4 Best Free Online Driving Schools for Beginners

I bet you didn’t know there are driving schools online, well, I didn’t either so that makes the two of us. Anyways, I have curated a list of the best free online driving schools specifically for beginners but other experience levels can take them to learn a thing or two to improve their driving efficiency.

It’s wild how much things have improved. I knew the internet has limitless opportunities and possibilities but online driving schools never came to mind but then, here it is. Life keeps getting easier and better, soon the future of flying cars will be here.

Driving is a skill everyone should have unless you are committed to never owning and/or driving a car but if you do, then the necessary thing is to learn how to drive once you get to the required age. Learning to drive can be scary unless you have some basic experience but since others can do it then you too can.

To build your efficiency and reduce your fear as much as possible, you should consider gaining some basic skills online. There are many online resources out there to help give you this basic skill that I’m talking about. Even from there, you start practicing on your own but do not do this without the watchful eye of a guide or an adult.

The free online driving schools compiled in this post will help boost your confidence and teach you some basic driving skills, knowledge, and techniques before going off to learn it the traditional way. This way, you can easily understand anything you’re being taught and understand driving terminologies, car and road signs, and so on.

You’ll learn and easily understand driving signals and how to drive safely. If you are a beginner, do not start driving just by taking the lessons offered by these websites and if you must, an adult or driving teacher must be around. But if you are already a driver looking to learn some driving techniques you can set out on your own.


Can I Learn How to Drive Online?

Yes, you can learn how to drive online and it will aid you to easily pass your driving test and get your driving license. And one of the perks of learning to drive online is the liberty to take your class anywhere.

Benefits of Free Online Driving School

The advantages of taking a driving course online are:

  1. You can take the online driving classes anytime and wherever you want
  2. They aren’t just affordable but free of charge
  3. You can learn from the convenience of your bed or on your sofa with a coffee in hand
  4. Since you’d be learning alone, there will be lesser distractions and better focus
  5. The classes are flexible, making them won’t mess up your busy schedule and other responsibilities you may have.
  6. You don’t need to drive out to a practice center to learn how to drive thereby saving you transportation costs.

Requirements to Enroll for Free Online Driving School

Having a car at your disposal will greatly improve your learning as you can always use it to practice what you’ve learned online. The other things you will need to enroll are online learning tools and your zeal to learn.

Best Free Online Driving Schools

The free online driving schools are:

  • I Drive Safely
  • Florida Virtual School (FLVS)
  • Beckenham Driving School
  • E-driver Training

1.     I Drive Safely

I Drive Safely have been teaching people how to drive safely for more than 15 years and have transitioned online to meet the trend in online education and still offer the same top-notch services. The online driving school trains learners through its engaging, expertly-crafted defensive driving courses taught by professional instructors.

It’s about preventing crashes, easing stress, and promoting safe, responsible driving habits through convenience, quality, and access to the best resources. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced driver, you will find a program that fits your demand. The programs are:

  • Defensive driving and traffic school courses
  • Teen drivers education courses
  • Adult drivers ed
  • Mature driver improvement courses
  • Fleet driver training programs
  • Driving exam practice tests plus drivers prep courses.

The course curriculum is frequently updated to serve you with fresh and up-to-date driving skills and techniques. You will learn the basics of cars, how to handle driving emergencies, valuable defensive driving techniques, a review of current traffic laws, and risks of DUI, distracted driving, or other impairments.

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2.     Florida Virtual School (FLVS)

FLVS is one of the free online driving schools that will set you on the path to earning a driving license. The Driver’s Education course will teach you the rules of the road using interactive lessons and activities, helping you lower your driving risk and prepare you to earn your license.

FLVS is only free for Florida students and it is available online every day of the week so that you can learn whenever you can. You’ll learn how to read traffic signs and understand laws, safe driving techniques and skills, collision avoidance and reducing risk to yourself and other roadway users, and real-world driving knowledge with simulated driving activities.

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3.     Beckenham Driving School

Beckenham Driving School is one of the free online driving schools for beginners and other experience levels. The website offers a wealth of courses in video formats that will teach you how to drive a car from scratch. The driving lessons are categorized into 11 modules which are designed by fully qualified, experienced driving instructors to help you become a safer driver.

The online driving school will also prepare you for the license exam through mock tests and theory tests.

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4.     E-driver Training

This is one of the free online driving schools where you can learn a wide range of simple, practical driving exercises suitable for you to pass your driving test. The online driving school features 24 compact video tutorials on all topics relevant to passing your driving test. In a short period, you will learn how to safely drive an automatic vehicle and it is designed for learners at all experience levels.

Each exercise is a 2-minute video explained in simple terms. Completing all the tutorials will give you a 97% chance of passing the driving test.

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This brings an end to the free online driving schools. Unfortunately, there aren’t many free online driving schools, there are more paid ones though and they offer even more benefits compared to the free schools.

It’s not necessary to depend on just these free online driving schools, you can also check out other popular resources like YouTube which we know contains a vast wealth of information on basically how to learn or do anything. There is no doubt you will find free driving lessons on YouTube.

Free Online Driving Schools – FAQs

Are there free driving lessons for students?

There aren’t free driving lessons for students unless you take the free driving lessons offered by free online driving schools.

Can I get free driving lessons from the government?

Getting free driving lessons from the government completely depends on your country. So, check if your government is giving free driving lessons to the people.

Can I learn to drive in a week?

You can’t learn to drive in a week, it takes much longer. The best you do in a week is start and stop a vehicle. There are so many things to learn in driving so that you can practice it safely.