Top 2 Free Online Sailing Courses

Interested in becoming a sailor? This article provides details on the free online sailing courses which you can join to equip yourself with proper sailing skills. With the right sailing skills, you can be able to navigate your ship, yacht, etc., or work for others.

Thanks to the invention of the internet, the education sector has finally seen a top-grade revolution and with the Internet of Things (IoT) at everyone’s disposal partaking in online classes is never a problem.

Universities, colleges, and various organizations are also using this online learning platform to dish out effective skills and accredited degrees to students from all parts of the world.

Online education has proven that you can learn whatever skill(s) you want all online with the use of a stable internet connection, computer or tablet, and your enthusiasm to acquire that skill. Now, with these same amenities at your disposal, you can engage in the free online sailing courses listed here.

Seems weird or surprising that you can learn sailing online? There are a bunch of unbelievable skills you can learn online, check the “recommendation” heading below.

A lot of people are interested in learning sailing skills but they either do not have the time, due to other responsibilities such as work, or the classes are expensive to take.

This post solves both issues at once. The sailing courses listed here are 100% free, you only need to pay with your time, and they are online.

One of the major benefits of online learning is its flexibility, that is, the mode of learning does not affect your usual activities such as work and other responsibilities.

So, if you an employee or a business owner are interested in acquiring sailing skills for reasons best known to you, this post has provided all the necessary info to facilitate your learning.


Can I teach myself to sail?

Since you have taken an interest in learning to sail, you can teach yourself to sail by following and understanding the proper techniques and learning your way around a boat. It is also important to learn the processes involved in various sailing situations.

While following these rules will make you a self-made sailor it is best to learn to sail from a person expert.

How can I learn to sail for free?

Stick to this article and you will learn to sail for free. Here, you will see posts and links to help you to learn to sail without cost.

How much do sailors make?

A sailor in the United States makes an average annual salary of $42,253

Top Free Online Sailing Courses

Below are the top free online sailing courses that we at Study Abroad Nations have gathered for interested readers to learn and equip themselves with efficient, sailing skills at no cost.

  • How the Sails Work
  • How the Rules On-The-Water Work

How the Sails Work

This is one of the free online sailing courses from Nauticed with the time duration of 45 minutes, this is much faster to complete and shouldn’t take much of your time. The course teaches students the basics of sailing which includes how to get the boat moving and efficiently making sails.

The free sailing course is 100% online and free and uses impactful eLearning animations to teach students. Amateur and professional sailors can take up this course as it is recommended for such kind of people.

How the Rules On-The-Water Work

Yes! There are rules on the water just like there are rules on land and air too. You won’t know these rules until you begin to learn about them and here is an opportunity to learn them for free.

The course, How the Rules On-The-Water Work, is one of the free online sailing courses that teach interested students the rules of the water, who must give-way, and who must wait for the other.

The course is completed in one hour and enlightens you on the international and local rules of sailing.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many free online sailing courses available at the moment and these are the only free ones for now. We will keep updating if more of these free online sailing courses pop up.

You’d agree with me that sailing isn’t a popular skill people want to have, driving and flying are the most popular but that doesn’t change the fact that there are people who prefer sailing. And this article is specially designed for individuals who want to have a basic knowledge of sailing before going on to learn advanced skills.

By joining and completing the free online sailing courses listed here, you have mastered some of the sailing basics and ready to take up the next level. There are some paid online sailing courses you can join but it is way better to learn it offline after this phase.

Offline learning will offer you a much better and practical knowledge of sailing, but complete these online basics so that offline learning won’t look so “tasky”


If you aren’t interested in sailing classes, check the recommended online courses below if you will find them interesting.

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