5 Best Countries to Study and Work For International Students

Hello everyone, here I have listed in details the 5 best countries to study and work which is of no doubt a very important information for international students who wants to support themselves abroad with some few hours of work as they school.

Schooling and working at the same time is a very sweet experience, you can inquire about this from students are schooling and studying same ime too, though, this solely depends on personal decossion and abilities. You shouldn’t take up some student jobs if they are going to affect your grades negatively.

As an international student, you may find it difficult to spend on daily commodities like your foreign counterparts because they find it easier to spend the amount of money involved while you may be seeing that same sum of money as a huge amount compared to your local currency.

My advice as always is for international students to look for best countries where they can study and work same time so that they can raise money for personal upkeep.

You maybe wondering why I am advising as such but the truth is that many international students are studying abroad on scholarship and this is to say that they are being sponsored either by a third party or by the university itself.

In most cases these scholarships only take care of tuition fees and benefiaries are left to take care of some other fees like textbooks, feeding, transportation et.c ( Though there are some full tuition scholarships that cover all fees but these scholarships are some times difficult to get and in a situation you are able to secure a full tuition scholarship, the scholarship is not going to take care of the day to day fun and lovelies you may love to spend on).

Here StudyAbroadNations have made ready a comprehensive list of the best countries to study and work for international students and this list is a super guide that would help many international students make decissions as regards their country of  study and work choice.

5 Best Countries to Study and Work For International Students

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Germany
  4. France
  5. Australia

These countries are the best countries to study and work abroad as an international student. You can either study in any of these countries on self sponsorship or scholarship but which ever way, you can decide to study and work alongside too.

Study and Work in United States

America is the best country to study and work for any international student. It favours mostly students who are coming from countries that use Englisg as their common medium of classroom instruction as these students find it easy coping with the language atmosphere in the United States.

In the united states, you can earn upto double of what you will earn in some other countries when you take up student Jobs.

Though there could be many factors to be put under consideration when choosing the best country to study and work abroad but I strongly believe that amount being earned for Jobs done should be a very strong factor.

If you have applied for a full time program in language school, high school, universities and other higher education institutions in the United States, you will be issued an F-1 Visa which gives you the full right to work on-campus for a maximum of 20 hours weekly during study periods and a double duration of 40 hours weekly during vacation periods.

There are universities in the US that you can attend for free though it is not exclusively free, you will have to work for the university for free.

United States as one of the best countries to study and work permits international students to work both on campus and also gives them the grace to work off campus after they must have spent at least a year of study with the permission of the United States immigration service.

Study and Work in United Kingdom

To study and work in the United Kingdom you will have to granted a tire 4 Visa. This Visa is only granted to interational students who are successfully enrolled into a more than six education program in the UK.

With the tire 4 visa you can work for a maximum of 10 to 20 hours per day during study period and a more longer time during vacations.

Study and Work in Germany

As an international student, you will receive between 6 to 10 euros or more in some very few case for a one hour work time.

Germany allows international students to work either on or off campus but for students working off campus there is a maximum of only 120 days of work per year and most part of this is during the vacation period.

If you are an international student learning a language course in Canada, then you may never be allowed to work during study periods but only during vacations.

Germany is one of the countries currently on free education so you can obtain a degree in Germany free of charge.

Study and Work in France

Working in France as an international student is as easy as you may find it to be. The minimum wage per hour work is 9.4 euros but about 20% of your salary goes off to taxes.

As an international student, you can’t work beyond 964 hours per year both for study periods and vacation periods. the only difference here is that you can work only part time during study periods but can work full time during vacation period.

Just being a student in France is enough criteria to work as an international student.

Study and Work in Australia

In Australia, the government decide the minimum wage for different sectors so as an international student your employer would let you know the minimum amount you can earn in an hour and this would help you to decide whether to go on with the work or not.

The Austrlian students visa is enough criteria for an international student to seek for work in Australia. As one of the best countries to study and work, Australia grants you upto 40hours of work bi-weekly during study periods but you can work full time during vacations.