10 Aviation Schools In Ghana | Fees & Application

Are you spellbound by airplanes and are you aiming to study in one of the aviation schools in Ghana? If yes, then, you should look into this article. This blog post provides a curated list of flight training schools in Ghana, go through them carefully to know which one fits your demand.

Becoming a pilot can be a fun, rewarding, and dynamic job. In Ghana, before you are given a license as a pilot you must have completed training in one of the creditable flight schools in Ghana. All over the world, Pilots are in high demand and there are so many flight schools, such as  Flight Schools In Australia, and ones located in Germany.

In Ghana, there are not too many flight schools but the few I will be mentioning in this article are among the best and most affordable aviation schools, however helping you make wonderful choices, if also you are aspiring to fly aircraft, these schools will help train you to become the best.

In other to become a pilot, you need to start by preparing yourself early and working hard to meet up with the school’s requirements, there are articles written on this blog that would help you kick-start a successful career in any field you have chosen, you might want to check out articles on Ghananian Fashion Schools if you are interested.

What Is The Average Fee For Aviation Schools In Ghana

The scarcity of aeronautical schools in Ghana has resulted in an increase in the price of tuition fees, hence, the provision for Certificate Online Aviation Courses. However, the average cost, including training and licensing, ranges from 764,614.57 Ghanian cedis for a private flight school or 593,571.11 Ghanian cedis for the most affordable flight schools which is available for all students and for students who have no experience at all about piloting.

How Long Is Aviation Schools In Ghana

To become a pilot in Ghana, you will undergo training and must have spent years in school to qualify for a flight school.  The commercial piloting license, one of the essential programs in a flight school, takes up to 2-3 years to study whereas you can obtain a license in private piloting for 3-6 months.

How To Become A Pilot In Ghana

Before I engage you on how to become a pilot, l think we should discuss who pilots are and what they do. A pilot is a person who has undergone training and has been issued a license to fly an aircraft, they are also referred to as aviators or airmen. These people tend to be straightforward and full of integrity.

Though a career as a pilot can be very demanding yet is rewarding as well both financially and in overcoming challenges. Just as private, commercial, and airline transport pilots are been issued certificates after they have completed their training, there are also recreational and sports pilots who are been given certificates too.

Here is a guide on how you can become a pilot in Ghana, read carefully:

 Search For Flight Schools In Ghana To Pick From

Before you start your journey as a pilot, you will need to find a suitable flight school where your training would be carried out and the best way to go about it is to write down a list of flight schools in Ghana, maybe 8 or 10 then you proceed to select a school.

You can select schools by comparing schools with each other, finding out the difference in the following factors, such as location, tuition fee, admission requirements, instructors, success rates, etc. At the end of the day, you will be left with 2-3 schools to make a final choice on.

Choose A Flight Training Option

Remember the purpose of a flight school is to help aspiring students develop knowledge and skills as a pilot, the flight school has different training programs and students are to pick one program whose license they want to earn. The training program includes the following:

  1. Airline Transport Pilot License
  2. Commercial Pilot License
  3. Private Pilot License
  4. Instrumental Rating
  5. Multi-engine Rating

Meet Flight School Requirements

The schools offering aviation programs all have different requirements and procedures. After you have made your choice, I would strongly advise you to contact your preferred choice of the aviation school in Ghana, learn about their entry requirements, and work hard to meet up with the requirements on the list.

  Aviation Schools In Ghana

The following are the aviation training schools in Ghana that you can choose from to revitalize your journey into the industry:

  •  Starwest Flight Academy
  • Ghana Civil Aviation Training Academy
  • Mish Aviation Flying School
  • Pegasus Aviation Academy
  • Global Institute Of Aviation
  • African College Of Aviation
  • Anchor Aviation College
  • Crystal Galaxy College
  • Rubbenson Professional Institute

1. Starwest Flight Academy

This is one of the aeronautical schools in Ghana, it is well accredited, and provides its student with veteran instructors, the school also made provisions for uninterrupted teacher-to-student communication both online & in classrooms, ensuring that all relevant academic/course materials are given to them.

The school has in place a flexible payment plan, and there are available accreditations on the basic flight training programs.

Private pilot license 6 months SHS Certificate, five passes including mathematics and English. $12,000 $3,000


Commercial pilot license 12 months Holder of a private pilot license. $33,600 $4,000
Instructors rating 2 months Holder of private pilot license and commercial pilot license. $6,000 $2000

Multi-Engine Ratings

2 months Holder  of a private pilot license and commercial pilot license $6,000 $2,000


2. Ghana Civil Aviation Training Academy

This is one of the popular aerial schools in Ghana, the school has trained inspectors and other safety regulation personnel in the aviation industry, and they put in their best in providing its students with competency-based-academic and well-experienced academic professionals.

The school offers various flight courses on management development, air traffic control, maintenance training, etc Most of the courses offered at the Ghana Civil Aviation Training Academy are run on a yearly basis.

The minimum qualification required to enroll in this institution is the WASSCE certificate and it depends on the program you wish to offer because some higher program requires higher qualification, admission forms cost over 50 GHC and the duration and cost of tuition fees vary.

3.  Mish Aviation Flying School

This is one of the most affordable flying schools in Ghana with a high success rate among past students, at Mish Aviation Flying School students are taught to fly for fun and for commercial at an affordable cost.

Despite how affordable the school has made its fee they still ensure they maintain the highest standard of professionalism in all flight training programs they offer. For further information on the school, Click here.

4.   Pegasus Aviation Academy

Pegasus aviation academy was made solely for the African continent in a way to help the aviation industries in Africa grow rapidly. The institution employs well-experienced, and highly professional instructors.

This school is ready to give out the very best to its students by making use of the latest technology in lecturing them and also paving way for them to practicalize what they have been taught. At Pegasus academy, education is fun, students go on aviation summer camps and there is a variety of aviation programs for students to choose from.

On the school’s website, there are application forms available for Ghanaians and other international students in Africa.

           Admission Requirements

  • You must apply online through the school academic portal
  • You must pass the school aptitude test / practical test
  • You are to submit your personal document with a passport photograph attached to it
  • Aspiring students must be at least 17 years of age
  • Students are expected to have a basic knowledge of aeronautic

5. Global Institute Of Aviation

This institute is among the leading aviation schools in Ghana, they provide professional training to both Ghanaians and international students. The school offer over 6 aviation program to aspiring students, for further information you will be needing, Click here.

6. African College Of Aviation

This is one of the aeronautical schools in Ghana, that trains students in the aviation and tourism industry. The school has made provision for flight training programs at all levels, thereby preparing its students for life after school.

It is also one of the most sought-after aerial schools in Ghana due to how affordable they have made their tuition fees and how easy it is to gain admission into this school. The most important qualification required to gain entry is a WASSCE certificate and that’s dependent on your choice of program.

7.    Anchor Aviation College

This is one of the top-flight schools in Ghana, with highly experienced academic professionals employed to help deliver quality education and meet up with the school syllabi. The school has gained its accreditation and registration from the Ghana national accreditation board & Ghana Education service.

Students within Ghana and across neighboring countries in this institution are provided with good accommodation and placement after school. There are a lot of success stories from past students of this school.

8.    Crystal Galaxy College

Crystal Galaxy College is one of the popular aviation schools in Ghana that are nurturing their students to become great leaders, media specialists, and focused people that are committed to educational excellence,  entrepreneurs, and challenges overcome.

There are aviation professional courses available for aspiring students in this prestigious school, there are also a variety of courses & programs structured for both aviation and non-aviation students.

        Admission Requirements

  • Students who desired to study here are to provide an SSCE/ WASSCE/ JHS certificate
  • Students aspiring are to submit personal documents and a passport photograph attached to it
  • They are to submit transcript results
  • A photocopy of the National ID of either a voter’s card or driver’s license

9.  Rubbenson Professional Institute

The Rubbenson professional institute is one of the leading aviation schools in Ghana, the institution is doing its best to help better the nation, preparing its students in the aviation industry for life after school by not just providing them with professional instructors but also providing with several academic and non-academic education to help aid their learning.

   Admission Requirement

The following are the entry requirements for both local and international students, please study them carefully :

  • You are to submit a testimonial from your previous school and other particulars, while you await your invitation letter
  • Attach a photocopy of your passport / national ID
  • A non-refundable tuition fee and registration fee must be paid before processing your admission letter


From in-depth research, there are only about nine flight schools in Ghana. With the details I have provided, you can easily apply using the guidelines given above till you arrive at the one that best fits the requirements you seek in an aviation school. Contact your best school, and learn about their fees, and entry requirements, then you are good to go.

Good luck!

Aviation Schools In Ghana-FAQs

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”What is the salary of pilots in Ghana?” answer-0=”A pilot in Ghana earns about 8,490 GHS monthly.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What is the cheapest aviation school in Ghana?” answer-1=”The cheapest aviation school in Ghana is Mish aviation flying school.” image-1=”” count=”2″ html=”true” css_class=””]