18 Best Free Online Brain Games For Seniors

Brain games are an exciting way of exercising the mind. Here is a list of fun and beneficial free online brain games for seniors that will help keep your mind healthy and stay sharp.

Regularly exercising your body can help you stay healthy coupled with balancing it with a good diet and adequate sleep. This can help get rid of certain health issues such as heart attacks and help you live a healthy life. And exercise is good for kids and adults of all ages.

There are different forms of exercise for the body that work to improve a particular part of the body but nevertheless, still, work towards improving general well-being. You know how there are exercises or workout programs for the biceps, triceps, stomach, shoulders, etc. there are also exercises for the brain.

However, unlike the typical body workout or exercise whereby you have to flex your muscles, run, jog, or lift weights, for brain exercise you don’t need to do any of these. Exercises for the brain are mental and not physical, you obviously can lift weights using your head neither can you shake your head in the name of exercising, you’d only feel woozy.

So, to exercise the brain and mind you have to engage in mental exercises such as reading, meditation, playing games, and taking mental health courses. There are many more but we’d be focusing on the games. Gamers have these unique problem-solving and critical thinking skills and these are the skills they apply in passing different game levels and becoming expert gamers.

Games are fun, exciting, and beneficial in helping your mind stay sharp and healthy. Whether they are online games that you can play using digital devices or ones you can play offline like scrabble. And due to the advancement of technology and the internet, many of these hardware games or offline games now have software versions. They are available to play online using a PC, tablet, or smartphone that can connect to the internet. You can even find some of the most engaging games for you while searching online.

Playing games is beneficial for people of all ages but you have to play a game that is specifically designed for your age bracket. In this post, we have discussed the free online brain games for seniors, which means if you are a kid then you need to look elsewhere for games that meet your age range.

We have a published post on free online games for kids, you can show your kids these games and have them try out a few till they find the one they like.

Brain games for seniors are good for adults to exercise their brains and keep their minds healthy and sharp. As an older person, doing brain games and other mental exercises will help prevent memory loss and dementia. And since these games are online and free, they are easy to access and you won’t have to pay before playing a game.

What Types of Games Are Considered Brain Games?

Brain games are any games that help improve memory and cognitive function, provide a mental boost, enhance the brain’s processing speed and memory, and improve overall mental health. Participating in a brain game is beneficial especially for older adults as it better helps them control their mental procession abilities.

Advantages of Brain Games for Seniors

Older adults who play all sorts of brain games will gain the following benefits:

  1. Brain games develop social skills in seniors and improve their reaction
  2. It enhances memory capabilities
  3. Stimulate hand-eye coordination
  4. Invoke a greater sense of independence
  5. They easily develop fast thinking skill
  6. Concentration level is greatly improved
  7. Improves motor skills such as drawing and writing
  8. It improves mental flexibility and equips seniors with problem-solving skills
  9. It increases greater understanding of the surroundings
  10. Improves overall mental health and wellbeing

These are some of the benefits that seniors who play games get. Fortunately, the internet has made it easy to engage older adults in free online games and you are at the right place if you are looking for free online brain games for seniors.

Top Free Online Brain Games for Senior

Top Free Online Brain Games for Senior

The following are the best free online brain games for seniors for you to choose from:

  • Web Sudoku
  • Chess
  • Scrabble
  • Lumosity
  • Boatload Puzzles
  • Jenga
  • Mahjong
  • World Geography Memorizing
  • Solitaire
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Sorting Game for Adults
  • Crossword 
  • Words with Friends
  • Checkers
  • Word search
  • 4 Pics 1 Word
  • Elevate – Brain Training
  • Braingle

1.     Web Sudoku

On our first list of free online brain games for seniors is Sudoku, a logic-based puzzle in which the players fill a 9×9 grid with digits so that every column, row, and 3×3 subgrid contains all the digits from one through nine.

Sudoku is a popular game, they are usually in some newspapers and magazines. Sudoku is popular for being on paper but thanks to the internet and digital tools, you can now download Sudoku as a mobile app or software on your mobile devices or PC and play it at any time and anywhere. And there is also a web version that you can play for free.

Sudoku is one of the free online brain games for seniors and due to how it’s played, it helps improve the mental health of older adults. When playing Sudoku, a player is required to spot patterns and apply strategic thinking to solve the puzzle. Playing Sudoku reduces the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Play Sudoku Here

2.     Chess

Chess is one of the most popular board games and has been known to promote mental health in adults and children. It is a game that requires critical thinking skills which allows you to exercise your brain while having fun. Chess helps older adults over the age of 75 less likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Chess has always been known to be played physically but thanks to the internet and digital devices, there are now applications, software, and web versions of chess online. If you have older parents and you want their brains to stay sharp and active in a less stressful way, you can show them how to play a game of chess. Playing the game is just a click away.

Play Chess Here

3.     Scrabble

Scrabble is one of the free online brain games for seniors and just like the others on this list, it is popular among children and adults. It is fun, relaxing, and engaging because you can play with many people which also brings some social benefits. Playing it also helps you learn new words, and improve memory function, and strategy skills.

It is a good one for older adults who can play with their kids or other older people. And there’s always some good-natured banter when a player puts a funny or ridiculous word. With the aid of a tablet, PC, or smartphone you can play Scrabble anytime and anywhere, the physical object isn’t required to enjoy a good game. Simply follow the link below and enjoy a good online game of Scrabble.

Play Scrabble Here

4.     Lumosity

Lumosity has a wide array of free online brain games for seniors designed for the purpose of training the brain and improving overall mental health. The platform is dedicated to using games to enhance critical thinking, memory, and problem-solving skills. There are more than 40 cognitive games and exercises for you to choose from in different categories.

There are 7 categories which are speed, memory, attention, flexibility, problem-solving, word, and math for you to explore, and all designed to train your brain. To play one of the brain games, select a category of your choice and pick a game under the selected category to play. You will be required to sign up to play the selected game.

You can have access to all these games through the web version or download the Lumosity app via Google Play for Android or App Store for iOS.

Play Games On Lumosity Here

5.     Boatload Puzzles

What kind of puzzle are you looking for? Well, whatever type it is be rest assured it is on Boatload Puzzles. Boatload Puzzles has more than 40,000 different crossword puzzles that you can play. And according to studies, crossword puzzles are known to reduce the risk of dementia and improve verbal skills, brain, and memory functions.

To select any type of crossword puzzle, simply follow the link below and select a puzzle of your choice. You have 40,000+ to choose from and start having fun.

Play Games on Boatload Puzzles Here

6.     Jenga

Jenga is actually a physical game like chess and Scrabble but with the aid of technology now has an online version you can play with your smartphone, tablet, or PC. The game consists of 54 blocks constructed to look like a tower and players take turns removing one block at a time. Now, you have to think critically before removing a block from the tower so that it doesn’t crumble.

As a block is removed, the tower becomes more unstable and can easily crumble so you need to strategize to remove the right block and still keep the tower standing still. The same way it is played physically is also how it is played online and it is also structured and designed to look the same as the physical one.

It is a game that requires critical thinking and strategy and is a good one for seniors.

Play Jenga Here

7.     Mahjong

Mahjong is a Chinese game that was created in the 19th century and has spread to other parts of the world and the internet since then. It is a tile-based game that is commonly played by four players, so like chess and Scrabble, it is a physical game but due to innovation you can play it online or download its app on your mobile devices.

The way the game looks physically and how it is also played is still the same even online. But this time, you will have to tap the screen to move the tiles around and do whatever you need to. Mahjong is a game that requires critical thinking and a lot of strategizing which is why it is recommended for adults to keep their brains sharp and their minds active.

In fact, it is typically played by older Chinese men and women. Follow the link below to play Mahjong on your smartphone, tablet, or PC. You must have an internet connection to be able to play the game. It is one of the best free online brain games for seniors and you should consider trying it out.

Play Mahjong Here

8.     World Geography Memorizing

This is one of the free online brain games for seniors, and like the others on this list, it may not be popular but it is perfect for mental exercise among seniors. The game is offered by MentalUP, a website with loads of free brain games for adults.

World Geography Memorizing, just as the name implies, displays a picture of a map with different countries for a specific time frame which you will use to memorize the countries on the map. After memorizing it, and you’re ready to play the game, you’d click on “Ready, Go” which will make the countries on the map disappear.

A color representing any of the countries will then be displayed on the now-blank map you will need to select which country has that color. If you select the right option, it ticks green while the wrong option ticks red. This game can help seniors strengthen their visual, spatial, and long-term memory skills, thereby reducing the risk of dementia.

Play World Geography Memorizing Here

9.     Sorting Game for Adults

This is a fun game that older adults will find interesting. It simply requires you to sort through different colors in a jar and arrange them properly. It is easy to learn, fun, and addictive. The game is created to improve reasoning, planning, and visualization abilities among adults.

It is one of the free online brain games for seniors and will help improve their mental health and overall wellbeing

Play Sorting Games for Adults Here

10. Solitaire

Solitaire is a fun card game that can be played in person or online, depending on the player’s preference. The classic Klondike solitaire game is great for starting out and learning the basic rules. Still, there are also variants like Spider solitaire, pyramid solitaire, and FreeCell, that can help seniors keep their minds sharp.

Play Solitare Game Here

11. Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles come in different designs, shapes, and difficulty levels, making them the perfect brain game for seniors. Online jigsaw puzzles offer even greater advantages by allowing seniors to choose the exact game settings they want. For instance, if they want to see the shadow of the finished picture, that can be displayed in the playing area as a guide. Likewise, if they need an easier or harder option, they can just change the number of pieces for the online jigsaw puzzle.

These are the top free online brain games for seniors and there are actually more of them but they are not free and you will need to pay to have access to them. Making use of the latest technology to improve the mental well-being of older adults is important and it works faster and better too. There is less stress involved and they get to have the same amount of fun as the ones played physically.

Play Jigsaw Puzzle Game Here

12. Crossword 

Crossword puzzles are an extremely popular pastime. In addition, they sharpen the brain and increase vocabulary. Graded from “easy” to “difficult”, some seem almost impossible to complete. It is recommended that novices start with the “easy” ones and progress, up the ladder, step by step.

Play Crossword Game Here

13. Words with Friends

A free-to-play online multiplayer word game, founded in 2009, where players take turns building words in a crossword-puzzle style manner, similar to other classic board games. Words With Friends is easy to learn, can help strengthen vocabulary knowledge, and will provide hours of mentally stimulating, entertaining brain puzzles.

In this timeless game mode, two players take turns laying out words on the game board from their rack of seven tiles, starting at the center square. The goal for both players is to try and play words with the highest word scores possible.

If a player uses all seven tiles in one turn, they will receive bonus points for a Bingo! The trickiest part is figuring out how to connect new words to existing words on the board while maximizing usage of the bonus squares, such as Triple Word (TW) or Triple Letter (TL) to increase your word score.

Play Words with Friends Game Here

14. Checkers

Checkers is a classic board game, dating back to around 3000 BC. It is very simple, but a lot of fun! Checkers is known as Draughts in England and there are multiple variations of it all around the world. The game is played on an 8×8 chequered board, essentially a chess board. Each player starts with 12 pieces, placed on the dark squares of the board closest to them. The objective of the game is to capture all the opponent’s pieces by jumping over them.

Play Checkers Game Here

15. Word Search

Word Search (also known as Word Seek, Word Find, Word Sleuth, or Mystery Word) is a word game that consists of the letters of words placed in a grid. The objective of this puzzle is to find and mark all the words hidden inside the box. The words may be placed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Play Word Search Game Here

16. 4 Pics 1 Word

4 Pics 1 Word’s gameplay is very simple: each level displays four pictures linked by one word; the player’s aim is to work out what the word i, from a set of letters given below the pictures. Players will find themselves seeing commonalities between two or three photos but being unable to figure out the linking word.

Play 4 Pics 1 Word Game Here

17. Elevate – Brain Training

Elevate is an award-winning brain trainer that uses fun games to improve vocabulary, speaking abilities, processing speed, memory skills, mental math, and more. Each person receives a personalized learning program that adjusts over time to maximize results.

Play Elevate – Brain Training Game Here

18. Braingle

Braingle is a place to solve puzzles, brush up on your trivia, play games, and give your brain a workout. With over 15,000 brain teasers, riddles, logic problems, and mind puzzles submitted and ranked by users like you, Braingle has the largest collection anywhere on the internet.

Play Briangle Game Here

Websites that Offer Free Online Brain Games For Seniors

There are websites that are dedicated to creating free online brain games for seniors and older adults. These brain games were developed and put on the website for older people to play whenever they want to and exercise their minds anytime and anywhere. These websites usually feature up to 20 different brain games that can be accessed at any time.

These websites are:

  • Improve Memory
  • MentalUp
  • Mind Games
  • Games for the Brain
  • Brain Gymmer
  • SharpBrains
  • HAPPYneuron
  • Braingle
  • Lumosity
  • Cognifit

These websites offer free online brain games for seniors, hop on them today and start flexing your brain.