10 Tuition Free Colleges In USA And How To Apply Each

Below is the list of the tuition free colleges in USA and how you can apply for admission into any of the universities.

I normally use to say that studying abroad is not a thing too difficult to achieve but to achieve it, you must be determined and mean the course. Gold doesn’t lay on a shallow ground you must dig deeper for the gold.

Here at Study Abroad Nations, we help you do the deep digging so you can have access to the information you seek at a lower cost. Talking about the list of tuition free colleges in USA, I have dedicated my time to research on this and give the best you need to know about it.

Tuition Free Colleges In USA And How To Apply Each

1. Alice Lloyd College

All students must work 10-20 hours a week in exchange for the free tuition.

2. Barclay College

This small school offers fully-paid tuition for any full-time student living on campus, so all it will cost you is room and board.

3. Berea College

All students receive full scholarships in exchange for working jobs in the college or in community service throughout the Appalachian region, including programs keeping mountain crafts and traditions alive. Berea accepts only students who need financial assistance according to FAFSA, and for a little work, you get a $100,000 education – and who wouldn’t weave baskets for their tuition?

4. Brown University

If your family makes less than $60,000 a year, you can go for free. Like other Ivy League schools, Brown wants the best of the best, whether they can afford it or not, and if you can get in, they’ll pay your way.

5. College of the Ozarks

For tuition, 15 hours a week working in some institutional job station, keeping the college going (including a fruitcake bakery, which allows you to tell people that fruitcakes paid for your college education); during breaks, full 40-hour work weeks; for room and board, summer jobs.

6. Columbia University

If your family makes less than $60,000 a year, and you can get in, you can go for free.

7. Cooper Union

All students pay half tuition, but many still get full scholarships.

8. Cornell University

While it’s competitive, it’s not expensive if you fall under that $60,000 a year mark – it’s free.

9. Curtis Institute of Music

The Curtis Institute of Music is a music conservatory in Philadelphia, Founded in 1921.
Acceptance is extremely competitive; the institute only accepts the number of students it needs to seat an orchestra and populate an opera company, along with some composers and solo pianists, so that’s only around 150 students. But every one of those students gets a full scholarship.

10. Deep Springs College (Jr. college)

Tuition is free for all students, with an expectation that students will work or perform service on the college’s ranch, farm, or community.

How To Apply For Admission Tuition Free Colleges In USA

As an american, you are entitled to apply for any of the tuition free colleges in USA if you meet the application specification.For

After admission or during admission processing, if you indicate interest for any of the options for free tuition, your application will be reviewed to ascertain if you qualify for such after which it would either be granted or bounced.

International students from other countries, should check to ensure that the college they want to apply to accepts non-american students to take part in any of the provisions granting free tuition to students.

Note: Most of the schools above only grant domestic students the “tuition free” grace and not international students.

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