True Stories Behind Successful Student Entrepreneurs

We all know that guy or girl from high school who was a wind-up, and no one thought they would become successful. But suddenly they have blossomed and are now thriving in wealth and living in their own homes instead of in their dorm rooms. Most of the time you envy them because everyone wants to rule the world. But was it as easy for them as it seemed?

Our experts analyzed the stories of entrepreneurs who became famous as young students. Here’s what we found.

#1: They Didn’t Always Know What They Wanted to Do in Life

If you feel like a hopeless loser looking at your friends who have pre-planned their 20s, 30s, etc. – don’t. Today, you’re frustrated with your term paper and are chaotically searching for an essay writing professional to save your grade. Without implying that using your smartphone can help you study

One day you’re confused about the world around you, and the next day a vivid revelation pops into your head. Or you’re already on your way and just don’t know it yet.

Pamela Reif is a 25-year-old sports expert from Germany. But she never planned to become an entrepreneur. In fact, Pamela was preparing to study mathematics at university. In parallel, the girl posted training videos on YouTube at the very beginning of the new “influential” trend. Pamela’s fans decided for her what the girl should become – their favorite amazing athlete and model. 

Today you can find Pamela’s workouts on YouTube, follow her on Instagram or buy band merchandise like healthy snacks. 

As Pamela said, if you want to become a career coaching expert, just get in there and do it!

#2: They Had to Take a Break from the Routine

We all know how short-term travel to a new country inspires us to welcome changes. In reality, any break from the routine we’re used to recharges our creativity and the world perception. When trapped in daily activities, we stick to a plan and rarely see new opportunities coming by. Once we unplug from the routine, miracles start to happen. 

The same happened to Sadia Badiei, the founder of ‘PickUp Limes’ from Canada, who later moved to the Netherlands. But before starting her business that focuses on healthy nutrition, Sadia had a 6-month global trip. While traveling, she met her life partner and moved to a new country. Now Sadia is a successful entrepreneur who inspires people to lead a healthy vegan and minimalist lifestyle.

#3: They Had to Get Educated and Graduate from College

It often happens that young success stories show heroes or heroines without education. Right off the school assembly line. In reality, not everyone skips colleges and online courses. Most young entrepreneurs are individuals with a well-rounded education. All because they understand the value of knowledge in fierce competition. 

Nicholas Boehnlein knew he’d need tons of theoretical information for his business. Hadn’t he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and an MBA, he wouldn’t have been successful. 

What can you learn from Boehnlein’s experience?

  • Having ambitions is not enough – one must have the professional knowledge to apply it in practice;
  • An aspiring talent must know their field to make effective decisions; 
  • To be innovative, learn the tradition first;
  • A well-rounded education never hurts anyone.

#4: They Followed Their Quirkiest Ideas No One Believed In

There was a doctor called Ignaz Semmelweis who invented disinfection in obstetrical clinics in 1847. All his colleagues laughed at Ignaz when he washed his hands before the labor. But when the death rates from puerperal fever dropped, the pioneer (before considered a weirdo) gained respect.

Sometimes, innovations come in the strangest ways. The founder of ‘Eterneva,’ Adelle Archer’s story is grim and quirky. A few years ago, Adelle lost her friend and had conflicts with the cremation company. What happened is Archer started a company that turns ashes into diamonds. Pretty weird, right? Especially when the whole process takes around 8 months. But aren’t all our best friends and the family worth all diamonds in the world?

#5: They Followed Their Heart Instead of a Pure Cold Logic

Remember Walt Disney, who was fired from three cartoon studios for the lack of creative ideas? That had to stop the genius from ever trying to draw again. A few years later, Disney started his studio. We bet his previous employers regretted their HR decisions very much. Who’s laughing now, right?

Grace Beverley, the founder of TALA, changed her heart when it came to her beliefs too. Beverley studied at Oxford to become a musician. There, the girl understood that her dreams and aspirations were in sustainability. Beverley cares about nature and promotes slow fashion and mindful living. Like Disney, she kept believing in things she cared about. Once you believe in something, no one can stop you.

#6: They Went Through Hardships

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Though this proverb doesn’t always work in real life, it was true for MaryBeth Hyland. The creator of ‘SparkVision,’ MaryBeth survived violence as a child. Later, she continued studying human behavior. Hyland’s childhood experiences allowed her to teach communication.  

In her business, Hyland tells companies how to promote positive values. In the end, her clients build a successful corporate culture.

What Do All Young Talent Stories Teach Us?

So, you’re a young individual (possibly a student) who aspires to open their own business. You may naively believe that your road to success will be sunny and rosy. In reality, you’ll have to deal with tons of hardships. Yet you’ll always have to remember why you’re on the business path.

What do success stories in this article teach?

  • Success is a result of your hard work, patience, and luck;
  • You need education regardless of the type of business you’re starting;
  • You must be innovative and creative in your decisions;
  • You need courage when no one believes in your ideas.

Final Thoughts

You might falsely believe that young entrepreneurs are just lucky. In reality, it takes a lot of time and effort to continue after each failure. Sure, no one talks about failures because the world admires those who succeeded. In the end, we all strive to be successful, but not everyone stands up each time they fall. 

Focus on education, be innovative, and be grateful for each lesson life brings.

We hope the article was helpful to you. Good luck!