers University College
  9. Rocky Mountain College
  10. Victory Bible College International.


The various theological seminaries in Canada offer a deeper understanding of the Word of God and present the love of God in a whole new light. This is achieved by exposing the mysteries seated deeply in the bible to its students.

Enroll now.

Theological Seminaries in Canada—FAQs

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Where can I Study Theology in Toronto?” answer-0=”There is a plethora of theology schools that can be located in Toronto, for starters, you can seek to get enrolled in the Franciscan University, or the Toronto Baptist Seminary & Bible College, just to mention a few. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”Is Divinity School the same as Seminary School?” answer-1=”A divinity school is a theological institution that trains men and women for ordained ministry, much like a seminary, but it has a direct connection to a university. A certain denomination may or may not have direct ties to a divinity school.” image-1=”” count=”2″ html=”true” css_class=””]