Top College Admission Consultants to Hire in 2021

It is human nature that we want to live long and happy lives and keep making efforts to achieve that; one thing that plays a massive role in helping us live peaceful and happy lives is a successful career.

A successful career can provide you with enough money and power to remain intact in society and fulfill your family’s needs. A successful career is not that easy to achieve as it takes a lot of building and requires a lot of hard work.

Some people from a young have a goal in mind, and it works out for them, but that is not the case for most people as most people have to adjust to all kinds of changes and shifts while they grow up.

However, all this building starts at a young age, and numerous factors play crucial roles. College is one of the things that helps a person achieve pride and respect among his peers and leads him towards a successful career.

Getting a college degree opens up a plethora of opportunities for a person who is just stepping into the practical life; it helps you grow intellectually and socially. It has been seen that individuals who have a college degree earn more on average and have a more stable career than people who don’t have a college degree.

However, getting a college degree is not as simple as it sounds; even the most essential things, such as college admission, can get quite confusing.

To avoid such complications at admission, the ideal thing would be to hire a college admissions consultant.

An excellent professional consultant is there with you throughout the college admission process, from writing quality essays to preparing for interviews; they help you with everything. But a problem that many people face is that they don’t know which consultant to hire. To help you with that, we have made a list of some of the best college admissions consultants you can hire.

Solomon Admissions Consultant

Another expert in the industry is the highly acclaimed Solomon Admissions Consultant. Well-versed in assisting students throughout the challenging college admissions journey, the team comes equipped with years of experience with reputed colleges at Solomon’s.

Moreover, the success of their services will never be hidden as the organization is extremely transparent in its results. With high success rates, professional writing coaches, and a clear methodology in place, they aim to get the job done from the beginning to the end.


Admissionado is one of the best college admission consultancy services you can get, and a fun fact about it is that I was founded by two college friends back in 2007. T

hey are on the top of our list because they have one of the most experienced consultants in the business. Since they are in business, they have reviewed thousands of applicants and have more than 1000 consultants under their name.

Admissionado is a top consultancy service because they don’t beat around the bush and have a straightforward approach with their clients.

Since they have so many experienced consultants under one roof, they have divided each client’s work for maximum results. For example, there would be different experts; one would be working on the essays, whereas the other would be working on the applications.

Veritas Prep

The next consultancy service on our list is Veritas prep who has been in the game since 2002, and all this time, they have been getting numerous clients. They don’t have a consultancy team as big as Admissionado, but they still provide excellent consultancy services for all kinds of colleges.

They have worked with 300,000 students until now, Veritas Prep is primarily famous for bachelor’s admissions, but they also offer expert advice for MBA programs. One of the most amazing things about them is that they also provide services for 7th and 8th-grade students and provide free profile evaluations.


If you want a consultancy service that has been around for more than 20 years has only a few selected students they work with, then IvyWise should be your go-to. IvyWise also has some of the most experienced professionals and consultants, but they have teams that consist of former directors and deans of some of the top universities. 

One of the best things about them is that they have students from more than 40 countries and have a proven track record with almost all of them. According to their website, 92% of their students get admissions to their top 3 universities.

IvyWise also provides complete flexibility in the counselor selection process; they have consultants who are experienced in different things and can help students according to their needs.


PrepScholars are one of the cheapest and among the top college admissions consultants you will find either on this list or in general; however, their services are not less in any way.

Like IvyWise, PrepScholars also provide services to students worldwide and have an even better success rate than IvyWise, which is 96%. Then they have provided services to tons of students who either want to get into a college or a graduate program.

They prepare you for all kinds of tests such as SATs, GMATs, and PSATs, one of the best things about them is that they help students even after the students are done with the applications. At such a low price, the services that they provide are worth it.


Just from the name, you can guess that when you hire them, you will only get services from experts; they have years of experience in consultancy services and are famous for preparing SATs and ACTs.

The best thing about PrepExpert is that if you can’t afford them, you can also request them to provide you with a free consultation; apart from free consultancy, you can also pay a small fee according to your budget. 

They are different from other top consultancy services because they don’t consist of a massive consultancy team.

Top Tier Admissions

Last but not least, the next consultancy service on our list is Top Tier Admissions. It has been around for a long time, more than 20 years to be precise, and has trained and experienced staff working in the admissions office of some of the best universities.

Among various packages, they also have boot camps that help the students eliminate all issues by meeting the experts face-to-face.

Final Note

These were some of the best college admission consultants you can hire in 2021, and these consultants would make sure that you achieve your goals and give your best in college admissions and sometime after you get in. You are guaranteed to get an edge in almost everything related to college admissions when you get help from the mentioned services.