8 Cosmetology Schools In Arizona

Looking forward to getting into the beauty industry, the cosmetology schools in Arizona listed and explained in this article will give you a head start, and also hold you by hand to achieve your dreams. All you have to do is to follow me closely as I unveil all you need to know.

The fact that everyone wants to look good, and can go to lengths to buy skin care products such as creams, serums, and other cosmetic products is one thing that can never be argued, hence, entering into the beauty industry presents you with more opportunities than you can imagine.

You can work in places like salons, spas, resorts, hotels, etc. You can even run a private beauty college where you equip people with in-depth skills and practical knowledge needed to be sought-after cosmetologists and estheticians.

Before I continue, let’s have a proper overview of what cosmetology is. Cosmetology according to Wikipedia is the study and application of beauty treatment. This includes hairstyling, manicures & pedicures, skin care cosmetics, waxing & sugaring, etc.

There are cosmetology schools scattered all over the globe such as Pennsylvania cosmetology schools, esthetician schools in Philadelphia, and many others. But in the course of this article, we would be exploring those ones in Arizona.

Choosing to study cosmetology in Arizona is one of the best decisions you can make as Arizona houses most of the best beauty schools around the globe which prepare students to achieve their aim of becoming cosmetologists.

Now, if you are engaged with work, but still want to enter the beauty industry, you can enroll in the free online certificate beauty programs where you can study at your own schedule, and still juggle other life priorities.

You can also take courses on how to care for your natural skin online without enrolling in any beauty or esthetician college. It all depends on what works for you.

Without further explanation, let’s quickly see the best esthetician schools in Arizona. You may find this article on trichology online courses helpful. Do go through it.

Are There Good Cosmetology Schools In Arizona?

Yes, Arizona is home to most of the top-rated cosmetology schools all over the globe. As a matter of fact, Arizona is the seventh most beauty-obsessed state in the nation with the best salons and spas. This is a result of the graduates of their beauty schools.

Cost Of Studying Cosmetology In Arizona

The cost of studying cosmetology in Arizona differs from school to school, and also the state of the student’s residence. However, with a range of $10,000 to $17,000, one can enroll in any of the esthetician schools in Arizona.

How To Become A Cosmetologist In Arizona?

Here are the ways by which you can become a cosmetologist in Arizona. Go through them carefully to gain full insights.

  • You must have reached 16 years old, and completed your 10th-grade high school education.
  • You must have completed the required schooling or apprentice training hours- 1,600 hours for schooling or 3,000 hours for apprentice training.
  • You must completely fill out and submit the examination form coupled with the exam fee.
  • You must possess proof of completing the infection protection class or a law review.
  • You must provide your quality passport photograph.
  • You must pass all the exams required by the state.
  • You must apply for a cosmetology license.

It is important to note that you may not be asked for a background check or a high school diploma as far as you have proof of completing at least a 10th-grade education.

13 Colleges In Arizona With Cosmetology Programs

Here are the colleges in Arizona that offer cosmetology programs.

  • All Beauty College, Kingman
  • Arizona Academy Of Beauty-East
  • Avalon School Of Cosmetology- Mesa
  • Aveda Institute- Phoenix
  • Charles Of Italy Beauty College
  • East Valley Institute Of Technology
  • Empire Beauty School- Avondale
  • Gateway Community College- Central City
  • International School Of Cosmetology
  • Kor Beauty Academy
  • Paul Mitchell The School- Phoenix
  • Penrose Academy
  • Studio Academy Of Beauty

Let us now take the ride on the various best cosmetology schools located in Arizona.

cosmetology schools in Arizona

Cosmetology Schools In Arizona

I will be listing and explaining the schools so that you will gain a full view of them. I enjoin you to follow me closely.

Do note that our data is gotten from deep research about the topic on sources like cosmetology licenses, and individual school websites.

  • Tuscon College Of Beauty
  • Penrose Academy
  • Avalon School Of Cosmetology- Phoenix
  • Kor Beauty Academy- Phoenix
  • Carsten Institute Of Cosmetology
  • Paul Mitchell School- Phoenix
  • The Studio Academy Of Beauty- Phoenix
  • Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy

1.      Tuscon College Of Beauty

The first on our list of esthetician schools in Arizona is Tuscon College of Beauty. The school focuses on providing quality training to the students using the standard coursework. It is privately owned and managed in collaboration with Paul Mitchell.

The instructors are all certified, and the duration of the program is about 12 months.

Tuition Fee: $15,347 and Kit Cost: $2,000

2.      Penrose Academy

The next on our list is Penrose Academy which aims at equipping students with the practical knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the beauty industry. The school partakes in community development, sponsors events like local musical theater awards, and also offers scholarships to deserving students.

The duration of the program is about 12 months.

Tuition Fee: $16,600 and Kit Cost: $3,000

3.      Avalon School Of Cosmetology- Phoenix

Avalon School of cosmetology- Phoenix is another beauty school in Arizona. The school focuses on preparing students for their careers in the cosmetology business using its innovative and standard teachings.

It holds accreditation from the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Science, and events like the SportsClips competition and many others are being sponsored by the school.

The duration of the program is 14 months.

Tuition Fee: $16,050 and Kit Cost: $1,540

4.      Kor Beauty Academy- Phoenix

Another on our list of esthetician schools in Arizona is Kor Beauty Academy. This school gives advanced business training and uses a unique curriculum above the state-required minimums. The school is very affordable and also awards scholarships to deserving students.

The program duration is 12 months.

Tuition Fee: $12,350 and Kit Cost: $2,500

5.      Carsten Institute Of Cosmetology

Carsten Institute of Cosmetology is another cosmetology school in Arizona that offers in-depth training and practical skills needed to thrive in the beauty industry. The school is widely recognized for its exclusive French cutting technique developed by Bruno Battini in Paris.

The school teaches a system of making styling faster and less stressful in an innovative way. The duration of the program is about 12 months.

Tuition Fee: $16,500 and Kit Cost: $2,500

6.      Paul Mitchell School- Phoenix

Paul Mitchell School is among the best beauty schools in Arizona. This school uses a quality and innovative curriculum to equip students on all they need to know about the beauty industry. Upon completion, graduates must have gotten a cutting edge in their styling skills.

Paul Mitchell School also offers scholarships and encourages students to involve in the school’s cancer awareness program called Pink Out Loud. The duration of the program is 12 months.

Tuition Fee: $16,600 and Kit Cost: $2,800

7.      The Studio Academy Of Beauty- Phoenix

Another cosmetology school in Arizona that offers quality cosmetology programs is The Studio Academy of Beauty- Phoenix. This school gives quality business and skill training using recent trends. It also offers scholarships to deserving students and accepts VA benefits.

The Studio Academy of Beauty- Phoenix is widely known for its graduation rate which is almost 90 percent and also for job placement, which about 80 percent of the graduates enjoy. The school also partakes in community development by allowing its students to participate in charitable events like Chicanos Por La Casa, and HopeKids where their skills will be put to use.

The duration of the program is 16 months.

Tuition Fee: $17,805 and Kit Cost: $885

8.      Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy

Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy is another excellent cosmetology school with locations in Arizona, California, New Mexico, and other parts of the world. This school stands out for its quality training services, excellent instructors, and job placement programs.

There is also the availability of financial support to deserving first-time students offered through the Guy Mascolo scholarship program. It is important to note that VA benefits are accepted in any location of Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy.

The duration of the program is about 11 months.

Tuition Fee: $16,000and Kit Cost: $2,750

You can check out the school through this link here


At this juncture, I can say that you have been equipped with all you need to know about cosmetology schools in Arizona. I hope you make the most of the details provided.

Do take a look at the frequently asked questions below to gain more insights about the topic.

Cosmetology Schools In Arizona- FAQs

Here are some vital frequently asked questions about esthetician schools in Arizona that I have selected and answered correctly. Do go through them carefully.

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”How Long Is Cosmetology School In Arizona?” answer-0=”Cosmetology schools located in Arizona take about 12 to 14 months to complete. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What Is The Salary Of A Cosmetologist In Arizona?” answer-1=”According to Indeed, an average cosmetologist in Arizona earns about $25.25 per hour. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Do Estheticians Earn Higher Than Cosmetologists In Arizona?” answer-2=”While an average cosmetologist in Arizona earns about $25.25 an hour, an esthetician earns about $27.81 every hour according to Indeed.” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]