45 Colleges with Sports Analytics Majors

Data rules the world now even in the sports industry. A sports analyst is responsible to monitor, gather, and even analyze data obtained from athletic performance whether while performing in game or during practice.

And one of the beauties of this major is that the sports industry is a multi-billion industry, so many sports are in demand for sports analysts. According to Chron, there were 46,700 jobs for sports analysts in 2020 and there will be an increase of 6% in the next decade.

Also, you should know that degree in sports management is almost the same with sports analytics, so you should expect to see some of them in these article

So, we decided to list almost all the colleges with sports analytics majors, so you can easily choose the University to attend.

colleges with sports analytics majors

Colleges with Sports Analytics Majors

1. Syracuse University

Syracuse is the first American university to offer a Bachelor of Science degree in sports analytics. They provide various courses such as;

  • Sports Data Analysis
  • Sports Economics
  • Price Theory in Sports
  • Database and Programming
  • Web Scraping, etc.

2. The University of Akron – College of Business in Sports Analytics

This is one of the few colleges with sports analytics majors that will be teaching their students;

And many more.

3. University of Charleston

The University of Charleston provides a 4-year program in Sports Analytics, and their program combines with other diverse courses to provide the best program to their students. After graduation, you’ll receive a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a major in Sports Analytics.

4. RICE University

This university provides their Sports Analytics as an interdepartmental program. Students will be focusing on training in areas such as data science, computer science, statistics, and sport management.

5. Springfield College

Springfield’s Sports Analytics program will enable you to understand the analytic techniques used in the field, such as mathematical, probability, and statistical modeling.

6. Miami University

This is one of the few colleges offering a Combined Bachelor’s + Master of Sports Analytics. That means you’ll be able to earn 2 degrees in just 4 years.

7. Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)

This is another college that combines both Sports Management B.S. and Sports Analytics M.S. Their program will be focusing on the skills to solve real-life business problems in the sports industry, and how to use data science to analyze the performance of players and staff.

8. California Baptist University

This University provides B.Sc in Sports Analytics, and students will be concentrating on;

  • Quantitative Sports Business
  • Rehabilitative Sports Analytics
  • Sports Performance Analytics

9. Roanoke College

Roanoke College’s Sports Analytics program focuses on Stat Crew by combining three foundational courses in sports analytics with two half-units of hands-on experience.

10. University of Missouri

The University of Missouri will help their students to learn statistical methods and computational tools to perform analyses for sports. 

11. Baylor University

This is one of the universities with sports analytics majors that will be focusing on data science, statistical science, technologies of sports analytics, capstone in sports analytics, and many more.

12. Virginia Tech – Sports Media and Analytics Major

Virginia Tech does it differently, they prepare you to deliver sports news, learn ways to promote the sports Industry, and analyze data related to sports accomplishments, fan participation, and social media.

13. Harding – Sports Analytics Major (SPAL), BA

It is compulsory to complete the 47-hour Liberal Arts program if you’re to offer any major, including this Sports Analytics Major, at Harding University.

14. University of the Pacific

This is one of the colleges with sports analytics majors that provides the program in their Eberhardt School of Business. They will be teaching you how data is transforming the landscape of sports in this always-growing $300 billion industry.

15. Mercer University

This is one of the few colleges that provide a major in Sports Marketing and Analytics. Students will be focusing on business education with a focus on professional sports.

16. University of Notre Dame

This college is offering an MSBA (Master of Science in Business Analytics) in Sports Analytics and it lasts for just 10 months.

17. Northwestern University

This is one of the few universities that provide their Sports Analytics program online. Students will be learning key technologies in analytics and modeling, probability theory, applied mathematics, statistics, and programming.

18. American University

The American University provides MS in Sports Analytics and Management program, which consists of 10 fully online courses. This college went as far as conducting reputable sports organizations like NBA, ESPN, Nike, and others when developing their curriculum.


The Sports Analytics of APPSTATE is provided through the Department of Mathematical Sciences. Students pursuing this program can also select other certificate courses like;

  • Economics of Sport
  • Data Management and Visualization
  • Statistical Modeling
  • Analysis in Sports

20. Carnegie Mellon University

This is another online program in Sports Analytics where students will be focusing on 5 sessions. 

21. The University of Mississippi – Master of Science in Sports Analytics

This is one of the colleges with a sports analytics master’s, that focuses on two options; Sports Business and Sports Performance. It is also an online program, which will take 1 year to complete.

22. Michigan State University

This is another master’s program in sports analytics that is taken completely online and their aim is to train the next generation of analysts who will become the leaders of the field of sports analytics in the decades to come.

23. University of Florida

The University of Florida provides a Bachelor of Science in Sport Management, and students will learn to apply the fundamental concepts of management, marketing, finance, and law to sports organizations.

24. Wharton – University of Pennsylvania

This university provides both sports management and sports analytics program, which students have to learn courses like;

  • Sports Business Management
  • Sports Law
  • Stat Computing with R
  • Data Analytics and Stat Computing,

And many others.

25. Stonehill College

Stonehill College provides a Sport Management Major, which will help you develop a highly marketable skill set in a rapidly growing field. Students will be able to learn courses like sports marketing, the economics of sports, and even sports management internships.

26. Dean College

This college provides both associate degrees and bachelor’s degrees in Sport Management. Their coursework is chosen from their reputable degrees in business management, coaching and recreation, exercise science, physical education, and more.

27. Wilmington University

This is one of the colleges with sports analytics majors that will be teaching you both sports management and business analytics.

28. University of East London

The University of East London provides MSc in Sports Analytics to help coaches and athletes with objective information, providing statistical and visual evidence to make data-driven decisions.

29. George Mason University

The University provides a hybrid education to their Sports Analytics, that is, you’ll have both on-campus, and online classes.

30. Boston College

This college provides a graduate certificate in sports analytics which is designed to prepare students to carry out complicated data analytics in the sports industry.

31. Linfield University

Linfield University provides a Master of Science in Sports Science and Analytics, and they combine both traditional exercises science programs with data science to elevate the approach to training and rehabilitation of the human body, particularly among athletes.

32. University of Georgia

This college provides a BSEd in Sport Management which will give you the knowledge and skills to manage sports and exercise programs.

33. Loughborough University 

This college provides a 1-year (full-time) MSc in Sports Analytics and Technologies.

34. Purdue University

This is another university that provides a degree in Sports Statistics or Analytics.

35. La Trobe University

La Trobe University provides a 2-year Master of Sports Analytics. They will be teaching you;

  • Sport analytics methods
  • Generating insights from data
  • Machine learning techniques
  • Data visualizations


36. Temple University

The Temple University is one of the few universities that provides a Master of Science in Sports Business with a concentration in Sports Analytics. Their aim is to produce managers and future executives that understand how important data-driven information can be in the sports Industry.

37. University of Missouri – Columbia

This is one of the universities that provide online graduate certificates in sports analytics majors. The program is totally online, so you don’t have to visit any campus for lectures.

38. Samford University

This school provides 3 distinct sports analytics career preparation tracks, which are;

  • Sports Business Analytics Track (Marketing Focus)
  • Sports Business Analytics Track (Finance Focus)
  • Player and Team Performance Analytics Track

39. Trine University

Trine University provides BSBA in Sports Management which you’ll have a major course in Sports Analytics Track.

40. PennWest California

PennWest California provides a 100% online master’s degree in Strategic Sport Analysis. You’ll be learning the fundamentals of sports management and also improving both your business and analytical skills.

41. University of Buffalo

This is one of the colleges with sports analytics majors that provide Data Analytics in Sports Law and Management. They provide courses such as;

  • Data Analytics in Sports Law
  • Player Performance and Roster Management
  • Analytics, Law and Athlete Representation

42. Marquette University

Marquette University provides a master of science degree in Sports and Exercise Analytics (SPRT), and it is offered through the program in exercise science, within the Department of Physical Therapy.

43. The University of Arizona

This university’s sports analytics major provides fundamental analytical skills necessary to analyze data and make decisions using sports examples.

44. Ohio State University

This is another university that provides business sports analytics, and students will be learning skills such as critical thinking, mathematical modeling, statistical analysis, predictive analytics, and many others.

45. University of Nevada

This college provides a graduate certificate in Sports Management and a Minor in Sport Management.


As you can see, there are lots of universities that provide both majors in sports analytics and sport management. But, you should as know that there are not two schools that are the same, so while choosing focus on your need, and if the particular school meets your interest.

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