20 websites to watch movies in theaters for free

You can choose to spend money every month on movie streaming services, or you can save some bulk by choosing one of these websites to watch movies in theaters for free. 

The only downside with most of them is that you will deal with adverts, some could be annoying, and some are fair, but outside this, you can stream the latest movies, TV Shows, or series for free. You can choose them based on your favorite genre, movies people are watching, the latest movies, most downloaded, or even movies based on countries, your options are limitless.

Also, you can even learn a new language by watching these movies, and it won’t cost you anything. Let’s go straight ahead to list these free websites to watch movies in theaters.

websites to watch movies in theaters for free

Websites to Watch Movies in Theaters for Free

1. Vumoo


Vumoo is one of the websites to watch movies in theaters for free, and it offers you the 2 best options; movies and TV-Series. Personally, I enjoy the user interface of their website, and they don’t annoy you so much with adverts.

Also, they don’t only offer movies, you can also watch singing competition series like the Voice.

2. Reelgood 

Reelgood has a lot to offer, it is a one-stop destination for all kinds of streaming services, whether from NETFLIX, PrimeVideo, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, and 150+ other services. Having all these streaming services makes them one of the first websites to upload any trending movies in HD resolution.

You can also download their App, which is available for both Android and iPhone users, which makes it easier for you to watch and keep up to date with the series you’re following. However, even though they provide lots of movies for free, you need to subscribe to access most of their movies and series. 

3. Tubi


Tubi is another website to watch movies in theaters for free that has a ton of movies and TV shows to keep you busy anytime. Through this streaming service, you’ll have access to over 40,000 movies and TV series within many genres.

The streaming service is completely free (and legal) to use and doesn’t require creating an account, but just like most free movie streaming services, you have to handle lots of ads. Also, they have a section dedicated to kids, where you can see interesting movies that your kids can watch.


This is one of the websites to watch movies and TV-Series for free that categorized their movies according to Genre, country, movies, TV-Series, and Top IMDb. They also upload recent movies and TV-Series in HD high resolution.

FMovies also made available an active comment section where viewers can chat and discuss with each other.

5. Yes!Movies

Yes!Movies offer more than 9,000 free streaming movies and TV-Series from different countries and genres. They also provide lots of the latest movies, which enables you to keep up with the trends.

6. Kanopy


I believe you have heard of this streaming service, and one of the reasons it’s well-spoken is not just because of its free movies, but also the way they provide these movies. You’re not bugged with adverts, their website user interface is top-notch, and they also provided apps for both Android and iPhone users.

All thanks to their partnership with public libraries and universities, who pay for these services so you can enjoy them for free. However, you need to be a member of a participating library to start watching movies through Kanopy, you need to sign up with a valid public library card number and pin/password.

7. PopcornFlix

This is one of the websites to watch movies in theaters for free that has lots of films in different genres, and you don’t even need to sign up to any account to start watching. Their website is also beautifully arranged to make it easy to navigate, you can choose either movies or series, and even categorize them to best interest.

8. Crackle

Crackle is owned by Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment and Sony, and they provide this free streaming service, which is available on lots of platforms. Well, you should still prepare yourself for disturbing ads.

However, there is no option for offline downloads, the service is focused on people in the United States, and their movies are not so much when compared with other free streaming services.

9. Plex


Plex provides viewers with thousands of movies, shows, music documentaries, AMC series, Live TV, and many more for free. Also, when you register (optional) for free, you can pause your movie, move to another screen, and come back and continue watching your movie from where you paused it.

Lots of reputable movie companies are partnering with them, such as Paramount, Warner Bros, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Lionsgate, Legendary, Magnolia Pictures, and Crackle. You can also upgrade to Plex Pro for more features.

They have Apps for TVs, Mobile, Consoles, and Desktops.

10. Top Documentary Films

Just like the name, this is one of the websites to watch movies in theaters for free that is exclusive to documentary movies. So you can choose to watch documentary movies on technology, sports, society, sexuality, science, religion, physiology, politics, philosophy, performing arts, nature, mystery, military & war, biography, and many others.

You can also decide to focus on documentary films that were recently added or their top 100 movies.

11. Fzmovies

Outside the fact that this website annoys viewers with lots of adverts, this is one of the best websites to watch movies in theaters for free. They almost have every movie, series, and music you want in various genres.

One of my favorites is their “what are people watching right now,” there you’ll see trending interesting movies. You can also choose movies based on Hollywood, Bollywood, IMDB Top 250 movies, Oscars Winners, By Most Downloaded, By Latest Updated, Other Tags, and of course genres.

Above all, you can choose to watch your movies in standard or HD quality, and you can also choose to watch them live or download them. You see, outside the fact they have a very annoying advert display, you will receive almost everything you need for free. 

12. Nkiri

Nkiri is another free website to watch movies, but it is also ads-powered, outside that, get ready to have lots of interesting movies in one stop. If you want to keep up with the trending films, they have lots of the latest movies and series to help you with.

Also, if you’re a k-Drama fan, Nkiri provides lots of them at your fingertips. They also have a telegram group where you can easily access their latest movies without being annoyed with adverts.

13. Amazon Freevee

Amazon Freevee

You and I know that if Amazon is involved, it has to be of high quality, this website offers a premium free streaming service. So you’ll have thousands of hit movies and shows at your fingertips, getting your desired movie is very easy, and you can stream them with subtitles in your preferred language. However, most of their in-video ads are long.

14. 5movies

I think their name is weird for what they represent, don’t worry you won’t get only 5 movies, but quite a lot in various genres, and countries. You can also choose to navigate through their options based on the date released, Top IMDb, and A – Z list.

15. Watchfree

Of course, the name explains the fact that they are a free movie streaming website, but it doesn’t explain the part about having less than a thousand movies and series. But two things I love about them are they provide their movies in HD and they upload recent movies and TV Shows too.

Also, even though they are ads-powered, they don’t always put it in your face in a very annoying manner.

16. YouTube

Of course, you and I know that YouTube is one of the websites to watch movies in theaters for free, but you can’t watch any recent movies on YouTube again. YouTube used to be our go-to source for any free movies because they don’t bug you with adverts then, and they have almost all genres of movies.

17. Emovies 

This website also has lots of collections of movies from different genres, and countries. Also, they have the most-watched session where, of course, you can view movies or series that most people are watching.

Moreover, new movies are added to the list every day, so you’ll never get bored with their website.

18. SolarMovie

This is one of the websites to watch TV series and movies in theaters for free, just like most other streaming services, you also have your collection of genres, countries, and dates released.

19. Classic Cinema Online

If you’re in for classic movies for free, then this is your go-to website, they have lots and lots of it, whether you want classic animated movies, comedy, romantic, documentary, drama, or action. Martial art, adventure, biography, history, thriller, religion, family, musical, sci-fi, or even classic series, the list goes on and on.

20. JustWatch

JustWatch is one of the websites to see movies in theaters for free that brings so many movie hosts in one place. You will have NETFLIX, PrimeVideo, Hotstar, ZEE5, Sony, tubi, and many others.


As you can see, there are lots of free websites to watch movies in theaters, but one thing most of them have in common is adverts. Of course, that’s where they get their money from.

Websites to Watch Movies in Theaters for Free – FAQs:

How can I watch movies that are in theaters at home?

Lots of websites provide legal movies in theaters, and all you have to do is visit them, subscribe (if necessary) and stream from any device including your Television

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