10 Flight Schools In Florida | Fees & Application

The US state of Florida houses over a hundred flight schools and aviation colleges where you can train to become a pilot and learn other necessary skills to facilitate your entry into the aviation field and become successful. In this blog post, we have carefully curated a list of these flight schools in Florida with their fees to allow you easily find one that suits you best.

Growing up, almost every other kid in my neighborhood were fascinated by airplanes and wanted to become a pilot when they grow up and be able to pilot this giant mechanical bird. But then, we all grew up to become adults and eventually went into something else, I didn’t think there were any of us who stuck to that dream of becoming a pilot.

Well, what happened, you might ask?

I would guess that as we grew older, we probably began to understand the physics and intelligence behind piloting an aircraft and since it was no longer a mystery to us as it was when we were kids, we probably lost interest in the field.

Besides, aviation colleges can be very expensive and the admission process is tedious, if not as tough as medical school. Therefore, only the bests of the best are accepted into such colleges but there are flight schools without tough requirements.

Aviation colleges are almost the same as flight schools, the only difference is that the latter offers degree programs and credit load that you must complete to graduate and earn your degree and then your flight certifications.

But at flight schools, degrees are not offered, you just go through some screening process and are trained to fly a plane. Aviation colleges also train you to fly planes too but there are many theoretical teachings that flight schools do not provide.

Also, most top-flight companies prefer to employ pilots with a degree over the ones with just a typical pilot certificate and no degree.

There are so many things involved in becoming a pilot and as we go on, you will learn more and more about them. Since you are aspiring to become a pilot or just someone who wants to learn how to fly planes, this post should guide you.

With our list and details of some of the flight schools in Florida, USA, finding an appropriate flight school should be piece of cake.

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How Much Is Flight School In Florida?

Some factors determine the cost of flight schools in Florida such as the frequency of your flight lessons, the type of aircraft you are using for your training and its availability for scheduling, and the certification you seek.

A rough estimate would be between $5,000 and $15,000. However, professional pilot programs can range from $43,000 to $55,000.

How Long Is Pilot School In Florida?

The duration of flight training in Florida is:

  1. 20 hours for a sports pilot certificate
  2. 30 hours for a recreational certificate
  3. 35 to 40 hours for a private pilot certificate
  4. 120 to 250 hours for a commercial pilot certificate
  5. About 1,500 hours for an airline transport pilot certificate

Requirements for Flight Schools in Florida

If you want to enter a flight training academy in Florida, you must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. You must be at least 17 years old
  2. Get a medical certificate through a medical examiner authorized by the regulator
  3. You must have completed high school
  4. All applicants must be excellent English language speakers, at least a level 4 English standard.

These are the basic requirements you need to satisfy to enroll in a pilot training school in Florida.

 flight schools in Florida

Flight Schools in Florida With Their Fees

The following are some of the flight schools in Florida:

  • Phoenix East Aviation (PEA)
  • Florida Flyers Flight Academy
  • Orlando Flight School
  • Pelican Flight Training (PFT)
  • Epic Flight Academy
  • Florida Aviation Academy
  • Paragon Flight
  • AeroGuard Flight Training Center
  • Sun State Aviation
  • Treasure Coast Flight Training (TCFT)
  1. Phoenix East Aviation (PEA)

PEA is located in Pearl Harbor Drive, Daytona Beach Florida and it is one of the popular flight training schools in the state. With more than 50 years in the business of training individuals to fly aircraft, PEA has a rich experience that will benefit any newbie in the aviation industry.

The aviation school offers an accelerated program that takes 24 months and 1,500 hours to complete and you can earn your certification, there is also a standard track.

PEA boasts excellent instructors, a low student-to-instructor ratio, and top-notch simulators and aircraft. You can train to earn your Private Pilot License (PPL), Commercial Pilot License (CPL), or become a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI).

The fee at Phoenix East Aviation varies and ranges from $6,000 to $110,000.

  1. Florida Flyers Flight Academy

This is a large flight training school in St. Augustine, Florida that prides itself as one of the top-rated flight schools and airline training academies in the US. The school offers FAA and EASA courses, also, they are one of the few flight training schools in the country to accept and train international students to become commercial or private pilots.

Training takes 1 year to complete, although this duration can be affected by certain factors such as the enrolled number of students, aircraft availability due to scheduled or unscheduled aircraft maintenance, weather conditions, etc. The flight instructor-to-student ratio is 1:4. The fee is between $31,180.50 to $38,003.

  1. Orlando Flight School

Orlando Flight School is located in Sanford, Florida, and offers nationally approved pilot training programs that are taught by experienced instructors in a state-of-the-art facility. Whether you want to become a commercial airline pilot or a professional private pilot, Orlando Flight School is the place for you.

There are also accelerated track options and college degrees in aviation available for students who would like to go for these. The entry requirements include English fluency (verbal and written), being at least 17.5 years old, a US high school diploma or a GED, or a college degree with a minimum of 2.5 CGPA, a valid passport, and the ability to receive an M1 Visa, and proof of funds.

Tuition fee ranges from $66,995 and $84,995 depending on which of the certifications you want. There are also scholarships and financial aid opportunities available for every cadet.

  1. Pelican Flight Training (PFT)

PFT started operations as a flight training academy in 1985 and is still operating to date. The flight training school in Florida takes pride in leading flight training programs that have contributed to aviation sciences and courses. Whether you are already a pilot or just starting, PFT has courses designed to fit your needs and train you to become a professional that can be hired by top airlines.

Pelican Flight Training takes 6-18 months to train you from zero to experience. Training programs include private pilot, instrument rating, commercial pilot, multi-engine, CFI instruments, multi-engine instructor, professional diploma, and certified flight instructor. Some of these training programs are also available in Helicopter programs and international students are accepted.

Fees vary by program ranging from $5, 947 to $29,335.

  1. Epic Flight Academy

Epic Flight Academy is also one of the flight training schools in Florida that offers a Part 141 FAA-Certified Airline pilot program. The academy is located pretty close to NASA which means that the flight conditions are excellent.

It also takes pride as one of the leading Cessna Pilot Centers due to its innovative flight training. Another interesting thing is that the academy offers online courses and lessons that you can take from the comfort of your home.

Aside from pilot training, mechanical training is offered and international students are accepted into the respective programs. The requirements to enter the program include being 16 years old at the time of entry, must have completed high school, passing an entry-level exam online, ability to speak, write, and understand English, and completing an interview with Epic personnel.

The fee is between $40,486 to $79,344 for domestic students depending on the program. International students are charged between $22,660.50 to $53,898.

  1. Florida Aviation Academy

Florida Aviation Academy is an FAA-approved Part 141 Professional Pilot training institution operating since 1993 till date. The academy is located in Pompano Beach, FL where you can easily pop in to get details concerning the admissions process and tuition or your can visit their website.

If you are also an international student looking to become a commercial or private pilot, the Florida Aviation Academy doors are wide open for you.

  1. Paragon Flight

Paragon Flight is a nationally recognized pilot training academy situated in Fort Myers, Florida offering FAA-approved Part 141 and Part 61 flight training programs to domestic and international students. Whether you want to fly for professional or recreational purposes, Paragon has designed a program that will suit you.

What might discourage you from this flight training academy is that it is still young as it began operation in 2006 but this is also a perk because the facilities will still be new and loaded with state-of-the-art equipment. Unfortunately, the fee details are unavailable on their website, you will have to contact them to get this information.

  1. AeroGuard Flight Training Center

If you are looking to fly professionally, then AeroGuard Flight Training Center is the place for you. This flight school trains students with an accelerated, high-quality, and professionally focused curriculum, designed to prepare students for careers in the aviation industry. Programs offered are Pilot Pathway, Rotor Transition, Individual Rating, and 1-Week Add-on.

AeroGuard Flight Training Center also has campuses in Arizona and Texas apart from Florida. International students are welcome to apply and finally, the tuition is about $90,000.

  1. Sun State Aviation

Sun State Aviation is located in central Florida, it is an approved FAA Part 141 flight school just a few miles away from Disney World. The school offers professional and non-professional programs such as private pilot training, instrument training, commercial training, multi-engine training, flight instructor training, and an accelerated program. It also offers degree programs in collaboration with Liberty University.

  1. Treasure Coast Flight Training (TCFT)

Finally, last but not least is Treasure Coast Flight Training or TCFT, a flight training school that trains pilots from all over the world. The school offers a wide range of pilot training programs such as specialized commercial rating courses, private training, instrument training, and accelerated courses to expedite your flying career.

The requirements vary from country to country, so, check yours before you begin to declare an interest in TCFT. The tuition fee also varies by country but the range is roughly between $35,000 and $85,000.

This brings an end to the flight training schools in Florida and I hope they are helpful. From this list, you should begin to figure out and also know what you want from any flight training school you will be attending in Florida.

This post can also help you serve as a guide for details you will be looking for if you decide to check out other flight training schools in Florida not included in this post.

Flight Schools in Florida – FAQs

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