Top 5 Easiest Engineering Courses

These top 5 easiest engineering courses were ranked based on factors like admission requirements, flexibility, duration, curriculum, and others. Have you been in search for this topic? Okay, read through carefully as I unveil all you need to know.

You know that feeling when you want to study a course, and all of a sudden everyone in the neighborhood starts whispering about how tough that course is. It can be a medical program, law, or engineering program, but whichever it is, you see yourself losing interest in the course bit by bit. Am I right?

We have all been there. I know you want to study engineering, and have probably heard that engineering courses, even though very lucrative are hard to scale through. You are now wondering if this is something you can do or not, hence coming online to do your research.

Out of your numerous questions, one says “Are there really easy engineering courses?” This question is what I have come to answer with this article. Whilst there are hard engineering courses, there are also easy ones. Engineering courses are not designed to be equal; you just have to find out the one that best matches your interest and give it your all.

In this article, I will take you through a walk on the top 5 easiest engineering courses to get into. I will also give a brief overview of them for you to gain full insight. You are still with me, right?

Let me quickly answer some of the questions that may be bothering you before I go ahead to our main topic.

What is the Average Salary of An Engineer?

The salary of engineers differs from one major to another. For instance, the salary of an electrical engineer may be different from that of a civil engineer, however, the average annual salary of an engineer is about $100,640 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics.

What Should I Consider When Choosing An Engineering Major?

Choosing an engineering option to major in can be very confusing, considering how lucrative almost all the options are. Well, here are some tips to help you out when selecting an engineering major.

Your Interest and Goals

As much as we want to ignore this, it plays a very big role in making your career a success. Assess your interests, skills, and goals so that you will understand where your passion lies.

Your Strength

It is somehow of no use going to study chemical engineering when you dislike and do not excel at chemistry and related subjects. If you are good with drawings, and structural concepts, going for structural engineering may be a good fit for you.

Opportunities Available

You ought to choose a major where there is a wide range of opportunities. This makes it easy for employment and internship opportunities.

Top 5 Easiest Engineering Courses

Here are the top 5 easiest engineering courses that you can study. Now, I want you to understand that easy is relative. Something hard for you may be another person’s fun. For instance, a person who learned programming as a skill may easily study computer engineering, while others may find it tough.

Having seen the factors to consider when selecting an engineering major as well as the average salary of engineers, let’s delve into our topic properly. As I said earlier, I will list and explain a little about the courses so you can get the full scope of why they are ranked as the easiest engineering courses.

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Software Engineering

1.      Environmental Engineering

This is the first on our list of top 5 easiest engineering courses. This course involves protecting people from adverse environmental effects as well as protecting the ecosystems.

Environmental engineers are charged with the responsibility of providing methods and facilities for wastewater management, waste disposal and recycling, water and air purification, and other things that relate to human health and benefit.

This course is regarded as one of the easiest engineering courses to study because it does not really require a strong background in math and physics. Inasmuch as you will need math fundamentals, you will be more involved in the study of ecology and other environmental concepts.

Are you interested in advancing human health and solving environmental issues, this course is for you.

2.      Architectural Engineering

Architectural engineering is next on our list of top 5 easiest engineering courses you can study at your choice institution. The course entails creating, building, and maintaining structures that are sound, sustainable, resilient, and economically viable.

Architectural engineers apply practical and theoretical knowledge to construction projects to ensure the safety, comfort, and productivity of occupants. As an architectural engineer, you can work in offices, construction industries, sites, etc.

This course requires attention to detail and may have a duration of about four to five years before graduation from the university.

3.      Industrial Engineering

Another one of the top 5 easiest engineering courses is industrial engineering. It is that branch of engineering that deals with the optimization of complex processes and systems by creating or developing integrated systems of knowledge, information, equipment, etc.

Industrial engineering can also be called operational management, production engineering, manufacturing engineering, etc. It is focused on reducing any waste of time, energy, resources, or materials for doing things by devising efficient processes and procedures.

As an industrial engineer, you are open to a wide range of opportunities as you can work in industries like finance, manufacturing, automotive, food, logistics, education, transportation, telecommunication, transportation, mining, etc.

4.      Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is regarded as one of the top 5 easiest engineering degrees that you can study. It entails planning, designing, and supervising the construction as well as maintenance of building and infrastructure projects- bridges, tunnels, roads, sewage systems, etc.

This course is regarded as one of the easiest engineering courses because it deals with concepts we see every day, unlike other courses such as nuclear engineering where abstract concepts are used. Also, the curriculum of civil engineering degrees is relatively straightforward and hardly contains tactical problems found in calculus, statics, and others.

Are you interested in studying an easy engineering major with a stable payment, civil engineering is a good fit for you.

5.      Software Engineering

Software engineering may sound hard, but the truth is that if you can handle the logic of programming, it is as easy as whatever you can imagine. Software engineering involves the development and maintenance of software applications.

Software engineers are concerned with designing algorithms, debugging codes, writing new codes, etc. This branch of engineering is a fast-rising one, and even those who do not have a degree are venturing into it. They are prepared to put in the required work anyway.

Are you a fan of codes, algorithms, and debugging of some complex concepts, software engineering is really a good choice to consider.


When I told you in the beginning that there are easy engineering courses, you may have thought that I was joking. Now, I am sure that you have seen them, and can testify that they are truly easy.

If there is a need to go through them again, please do. And after that, choose the ones that best match your interests and passion. I wish you the best of luck.