Top 5 Cosmetology Schools in Delaware

The cosmetology schools in Delaware have the knack for building the creative and innovative spirit that is deeply resident in every student.

The cosmetology schools in Delaware are some of the finest the world has ever seen, but that is not the argument at this juncture in this day and age. Graduates from the various cosmetology schools in Delaware have gotten some of the biggest contracts, some as big as Hollywood.

The cosmetology schools in Delaware follow the same path to academic excellence that has distinguished the state from other states and even some countries; that is why some consider the Delaware online colleges to mirror the Indiana-accredited online colleges which are keenly sorted after by both national and international students.

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Are there good Cosmetology Schools in Delaware?

There are some outstanding cosmetology schools in Delaware such as Del-Mar-Va Beauty Academy, Hair Academy of Barbing, and Beauty just to mention a few.

How to Become a Cosmetologist in Delaware

However, before practicing as a cosmetologist in Delaware, you must obtain a license from the Delaware Board of Cosmetology and Barbering. To do this, you must complete the following procedures:

  1. Complete an accredited Cosmetology Program or Apprenticeship
  2. Complete the required Cosmetology Examinations.
  3. Maintain your Delaware Cosmetology License

Cosmetology Schools in Delaware

5 Cosmetology Schools in Delaware

1.      Delaware Learning Institute of Cosmetology

It’s uncommon for a single institution to satisfy so many of the standards listed in our system of evaluation, but this one managed it thanks to a potent mix of a high rate of on-time graduation, a minimal debt load upon graduation, a career program that successfully places 96% of graduates in jobs, and a solid business curriculum.

Scholarships for deserving students, active participation in the neighborhood through $5 back-to-school haircuts for youngsters, and fundraising bake sales are simply the frosting on the cake. But the added element that gave this school the edge was the iPads that were provided to each student for their course materials. The Learning Institute of Cosmetology also accepts VA benefits, oh yes.

2.      Del-Mar-Va Beauty Academy

This school’s name comes from the fact that it attracts students from Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. It also ranks highly among the state’s cosmetology programs because of its excellent business curriculum, great salon style, and complimentary mini-manicures for primary school pupils. We were impressed by the school’s efforts to provide pupils with a distinctive perspective on the fashion industry by inviting guest speakers like the renowned stylist JMack.

3.      Hair Academy of Barbing & Beauty—Newark

One of the first cosmetology schools in the state was the Hair Academy in Newark. They go above and above to provide students with a vital business education that will equip them for roles in salon management or perhaps to open their salon one day.

They teach excellent courses in cosmetology theory and practice. The Hair Academy takes VA benefits and is praised for value because its tuition is cheaper than the average for the other institutions on the list.

4.      Paul Mitchell School—Newark

The Paul Mitchell campus in Newark offers all the advantages the institution has grown to be known for around the country, including the distinctive Paul Mitchell cutting system, availability of scholarship opportunities, and acceptance of VA benefits.

However, this school also makes an effort to remain active in the neighborhood by establishing a Quitter’s Club for those who are attempting to stop smoking and participating in the FUNRaiser program to support the fundraising efforts of deserving organizations.

5.      Schilling-Douglas School of Hair Design

The cosmetology curriculum at Schilling-Douglas is made to appeal to all sorts of students by taking into account each one’s particular learning preferences. Their style of education is balanced by a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on salon experience, providing both a strong business background and in-depth training in the art and science of cosmetology.

Most students graduate with minimal debt because of the school’s scholarship programs and acceptance of VA benefits. Thanks to a job placement department that helps fresh graduates, 76% of them go on to get employment immediately. The school is recognized for providing outstanding value thanks to tuition that is lower than the state average!


The cosmetology schools in Delaware are some of the finest in the United States and have somewhat of a cult following amongst their customers. To get a head start ahead of your peers, identify any of the cosmetology schools and get enrolled in them.

Cosmetology Schools in Delaware—FAQs

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”How long is it to Study Cosmetology in Delaware?” answer-0=”The average duration of study in any of the cosmetology schools in Delaware is 10 months. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What is the Salary of a Cosmetologist in Delaware?” answer-1=”In DE, a cosmetologist can expect to make $27193 a year on average. Most people earn between $21235 and $32089 annually.” image-1=”” count=”2″ html=”true” css_class=””]