10 Aviation Schools In Nigeria | Fees & Application

Have you been searching for aviation schools in Nigeria to enroll in? If yes, then you have come to the right place. This article provides a list of flight schools in Nigeria, the average cost of each school, their entry requirements, and what it takes to become a pilot in Nigeria.

 One of the most amazing machines on earth is the airplane, the world is a beautiful place when you view it through a plane and there is this popular saying that if you want to be happy in this world, then you need to board an airplane.

There were some cool kids back then in my primary school that fantasized so much about becoming pilots, that they even made it hard for other kids to believe in their dreams, and I’m sure there are kids around you with such a dream too.

Becoming a pilot can be an interesting and exciting character that sometimes comes with financial benefits, in this article, I will be giving details on what it takes to become one. Despite all that has happened to the Nigerian educational system there is still a list of aviation schools in Nigeria that offers quality education with affordable tuition fees for both their domestic and international students.

Around the world, flight schools are considered to be very beneficial in terms of networking, learning, and getting a job. There are also options you might want to consider like the aviation school in Germany and flight schools in the Philippines.

Also, as an aspiring student, you might want to start preparing yourself by taking free online courses in aviation and free online courses in aerospace engineering.

What Is An Aviation School?

An aviation school is also known as a flight training school. It is a school where you are taught how to fly planes and the operations involved in air transport. The teachings or rather instructions are done by an expert flight instructor. Students also gain important theoretical knowledge regarding airplanes and the aviation industry as a whole.

Students are taught the art and mechanics behind flying an airplane through rigorous training with professional instructors before they are allowed to fly on their own. You might

Aviation schools are of the following sector, such as; commercial, general and military. The commercial aviation school has various courses that aid people who tend to work as airfare and ticketing staff, airplane maintenance/engineering and flight planners, etc. The aviation schools in Nigeria work mostly with the commercial sector, they have about 31 airports, and the country has improved aviation infrastructural facilities at the airport.

Average Cost Of Aviation School In Nigeria

Aviation schools in Nigeria are very expensive, therefore, to become a pilot in Nigeria cost about 7.5 million NGN, for a standard piloting course while a short three-month course cost 50,000 NGN.

Entry Requirements For Aviation School In Nigeria

The following are the entry requirements to gain admission into a flight school in Nigeria:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must have a high school diploma
  • You must submit copies of your birth certificate or passport (at least 6 months before the expiration date)
  • A certificate of good conduct
  • Applicant must be proficient in English
  • You must be able to obtain an FAA medical certificate
  • You will need to apply for and receive an M1 visa.

How To Become A Pilot In Nigeria

The guide below will help see you through becoming a pilot in Nigeria, read carefully:

1. Look For Aviation School In Nigeria

In other to start your journey as a pilot in the aviation industry, all you need to do first is find a suitable flight school in Nigeria, you do this by curating a list of about 8-9 schools and proceed to select a school.

You can select a school by comparing schools with each other and check out the following factors such as; tuition fee, instructors, recognition, location, admission process/ entry, and the past graduate’s employment rates. It’s very important to find out if the school you have chosen is approved.

After you have applied the following principles, at the end of the day, you will be left with about 2-3 flight schools suitable to aid your final choice. In this article I have curated a list of 10 flight schools in Nigeria, you can make use of their details just like I have taught you to compare them until you land on the suitable one.

2. Choose A Flight Training Option

 Choosing a flight training program can help you select an area of specialization. There are various flight training programs, which are:

  • Commercial Pilot License
  • Airline Transport Pilot License
  • Instrument Rating
  • Multi-engine Rating
  • Private Pilot License

While picking a flight training school in Nigeria, you are to pick one from the list above of flight training programs you wished to earn a license on, license issued by this program comes with different requirements you must obtain before being accepted into the program of your choice.

3. Meet Flight School Requirements

I already mentioned earlier that the flight school program option comes with different requirements. The purpose of requirements is to evaluate students and I have mentioned earlier a list of the basic requirements but I would advise you to get your preferred flight school in Nigeria and learn about their specific entry requirements.

4. Satisfy License Requirements

 The Pilot License mentioned above has various flight hours, tests, exams, and other requirements that aspiring students must complete. Assuming you want to gain entry into an aviation school in Nigeria to study a commercial pilot license program, you must its flight training hours and other requirements regarding the license.

Completing your training here will help you earn your License that way you can become a professional pilot and start flying airplanes on your own.

 Aviation Schools In Nigeria

The following are 10 flight training schools in Nigeria that you can choose from to kick-start your journey into the aviation industry.

  • Aeroport College Of Aviation & Travel Management
  • Lagos Aviation Academy
  • Javi Aviation Training School
  • Dhaewood Aviation Business School
  • Landover Aviation Business School
  • Continental Aviation School
  • Universal School Of Aviation
  • Gibair Aviation Academy
  • Global Airwings College Of Aviation
  • EastWing Aviation

 1. Aeroport College Of Aviation & Travel Management

This is an aviation school in Nigeria that is focused on training its students through career-oriented staff. The institution helps open its graduates to a world of discovery and opportunities, by preparing them for skills and knowledge to become successful as travel professionals.

This flight training school is ranked among the award-winning schools in Nigeria since its inception of the organization in 2014. They are also a registered member of the National Association Of Nigeria Travel Agencies, the American Society Of Travel Agencies, and the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority.

To gain admission into this school, an aspiring student must obtain a form online from the school’s website, a purchase of the form cost 3,000 NGN and the student are to return the form within 7 days of purchase. Students too must meet up the entry requirements of the school.

2. Lagos Aviation Academy

This is among the most sought-after flight schools in Nigeria and is situated in the central district of Lagos mainland. The school provides students with outstanding training services that would help them attain the height they want in their careers as pilots.

The goal of this flight school is to raise and support aviation professionals for a successful career in the industry, the admission requirements for this school are the same as those listed above (in the requirements for flight schools in Nigeria).

3. Javi Aviation Training School

 This school provides executive services / airport-related services to its students and hospitality companies, the school is registered with cooperate affairs. The school organized training for both the Nigerian aviation industry and other allied industries with the help of their expert FAA license tutors.

This is one of the best aviation schools in Nigeria that conduct commercial training for its students, programs such as flight operations, consultations, executive aircraft charter, aircraft ground handling, hospitality, security, and aviation safety management.

The admission requirements for this school are the same as other flight schools in Nigeria and the cost of tuition fee for basic operation training is over 110,000 NGN.

4. Dhaewood Aviation Aviation Business School

This is among the private aviation schools in Nigeria, the major goal of this institution is, to promote the flight/ travel tourism industry. It provides its students with professional needs, and excellent and quality training.

The school offers an air ticketing course, air travel studies, and other online courses. Also, you might want to check out free online courses in aerospace engineering to have an insight into what an aviation online class looks like.

5. Landover Aviation Business School

This school is one of the leading flight schools in Nigeria, which helps instill in its students a lofty sense of professionalism so they could all excel in whatever field they have chosen. The faculties that exist in this institution are the travel & tourism faculty, the technical and operations faculty, and the aviation management.

Admission requirements for this school are the same as those listed above for requirements for flight schools in Nigeria and for further inquiries about the school, Click Here.

6. Continental Aviation School

This is one of the best flight schools in Nigeria that ensures that students and other aviation industries are given quality education. There are slots available for students who can’t attend a physical training class. Admission requirements for this school are the same as those listed above.

7. Universal School Of Aviation

This is one of the best flight schools in Nigeria that has been recorded for its great achievement, It has also helped to reduce the level of unemployment in the country. The school is well-built to meet up with the needs of the aviation industry.

They also conduct commercial training for their students, the cost of the tuition fee in this institution varies and is dependent on the course you have chosen to study, but presently most courses go for 50,000 NGN which can be changed at any time.

How To Apply

  • Choose a course from the list of courses provided by the school on their website
  • Check the school entry requirement
  • Then once you have made the choice of the program you would like to study and met all the school’s entry requirements( note that entry requirements are the same as those listed above in the requirements of flight schools Nigerian)

    8. Gib Air Aviation Academy

This is the most affordable flight school in Nigeria that helps provide training in both aviation and maritime training to its students, cooperative bodies, workers, and travel organizations. There are also a variety of courses to study in this school.

The school is bent on admitting students who are internationally minded,  highly motivated, talented, ambitious, and committed. It is also very important that students aspiring to study here are provided an 0-level certificate to the school admission authority, they must have excellent skills in the English language, and a higher certificate in either OND, HND, NCE, or BSC.

The cost application fee is about 3,000 NGN and the school tuition fee for both basic & advanced training is about 22,500 NGN.

9. Global Airwings College Of Aviation

This is among the best aviation school in Nigeria that is dedicated to meeting all the endless demands of the co-operate organizations and of its students. They are registered members of the Nigeria civil aviation authority, the National Association of Travel Agencies, and the international airport transport association.

There is a variety of aviation programs for both physical and online students, they also provide personal coaching services to their students, to ensure that they have all it takes to succeed in the aviation industry.

10. EastWing Aviation

This is also among the best aviation school in Nigeria dedicated to training its students for both national and international standards. In this institution, candidates undergo rigorous training to ensure that as graduates, they would be able to compete with their counterparts in the international aviation industries.

There are varieties of courses to study in this school that specialized in providing one on one training to meet up with the needs of its students. Also, the admission requirements are the same as the admission requirements of flights school in Nigeria.


I have come to the end of the list, take your time to go through them and see which aviation schools meet your demands, and pick from them. Good luck.

Aviation Schools In Nigeria-FAQs

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”How long is aviation school in Nigeria?” answer-0=”Aviation schools in Nigeria, vary depending on the type of program you have chosen to study but a standard aviation course takes up to 2 years to study.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What is the salary of a Pilot in Nigeria?” answer-1=”The salary of a pilot in Nigeria monthly is about 569,000 NGN.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”What is the cheapest flight training school in Nigeria?” answer-2=”The cheapest flight training school in Nigeria is the Nigeria college of aviation technology.” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]