10 Best Schools for Orthodontists

This is a blog post that takes an in-depth look into the best schools for orthodontists. This peeps into what orthodontists do, where they work, and what is their financial position as practitioners.

While it is pertinent to note that a good number of these colleges have at the cutting edge of groundbreaking research while also setting the pace for others. Orthodontists in recent times have recorded a high number of entries from students, especially in the United States as it also makes up for many of the best schools for orthodontists in the World.

There are quite a few colleges that offer the best when it comes to Orthodonthology, but for the sake of this article, we shall dovetail our focus to the 10 best schools for Orthodontists.

Therefore, without taking too much time, let us understand;

What are Orthodontists?

Orthodontist refers to the study of the misalignment in the dental area as well as its treatment and diagnostics. This course to some prospective students does not appear as a popular dental course in universities, but it remains a vital specialty in the field of dentistry.

Who is an Orthodontist?

An Orthodontist is a medical professional who specializes in Orthodonthology. He/she is trained to give treatment relating to misalignment of the jaw or any treatment relating to the teeth.

As there are different strokes for different folks, there are also other definitions relating to this. The bottom line is that it comes down to those certified with the knowledge of Orthodonthology.

Why study at colleges for Orthodontists?

Studying Orthodonthology in Colleges delivers a passageway for you to gain the necessary prerequisite to passing your National Board Dental Examination.

The colleges highlighted put a lot into practical terms when it comes to the study of Orthodonthology, students also get opportunities to apply for the numerous scholarship opportunities with a good number of them lasting the duration of the program.

Which body Accredits Colleges for Orthodontist programs?

In the United States, the Commission on Dental Accreditation and other licensed bodies in various parts of the world that certifies the readiness of a college to offer an Orthodontist program.

A delegate visits the college to assess the staff strength and equipment, tools facilities among many other things before certifying such college.

As a rule, ensure that whichever college you choose for the Orthodontist program has been accredited, this is to avoid you wasting time or having poor education in the field you chose.

How much does it cost to enroll in Colleges for Orthodontists?

On a regular, we get the question of how much does it cost to become an orthodontist? Well, the cost is narrowed down to the choice of college, elite and privately-owned colleges are more expensive than public colleges or government-owned subsidized institutions.

Based on data gathered from colleges, the average orthodontist tuition cost is in the range of $80,000 to $82,000, this is exclusive of other expenses. Students on scholarships have the choice of either a subsidized fee or a full tuition waiver.

However, there is a chance that it could rise to over a million dollars, especially for a good number of Ivy League colleges in the US.

Here is an estimation that shows the breakdown analyzing how much it costs to study in the best schools for Orthodontists:

Tuition: $80,000

Health: $4000

Accommodation: $17,500

Travel Expenses: $4000 (Applicable to mostly international students)

Cost of Living: $500 (Monthly Basis)

Furthermore, there could be a discrepancy in fees for international students. Nonetheless, a rise or decrease lies in the international student policy of the selected institution. International students arriving based on scholarship sponsorship gets either waived or subsidized fee.

Non-scholarship students will more likely incur a non-tuition cost during the process of documenting their papers with their respective embassies.

All of the 10 Best Colleges for Orthodontists highlighted in this article have different scholarship and student aid opportunities, the only catch; is it is very competitive and favors mostly the brightest students.

How many years does it take to become an Orthodontist?

For you to complete this course you have to dedicate 10-11 years, this profession is not for those who have low patience.

Orthodonthology has a lot of similarities with many other professional medical courses out there, which is why we advise intending students to ensure that their chosen colleges are fully accredited to avoid prospective students wasting their time or having the duration of their study elongated unnecessarily.

Approximately, students spend an average of 4 years in obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in a pre-dental course before proceeding to college. Upon their successful arrival, students are then put through another but this time a more practical course in Orthodontist.

Those that excelled exceptionally in their grades then proceed to a two years residency program before taking their final professional examination.

To become practicing from registered professional bodies in their districts or counties prospective students must have passed the above stages.

Is Orthodontics School Hard?

For a course that is considered one of the toughest specialties in dentistry to be accepted into.  For starters, you have to first get admitted to a dental school, which is considered by many to be more competitive than medical school—which grants you a bachelor’s degree along the way.

While in dental school, you would be thought the majority of the course work in the field of orthodontics, but students will need to seek out additional training certifications from Orthodontics schools, which will test them before they can call themselves “Orthodontists”.

How stressful is it being an Orthodontic?

It is a highly demanding and stressful field of medicine with the majority of stress agents (which are extremely demanding tasks) that orthodontists are currently dealing with at a more recurring basis are patients that show dissatisfaction with the care they have received, performing difficult tasks on difficult and uncooperative patients, falling behind on schedule, constant time pressures, and motivating patients with poor OH and/or decalcification as well as patients with broken appliances.

Are Orthodontists paid well?

Orthodontists earned an average salary of $208,000 as to when figures were collated in 2020, where the best paid 25% of practitioners earned an average of $256,489 in the year in consideration, and the least paid 25% of practitioners earned $150,250.

All in all, it can be agreed that Orthodontists are paid very well as medical practitioners.

How does one apply to colleges for Orthodontists?

Like other university application processes, the process for Orthodontists is quite similar. Prospective students must have finished high school with a good CGPA; this is as a result of the fact that Orthodonthology is a highly specialized field in Dentistry.

Some colleges have high academic requirements demanding a minimum of 4.0 CGPA. Do not fret as this does not apply to all schools as there are loads of colleges that allow for average-grade students.

Guide on how to become an Orthodontist?

  • Obtain the application form of your chosen college.
  • Read the requirements.
  • Submit your application with a non-refundable fee as required by the institution.
  • Submit referee, recommendations, and third-party identification documents.

The above listed differs for the different colleges we have gathered below. As a rule, ensure you read their entry requirements before applying.

Additionally, International students should also obtain and go through the requirements of choice colleges, this helps in aiding prospective students find out more about colleges with convenient friendly policies as it concerns international students.


10 Best Colleges for Orthodontists

Here we shall look into the 10 best colleges for Orthodontists renowned for maintaining high academic excellence over the years, from ground-breaking research to world-class facilities and a sound academic team.

Here are the 10 Best Colleges for Orthodontists;

  • University of Michigan School of Dentistry
  • University of North Carolina
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • The University of Maryland
  • University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • Boston University
  • Harvard University
  • Loma Linda University School of Dentistry (LLU)
  • University of California San Francisco (UCSF)
  • Kings College London

1.      University of Michigan School of Dentistry

Apart from being a trendsetter in other fields, Michigan University is also a leading institution for prospective students in the field of Orthodonthology. The schools deploy the best of modern tools and practical approaches while teaching.

They offer B.Sc. and M.Sc. as well as other doctoral and fellowship honors in the different dental studies. It is considered the best-ranked Orthodonthology College in the US, having an acceptance rate of between 30-45%; it is a highly competitive institution to break into.

Tuition and Fees: for those within the US it cost $78,951 for the program and $134,453 for international students seeking to study.

For more information on this college and application, click HERE

2.      University of North Carolina

The Orthodonthology department of the University of North Carolina is one of the most sought-after Orthodonthology colleges on the planet. Apart from the serenity of the environment offered by the college which also boasts of alumni that comprises the best in Orthodonthology, they have been able to sustain major academic distinction earning international accolades down the years.

As it is a norm with the college of Orthodonthology, students are put through the core fundamentals of Orthodonthology through practical clinical research which extricates them from others. The acceptance rate is even less as they are known to only admit 27% of students making the admission process a fierce competition.

Tuition and Fees: $25,407 is the cost of tuition and fees for students domiciled in the US, while international students are expected to pay $50,990

If you seek more information on this and are wishing to apply, click HERE

3.      University of Pennsylvania

Popularly dubbed as Penn, this remains a huge player in the education space, especially in the United States.

At Penn, there is every opportunity given to students to chase to any degree they so desire in the field of dentistry. The university also provides its students with Orthodonthology scholarship opportunities. The medical academic specialists of Penn are regarded as experts in the field.

For those who want to experience the best Orthodonthology clinical, the Penn is the choice University as academicians taking the students to pass them through the modern theories and newest practices in Orthodonthology.

Though the entry requirement might be strict having an acceptance rate of 9%, Penn remains one of the best colleges for Orthodonthology.

The Tuition and fees for all students are approximated at $135,946.

To apply for this program and more information, click HERE

4.      The University of Maryland

Looking for a university that goes beyond aesthetics and serenity? Then look no further as the University of Maryland has got you covered. With its emphasis on placing the mental uplifting of the students first, it is also ranked amongst the best schools for Orthodontists in the world.

Passing students on the core rudiments and background of Craniofacial Biology, they are fabled for producing the best specialists and resident instructors in Orthodonthology.

College of Orthodonthology programs offered by the University of Maryland ranges from undergraduate courses to doctoral and post-doctoral titles. Scholarship opportunities are also available to deserving students.

Tuition and Fees: For the international students the cost of the program stands approximately at $50,000 while those students residing in the United States are expected to pay approximately $30,000

To apply for this program and find further information, kindly click HERE

5.      University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

UCLA has had its Orthodonthology department established as far back as 1964, since then, the college has been breaking the grounds in modern Orthodonthology practices.

UCLA has in operation an Orthodontics Advanced Training Program which is intended for Orthodontist postgraduate students.

The majority of those that graduated from the UCLA Orthodonthology School will attest to the world-class structure used in bringing the best teaching and learning experience at UCLA as the department also has on offering undergraduate Orthodonthology studies. With an acceptance rate of 18%, it is a battle of wits to get admitted into this prestigious university.

The tuition and fees for this program stands at approximately $55,800

To apply for this program click HERE

6.      Boston University

The college boasts of a department of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. These and many more related specialties have molded the prominence of the college as of the best schools for Orthodontics in the world.

The program of the Boston University rates upwards from undergraduate to doctorial and post-doctoral titles. Boston Orthodontics communities are experienced in the field of teaching and top of the form clinical and laboratory experiences.

Conferred on residence amongst other prestigious titles are Doctor of Dental Surgery and Postgraduate Certificate in Orthodontics. There is also on offering a part-time program.

The school’s acceptance rate is a little lenient having a 27% acceptance of students applying.

The Tuition and Fees for the full-time stands at $79,000 and the $39,500 for the part-time students

For those seeking to apply for this program, click HERE

7.      Harvard University

It is not a thing of surprise to find Harvard’s name on the list of prominent universities offering a program in a particular field, and it is not a thing of a surprise seeing them in this list. This is majorly due to the decades of excellence and accomplishments the institution is attributed to.

Harvard has been able to construct a large community of Orthodontics with the goal of focused patient-based, research-centered treatments, helping Harvard build a top-of-the-class Orthodontics community.

The programs offered by the department of Orthodontics include Graduate, Masters’s, and Post-graduate degrees. They also provide avenues for research fellowships.

With all the huge achievements and benefits mentioned above, it comes as no shock that the acceptance rate of Harvard stands at 10% as the university is finicky pickers.

Tuition and Fees: For students residing in the United States and Canada, the cost of the program stands at $95,263 and those who happen to be international students will be paying $109,962.

For those seeking to apply for this program click HERE

8.      Loma Linda University School of Dentistry (LLU)

If we fail to mention the above-named university then our list would be tagged incomplete as there are various dentistry specialties the LLU has carved out for itself and has a reputation for with Orthodontics happing to have a major stake in it.

The college, which has made useful research and evidence-based treatments, has earned it a place at the table of the world’s best schools for Orthodontists.

They offer advanced specialty studies in Orthodonthology which cuts across areas like Maxillofacial Surgery, Prosthodontics amongst many others.

The acceptance rate stands at 25% which is good tidings to prospective students.

The tuition and fees stand at $129,645.

For those wanting to apply for this program, click HERE

9.      University of California San Francisco (UCSF)

Students wanting to gain admission into the USCF are quickly introduced to a wide range of materials and resources. The college has a policy of having only 5 students per year for its post-graduate programs.

Being a 3-year program, students are put through rigorous intensive research and didactic learning experience, using the department’s cutting-edge technology, research, and learning tools, USCF has been able to graduate world-class certified Orthodontists.

They also offer regular admission for graduate and Masters’ Degrees Certification including Ph.D.

Tuition and Fees: $21,600 stands for non-resident students and $64,800 holds for international students.

To apply for this program click HERE

10. Kings College London

The institution is not just amongst the best Schools for orthodontists in the UK, it is also holding an enviable place in the world ranking for the best schools for orthodontists.

The facilities and conducive environment supplemented with the Alumni present the Kings College London as a top brass Orthodontist College in the world.

They have on offering Graduate Degree and Master’s Degree certifications as well as Ph.D. and post-doctoral Degrees.

Tuition and Fees: GBP 10,000 is the cost of the program for students residing in the UK, while international students pay GBP 43,500.

For those seeking to apply, click HERE.