10 Best Free Online Drum Lessons For You

Improve your skill of the art by taking some of the free online drum lessons curated in this post. Drumming is fun, exciting, and can be applied to various performances.

Let me take a guess. You never thought you can find drumming lessons online, do you? Well, there are and you can learn a vast amount of drumming techniques right from the comfort of your home without leaving a hole in your pocket. And to make it more fun than it already is, other members of your household, as well as friends, can join in the online drum lessons to give it more spark.

Thanks to the internet, you can learn a number of things online. Like, these are kinds of stuff you won’t even believe are possible to learn online. For example, taking drawing lessons online or joining some of the best online dog training programs, the list is just endless.

And now, it is learning drumming lessons online, how amazing. At first, I thought “how can this even be possible, does that mean the student must need to get a drum to join the lessons?” The truth is, having access to a drum while taking these free online drumming lessons will help you improve your skill but if you don’t have then you need to get creative.

With a pair of sticks, a practice pad (or a pillow), and curious ears you can start rockin’ out. The free online drum lessons are curated here to fit the demand of a beginner and all experience levels. If you are already a drummer looking to enhance your skills, gain more drumming styles and techniques, you are at the right place.

Our free online drum lessons consist of platforms offering varieties of drumming courses that will teach you different drumming techniques such as rolls, Latin jazz, accents, double strokes, and many more.


 Can I Learn How to Drum Online?

Still not convinced you can learn drumming online?

Well, you can learn how to drum online. There are platforms that offer free online drum lessons taught by professional drummers.

How Do I Find Good Drum Lessons Online?

Search for “good drum lessons online” on Google and pick from the results. To be sure the platform you picked offers good drum lessons, look for the reviews section and see what past learners have to say about the lesson.

The free online drum lessons curated here are among the best and their reviews are excellent.

Benefits of Free Online Drum Lessons

The benefits of free online drum lessons are:

  1. You can learn from the comfort of your home or anywhere you can have access to a drum
  2. Lessons are flexible, that is, they can fit into your busy schedule or any responsibilities
  3. They are self-paced, meaning you can start and finish on your own time.
  4. You can take as many free online drum lessons as you can handle with no hole in your pocket.
  5. You get to save yourself the stress of carrying drumming equipment around if you are learning in-person or offline.

Requirements to Take Free Online Drum Lessons

If you are interested in taking any either paid or free online drum lessons then you need to get a drumming kit or drumming pad with sticks, a PC, tablet, or smartphone, and a stable internet connection. You should also have the zeal to learn.

Free Online Drum Lessons

If you are passionate about drumming, take it as a hobby, a professional drummer hoping to land a gig, or drum to catch a break from the hustle and bustle, then these free online drum lessons can help you greatly in achieving your goals.

The free online drum lessons are:

  • Drumeo Free Online Drum Lessons
  • Virtual Drumming Free Online Drum Lessons
  • Online Drummer Free Online Drum Lessons
  • Drum Ambition Free Online Drum Lessons
  • Stephens Drum Shed Free Online Drum Lessons
  • 180 Drums Free Online Drum Lessons
  • Skillshare Free Online Drum Lessons
  • Drummer World Free Online Drum Lessons
  • Udemy Free Online Drum Lessons
  • Drum Workout Free Online Drum Lessons

1.     Drumeo Free Online Drum Lessons

Drumeo is one of the platforms that offer free online drum lessons. One of the perks of the Drumeo is that there are lessons from everyone in all experience levels. Doesn’t matter if you’ve never held a drumming stick before or if you are already a professional, you will surely find a course that fits your need and train you to become better.

Another thing I like about Drumeo is how the over 50 courses are categorized based on different drumming lessons. Categories include jazz drumming lessons, drum fill lessons, bass drum lessons, how to do stick tricks (my favorite category), how to warm up on the drums, how to improve your drum technique, and rock drumming. Each of these lessons has about 10 courses under them.

Visit Drumeo

2.     Virtual Drumming Free Online Drum Lessons

Virtual Drumming gives you the full virtual drumming experience whereby you don’t even need to have access to a drum. For any of the lessons you select, a virtual drum is shown doing the techniques you want to learn and you can master them right away. And if you can’t do that, you can download the lessons in video format right into your device and use it to learn when a drum is around you.

The free online drum lessons on Virtual Drumming are for beginners but other experience levels too can try them out as well. Who knows, you might learn a trick or two. There are more than 40 drumming lessons on Virtual Drumming, all of these lessons fall under 6 categories: Rudiments & fundamentals, Coordinated independence, Basic drum beats, Drum grooves, Snare drum studies, and Songs drum parts.

No need to sign up for an account on Virtual Drumming before using the services.

Visit Virtual Drumming

3.     Online Drummer Free Online Drum Lessons

Online Drummer has a vast amount of free online drum lessons, there is over 500 collections to choose from. Yes, this is a large number of free drum lessons, right? And you might think this is what sets the platform apart from the rest but it actually isn’t.

What sets Online Drummer aside is that new drum lessons are added every Monday and Thursday in order to keep giving learners something new that will inspire creativity and develop their skills. From beginner to professional there is a lesson on Online Drummer for you.

Visit Online Drummer

4.     Drum Ambition Free Online Drum Lessons

Drum Ambition offers both paid and free online drumming lessons. There are only 7 free drum lessons in video format that are 10 minutes long each which you can take at your own time. These free online drum lessons are best for beginners and those who take drumming as a hobby. The lessons are fun with a structured curriculum to support your every part of the way.

The paid lessons are Solo, Rockstar, and Pro which cost $29, $199, and $499 respectively. The lessons are more in-depth and cover a wide variety of drumming techniques. Each of the paid lesson packs comes with a 100% money-back happiness guarantee.

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5.     Stephens Drum Shed Free Online Drum Lessons

Stephens Drum Shed is run by Stephen Taylor, a popular and professional drummer. He and his team teach drumming classes online to people who want to become professional drummers and kick start a career out of it. As you may have guessed, this platform requires payment to use the services but there are a couple of free online drum lessons to get you started.

The free lessons include three in-depth drum lessons, sheet music for each lesson, and a complete step-by-step program for endless drum fill variations. These lessons can help you out as a beginner and if you like what you get, you can apply for the paid courses.

Visit Stephens Drum Shed

6.     180 Drums Free Online Drum Lessons

180 Drums offers free online drum lessons package to beginners. Although the platform offers paid drumming lessons as a first-timer, you can have access to the free lessons. The free lesson contains a rapid drumming blueprint, a 5-step evaluation for drummers, the 4 best lessons of all times, the pro’s practice plan, and much more.

To get the free drum lesson, visit the website using the link below and click on “claim my free drum pack”, on the next page input your correct name and email, and you can claim your free drum pack in minutes.

Visit 180 Drums

7.     Skillshare Free Online Drum Lessons

Skillshare is a popular online learning platform that offers both free and paid online courses on a wide variety of topics and skills. It is not surprising that there are also drum lessons as well. There are over 200 drum lessons that are in video formats recorded by experts in the field.

Beginners, intermediate, and all experience levels can find a course here that will meet their needs.

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8.     Drummer World Free Online Drum Lessons

Drummer World is exactly as the name implies, it is an encyclopedia but on drumming. There are hundreds of drumming videos with performances by skilled drummers from all music genres. There is also a forum with more than 60,000 members where you can discuss topics on drumming and ask questions as well, there are experts around to answer and help you out.

The videos are regularly updated to boost students’ creativity and help them learn more techniques and improve their skills.

Visit Drummer World

9.     Udemy Free Online Drum Lessons

Udemy is another popular online learning platform that offers a wide range of courses in many fields and disciplines. Universities and industry experts make use of the platform to teach varieties of courses. Udemy features over 230 free online drum lessons which are taught by professional drummers to help you easily attain their level and even surpass them.

Follow the link below and choose from any of the courses to start improving your drumming skills.

Visit Udemy

10.  Drum Workout Free Online Drum Lessons

On our final list of free online drum lessons is Drum Workout and it is not a completely free platform. The services here are paid but there is a free sample workout in video format that you can download on your device. The free service will benefit those who are just starting out in the whole drum thing but the real lessons are in the paid ones.

To get access to the paid lessons, you will need to pay $7.99 per month.

Visit Drum Workout

This wraps up the free online drum lessons and I hope they have been helpful. If you try out each of the platforms, you will definitely see something intriguing to learn and an easier way to learn it especially if it’s a technique you’ve been trying to perfect for so long.

Free Online Drum Lessons – FAQs

Can I learn drums for free?

Yes, you can learn drums for free whether offline or online. The free online drum lessons discussed in this post are proof that you can learn drum lessons for free.

Are online drum lessons worth it?

Yes, online drum lessons are worth it. You get to learn from your comfort zone and have always had access to the learning materials. Online drum lessons have made so many people become professionals.

How much can I make from drumming?

The amount of money you make from drumming depends greatly in the amount and type of gigs you get. But on average, drummers make about $40,000 per year.

How do I get paid to drum?

Here are a variety of things you can do to get paid to drum:

  1. Go for gigs
  2. Start a drumming website
  3. Teach others how to drum
  4. Teach music in school
  5. Create a drumming course
  6. Be a musician or part of a music band
  7. Become a session drummer
  8. Write a drumming book

These are ways to make money living as a drummer.