Top 16 Free Online Acting Classes

If you want to pursue an acting career you should consider enrolling in free online acting classes to help you develop the skills and confidence you need to get started in the theater arts. I have curated these free online acting courses here for you to navigate through them. Taking these online acting courses will improve your performance and advance your profession in the acting industry.

I have always been awed by actors and actresses. The awe I had for these “superhumans” was even much stronger when I was a kid. Whenever I watch a movie with my older siblings I always ask them the same thing “Are you sure this didn’t happen in real life?” I had to ask because the actors make everything look so real. The emotions, the actions, everything and it was so hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that this person is just acting all of these? How do you act crying so hard? I always thought to myself.

But as I got older, I believed that they, actors and actresses, were acting. They were just too good for me to tell the difference between what is real and what is not. Even to date, as an older person, I am still awestruck by the work of actors. The amount of work and practice that they must have put in to get to where they are shows how passionate, hardworking, and determined they are.

If you want to become an actor you have to be ready for such a commitment. Be ready to put in extra hours of working on yourself and your skills to stand out in the already saturated acting industry. Part of what will help you get started as an actor or actress and set you on the path to achieving your goals is to enroll in the free online acting classes I have curated here.

These free online acting classes will particularly help aspiring actors and actresses who cannot afford to hire an acting coach or attend acting schools due to financial hindrances. You can get started with these online acting classes and gradually pave your way to an acting school. With the skills you will gain from the online class, you could be eligible for scholarships at a Canadian art school.

Look, acting is a skill that requires nurturing, therefore you have to practice constantly to develop the talent and become a master at it. There are many ways to become a better actor or actress, it could be by reading books, participating in acting workshops and boot camps, watching movies, or enrolling in online acting classes. All of these all boils down to practicing what you are learning.

The good news is that you don’t need to spend a fortune on acting training/classes to improve your skills. With the free online acting classes curated here, you can get started and receive guidance from experienced, award-winning coaches from the comfort of your own home, thanks to all of the online learning platforms that have popped up in recent years.

So, what do you have to lose? Let’s get started on developing the abilities you’ll need to work as a professional actor!

7 Websites that Offer Free Online Acting Classes

The following are websites where you can learn acting for free online:

  • Alison
  • Eventbrite
  • Acting School Stop
  • Take Lessons
  • Udemy
  • Skillshare
  • Truthful Acting Online
free online acting classes

How Do I Enroll For Online Acting Classes

When you find an online acting class, sign up for an account on the website offering the class and follow the process to enroll in the online class. You only need a PC, tablet, or smartphone that can connect to the internet to enroll in an online acting class. Your determination to succeed will determine how long it will take you to complete the classes.

I already curated a list of free online acting classes below so you don’t have to go around searching for the classes on your own. Read through them to find one to get started with.

Free Online Acting Classes

Below are 16 free acting classes online which are available to everyone;

  • How the Acting Industry Works
  • Guide to Start Acting in Film & TV
  • Introduction to Acting Auditions
  • Essential Acting Skills
  • The Acting Series with Emma Paunil
  • Introduction to Voice Acting
  • The Basics of Script Analysis
  • A Comprehensive Guide for Voiceover Artists
  • Acting Masterclass by Samuel L. Jackson (Masterclass)
  • Acting Masterclass by Helen Mirren (Masterclass)
  • Acting Masterclass by Natalie Portman (Masterclass)
  • Acting Techniques Masterclass (Skillshare)
  • Working with Actors & Non-Actors in Video Production (LinkedIn Learning)
  • Acting 101 for Adults (Udemy)
  • Acting for Everyone (Udemy)
  • Professional 10-Hour Acting Masterclass (Udemy)
  • Stage Milk Drama School.

1.     How the Acting Industry Works

This course will guide you toward your journey of starting a career in the acting industry. If you have always wanted to become an actor or actress, I recommend that you first take this course to gain some insight into the acting industry and how it works. The course will teach you how to develop a professional acting resume and get started in the acting industry.

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2.     Guide to Start Acting in Film & TV

This is a 4-hour free online acting class for beginners who are new to the acting industry. Just as the title of the course implies, it guides you towards the acting process, equipping you with an understanding of how to start a career, find work, and position yourself for success as an actor or actress.

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3.     Introduction to Acting Auditions

Have you been attending auditions but keep failing? You need to learn how to prepare for success in your auditions and this course will guide you through. If you have never auditioned before and your first time will be in a few days, also take this course to prepare ahead.

Enrolling in this online acting course will expose you to basic auditioning techniques and types of auditions. Other tools for improvement in your auditions are also explored in this online course.

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4.     Essential Acting Skills

The course, Essential Acting Skills, is one of the free online acting classes on Alison – an online learning platform with a host of free online courses that cut across a wide range of fields. Enrolling in this online acting class will help you work on your confidence, improve your posture and vocal tones, enlighten you on insider tips and tricks to improve your acting skills, and develop your acting abilities in general.

The class will also provide you with the tools, techniques, and essential information to ace your next audition and succeed in the acting industry. All of these skills you will gain free of charge. At the end of the class, you will take an assessment to receive a certificate.

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5.     The Acting Series with Emma Paunil

Emma Paunil is an actress and writer known for her appearances in the following movies: Real Gossip Queens of Tucson (2019), Positive (2020), and Soul Flame (2021). She is also an instructor offering online acting classes to improve the acting techniques of new actors and actresses to become professionals.

In this course, Emma Paunil will take you through script analysis, script memorization techniques, and acting techniques to help you become a professional actor. The course also covers other important topics like acting resumes, headshots, and acting reels.

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6.     Introduction to Voice Acting

Many actors and actresses are also voice actors who provide the voices of animated characters. If you would like to explore that aspect of creativity you should get started with this course. In this course, you will learn the stretches and breathing routines required to perform as a voice actor, how to locate different resonators in the body and be able to bring a character to life. All of these you will learn for free from the comfort of your home.

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7.     The Basics of Script Analysis

The course, The Basics of Script Analysis, is one of the free online acting classes on Alison taught by Emma Paunil. In this course, you will explore script analysis and learn all about script work, memorization tactics, and the essential seven acting techniques. The skills you gain through this course will improve your acting skills and take you one step towards becoming a professional.

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8.     A Comprehensive Guide for Voiceover Artists

Here is another helpful guide for those who want to become voice-over artists. You will learn how to record high-quality professional voice clips to accompany animation, commercial adverts, video games, and radio. Enrolling in this course could help you kickstart a career as a voiceover artist.

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Other Online Acting Classes

9.      Acting Masterclass by Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson is an Oscar-nominated actor who has appeared in over 100 Hollywood films and is one of the most well-known and successful performers of all time.

This online acting lesson from Masterclass (one of our favorite online course websites) will allow you to learn directly from the talented actor.

You will strengthen your core acting abilities and learn how to perform well in auditions, explore numerous character sides, and create professional connections onset after taking this acting class online.

It is a lengthy course that has 21 lectures totaling 5 hours in length. Additionally, workbook download material is supplied, which includes course recaps and activities to track your progress. This course is also available as an audio recording.

You will gain knowledge about:

  • How to create characters that are both credible and memorable.
  • How to effectively depict the part by using your voice and body language
  • How to efficiently interact with the directors, cast, and crew.
  • How to audition for a role and improve your acting career by taking risks and taking risks in your acting practice.
  • What steps should you take to develop your acting career?
  • What is the best way to assess a script or a character?

Update: This article has been updated and this class is no longer free. There is now a charge of $10 per month.

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10.      Acting Masterclass by Helen Mirren

This seminar, which will be taught by Helen Mirren, an Academy Award-winning actress recognized for her Shakespearean performances, will provide a variety of useful acting techniques.

This acting workshop concentrates on all the details of acting that are typically overlooked by others, from practical training to physical appearance.

Human behavior is also discussed in this Masterclass series of online acting workshops, as well as how it may be understood and utilized to capture the attention of directors or audiences.

Helen’s experience as a theater performer, and how she evolved to relate more to the public audience, was explored in this course. She offers all of the tips and tricks she’s learned throughout the course of her acting career, which spans television, cinema, and theater.

It is of a 6-hour duration having 28 lessons in total.

You will gain knowledge on:

  • How to read and understand a script
  • How to gather information for a fictitious or real-life character
  • How to properly prepare and rehearse
  • The significance and uniqueness of each character’s clothing and hair
  • How to improve acting talents for films, theaters, and tragedies
  • Understand and apply the “naturalism” notion.

Update: This article has been updated and this online acting class is no longer free. Classes are now charged starting at $10 per month.

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11.      Acting Masterclass by Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman has been a successful child artist as well as a filmmaker. She has won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe. She has offered all of the secrets and tips she has acquired from her experience as a professional artist in this series of online acting lessons.

Case studies are reviewed in this online acting class to obtain a deeper grasp of different personalities and tactics used.

Natalie has produced 20 video lessons totaling 2 hours and 37 minutes for these online acting classes.

This acting course is available for download and includes a workbook to help you practice what you’ve learned. The tasks are comprehensive and may be easily scored and reviewed.

You will learn:

  • How do you learn to know your character?
  • How to improve your acting talents as an actor
  • How to alter your accent or dialect to fit the character’s needs
  • How to improvise and put on a good show
  • What to do when you’re in front of a green screen
  • What to do while you’re in front of the camera
  • How to work on a set in a professional manner

Update: This article has been updated and this online acting class is no longer free. Classes are now charged starting at $10 per month.

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12.      Acting Techniques Masterclass

Every significant method can be studied by their respective experts in this course. This online acting class is 40 minutes long and includes 13 videos, each given by a renowned teacher.

This brief online acting course will provide you with an overview of several acting styles.

This course will assist you in developing acting concepts so that you can improve your acting abilities.

It can also be taught as a beginner’s course for performers who want to change their approach to acting by learning a new technique.

This online acting lesson ensures you have at least one solid approach in your toolkit by teaching 9 different techniques. It will assist you in recognizing and employing the appropriate acting strategy for the situation. It’s practical training in which you’ll learn how to apply and comprehend all of the acting theory to real-life situations.

Each student is given a class project at the end of the term to practice their Meisner approach. After that, the project is forwarded to the tutor for feedback.

You can sample Skillshare for a month for free and take this course for free during that time.

You will gain knowledge on:

  • How to recognize and choose the best acting techniques
  • How to put various acting approaches into practice
  • What is the Stanislavsky Technique and how does it work?
  • What is the Adler Technique and how does it work?
  • The Viola Spolin Technique: How to Use It
  • What is the Chekhov Technique and how does it work?
  • What is the Meisner Technique and how does it work?
  • How to Put Practical Aesthetics to Work
  • What is the Uta Hagen Technique and how does it work?
  • What is the Strasberg Method and how does it work?
  • How to Work with the Foundry Technique for Actors

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13.      Working with Actors and Non-Actors in Video Production (LinkedIn Learning)

This seminar, taught by director Kelley Slagle, is a know-it-all in every way. Her on-screen and off-screen expertise will help you learn all of the practical abilities that any actor should have.

This brief training isn’t just for performers; it’s also for those who work behind the camera. This course will teach you everything you need to know about casting, conducting interviews, and dealing with sensitive problems and children.

In addition, the course comes with a shareable certificate that can be added to your résumé.

You may take this as a free online acting class using LinkedIn Learning’s one-month free trial term!

You will acquire insight on:

  • How to cast the right people in the right roles
  • How to deconstruct a character and a script to have a deeper knowledge of the actors
  • How to run a successful rehearsal
  • Onset, how to socialize and interact with both actors and non-actors

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14.      Acting 101 for Adults

This course, taught by Aaron Jackson, a well-known actor, will provide insights into acting tactics as well as assist students in developing and uncovering their acting abilities. In all of the lessons, he takes a simple and practical approach to the core strategies of acting.

This online acting course covers all you need to know about acting.

The business and commercial elements of acting are covered in this online acting program, which consists of 17 lectures. Interaction with agents and marketers, identifying you’re playing identity, audition and monologue preparation, casting and commercial auditions, and how to improve as an actor and acquire additional possibilities in this industry are just a few of the themes covered.

These online acting lectures are well-produced and entertaining.

The Acting 101 for Adults session is a 7-hour video that can be seen offline on any device. The tools, including assignments and videos, are available for a lifetime. Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion, which you may add to your resume.

You will gain knowledge on:

  • Successful performers employ a variety of tactics.
  • How to be ready for auditions with resumes and monologues
  • When it comes to auditions, there are a few things to keep in mind.
  • How to research the setting, plot, and so forth.
  • How to brand and advertise yourself by recognizing your personality
  • How to get a better understanding of a character for each role
  • How to Achieve Success How to Succeed in Hollywood and Local Markets: Tips and Tricks

Update: This article has been updated and this online acting class is no longer free and now charges an affordable fee.

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15.      Acting for Everyone

This online course consists of 23 very interesting videos that can help you advance your acting profession. Because the classes are independent of one another, you can watch each one as needed. You may get a lot of experience with your concepts and track your progress with many activities.

Serena Greenslade offers this course, which is extremely participatory, in which she presents the topic and then gives the student an opportunity to practice it before moving on to the next lesson. This course covers everything from performing for fun in your dramatics club to acting professionally.

These lessons provide a strong emphasis on your body motions and facial expressions. All types of movements are encouraged and enlightened, from exaggerated movements for theatre to silent movements.

Once you’ve paid for the course, you’ll have lifelong access to all of the materials as well as a certificate of accomplishment.

You will gain knowledge on:

  • How to use your body, face, and voice to convey emotions and different roles (or characters).
  • How to keep a self-assured demeanor in any circumstance
  • How to stay relaxed and avoid stage fright
  • How to prepare for acting auditions and examinations
  • How to use acting techniques to generate a sense of feeling and mood

Update: This article has been updated and this online acting class is no longer free and now charges a nominal fee.

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16.      Professional 10-Hour Masterclass

This is one of the most comprehensive online acting lessons available, with a 4.5 rating on Udemy.

This course further aids individuals because it can be studied at your own pace from anywhere, with a tailored curriculum given in layman language for improved learning and understanding. Users receive lifetime access to the course after purchasing it, and a certificate of completion is supplied.

This course, taught by The Actors Academy, will teach you all of the necessary skills for your acting career and will be both practical and beneficial. It’s a 10-hour and 13-minute training that covers all of your fundamental acting tricks and tips.

It is a step-by-step tutorial for novices who find acting attractive and wish to pursue it as a hobby or as a career, with 32 lectures.

You will gain knowledge.

  • How to fast get into character
  • How to behave on stage and in front of the camera
  • How do you make characters that are both convincing and real?
  • How to get ready for an audition through practicing, rehearsing, and auditioning.
  • How to keep a professional approach and project confidence when dealing with directors
  • Will provide a grasp of what it takes to be an actor by laying a foundation in acting.

Update: This article has been updated and this online acting class is no longer free but now charges a small fee to take the class.

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These free online acting classes explore various acting techniques and topics that will draw you closer to achieving your acting ambitions. The skills you receive from these online classes could be exactly what you need to ace that audition and finally break through in your acting career.

Stay focused and determined! Your hard work will pay off soon!



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