Top 4 Benefits of Cambridge Homeschooling

Homeschooling is also known as elective home education or simply home education. In homeschooling, parents provide home-based education to their children. This method of education was traditionally practiced but has gained traction over the recent years. And the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic made it the fastest-growing mainstream education system worldwide. (1)

According to statistics, the annual homeschooling growth rate has increased by 2% to 8%. As the year 2020 ended, the number of Americans who said they would attend homeschooling was around nine million. As early as 2016, kids between 5 and 17 years have been generally homeschooled, among which 48% are males and 52% are females. (2)

Many schools today provide quality homeschool education, Cambridge being one of them. Here are some of the benefits that Cambridge homeschooling offers to students and parents.

Efficient Learning

Cambridge curriculum homeschooling provides detailed course outlines and interactive lessons that are available 24/7 on any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Students can access multisensory videos, interact directly with teachers, and have their assignments and exams marked.

Cambridge Home School has a unique and well-rounded curriculum. It’s different from the national curriculum as it incorporates new features to create a balance that promotes each student’s personal and academic growth. A curriculum such as this can help students become more creative and curious and develop critical thinking.

However, to gain the most out of online learning, there are certain habits that have to be developed. For instance, you need to have a specific room that’s free of distractions to enable your child to easily focus their attention on studying. You also need to ensure you have a stable internet connection so your child can actively participate in online lessons and access all necessary documents and assignments. (3)

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Exposure to unique experiences

Online homeschooling brings together students from all over the world. This enables them to have more exposure to cultural diversity and acquire unique experiences while they learn together. In Cambridge Home School, they have students from the United Kingdom, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. 

Aside from attending school with students from various parts of the world, homeschooling would also allow them to form strong friendships with other students. Nowadays, social media has made it easier to communicate virtually with people from other countries through either video or voice calls. 

This can go a long way in improving peer-to-peer interactions and discussions on online sessions because they’ve already formed friendships outside of class. The class sessions become more engaging and interactive because they’re free to communicate with each other. (4)

Interacting with other students would also help them embrace diversities and appreciate the different races, genders, ethnicities, sexualities, religions, and many other identities. Cambridge home education enables students to practice skills like empathy and acceptance, which would allow them to appreciate people from all walks of life.

Peace of mind

The emergence of the pandemic has increased parents’ concern over their children’s safety and well-being. They became skeptical about one-on-one schooling, afraid to jeopardize their children’s health. 

Based on statistics, 43% more parents have become inclined to homeschool their children when the pandemic began. The reason is the lack of guarantee that every teacher, student, or staff member is COVID-free or has already been vaccinated. (5)

However, with Cambridge online schooling, you can gain peace of mind knowing your child is learning in a place free of health and security risks. Homeschooling creates a healthy, enriching, interactive, and safe virtual learning environment. So you’re assured your child can continue pursuing their education and succeed even at the comforts of your home.


Flexibility is almost every parent’s desire. A rigid, stressful, and inconvenient schedule can take a toll on your busy days, which may significantly affect your parenting abilities.

However, with the availability of Cambridge homeschooling for kids, you can enjoy the benefits of more flexibility. With homeschooling, your child can attend classes from anywhere, even while on a family trip or vacation. You can easily set up a study station for your child wherever you are, just as long as you have the requisite tools for online education.

The only thing you need to do as a parent is to set some ground rules and ensure your kid is serious and participates during class. This would help the child stay attentive and focused.


The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the number of families who prefer homeschool. Fortunately, Cambridge homeschooling allows students to pursue their education generally in the comfort of their homes.

It would enable them to learn efficiently and also get more unique experiences. It would also give parents more flexibility and peace of mind. However, to be successful with online education, a few things are needed, like a computer or mobile device, together with a stable internet connection. 


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