10 Best Free Online CAT Coaching Resources

Get to know about the free online CAT coaching resources so that you can use them to prepare for your entrance exams anytime and anywhere.

Entrance exams, aptitude tests, and the likes are pretty common in the education sector and workforce. Whatever name is used to identify them and wherever they are used, it is usually for the same reason which is to assess your critical thinking abilities, potential, and what you have to offer to that level, field, or department you are aspiring to get into.

There are different kinds of entrance exams which are taken by students going into various fields. Some of the commonest entrance exams are GMAT, GRE, CAT, TOEFL, IELTS, and MCAT. The listed common entrance exams are offered by different countries and may or may not be compulsory depending on the requirements of the university or college. If you are familiar with study abroad blogs and articles you’d know this already.

Although in this blog, we have discussed the various resources where you can get free online CAT coaching.

Whichever entrance exam you are taking, there is a need to prepare for them so that you can pass with excellent results and meet, or even surpass, the cut-off mark which is usually set by the university you are applying to.

These exams and tests, CAT especially, can be difficult and very competitive which makes schools set the bar high up so that only the best of the best can meet up and be considered for admission.

The need to prepare for a CAT before taking the actual one cannot be stressed enough, this is a common tactic that works and it is efficient too. Fortunately, the internet is always there to help out. The digital age is sure making everything easier and better.

Rather than looking for books or attending a traditional coaching class to study and prepare for your CAT, you can go online and look up resources that offer CAT coaching online and enroll for one of them. This will help you prepare better for your upcoming entrance exam as you will harness the power of the internet and online learning.

Since the coaching is online, you don’t have to go anywhere. You can do it all from the comfort of your home or anywhere that is convenient for you. This way, you get to prepare for your exam at any time and anywhere without disrupting your busy schedule, if you have one.


What is CAT Exam?

CAT stands for Common Admission Test. It is a computer-based standardized test developed by the Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) for students who are applying for admission into graduate management programs. If you want to pursue an MBA degree or likewise then you must take the test.

The test has three sections which are:

  • Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC)
  • Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR)
  • Quantitative Ability (QA)

The test is computer-based, therefore is online, and has a time cap of three hours, one hour per section. The CAT is used only in India and offered only once a year, usually in November/December, and it is in the English language. It is among the toughest exams in India and is extremely competitive.

Why Do I Need To Write The CAT Exam?

You only need to write the CAT exam if you are aspiring to pursue a graduate degree program in management and business administration programs such as MBA.

Benefits of CAT Coaching Online

There is a host of benefits that you will gain when you join a get free online CAT coaching. These benefits are:

  • CAT coaching online saves you time and money
  • It is online, therefore offers flexibility, allowing you to easily merge it with your daily activities and fit into your busy schedule without disrupting anything.
  • Online coaching provides one-on-one interaction, which helps you learn better and get full attention from the teacher.
  • Unlike a traditional classroom, in online coaching there are no students around you therefore, there are fewer distractions that can help you concentrate better.
  • Online coaching helps you prepare easily and conveniently
  • It trains you for the test-training environment
  • You can easily revise and revisit the topics whenever you want

Does The CAT Exam Have Any Alternative?

Just in case you fail the CAT, there are other alternate management exams like CAMT, XAT, GMAT, SNAP, NMAT, MAT, JAM, GATE, IBSAT, MICAT, KMAT, TISS NET, GRE, IIFT, and MH-CET.

Websites for Free Online CAT Coaching

The following are the free online CAT coaching resources.

  • Pyoopel
  • Byju’s Exam Prep
  • CAT-holic
  • Hitbullseye
  • Handa Ka Funda
  • Edulyte
  • 2IIM
  • MBA Karlo
  • EduShastra
  • Mockat

1.     Pyoopel

On Pyoopel, you can enroll for free online CAT coaching and take mock tests to prepare you for the real one when you are finally ready to take it. The website is designed to offer you almost everything you will get at a traditional coaching institute but the difference is that this is online and you can join their free online CAT coaching at home or while in the office.

Pyoopel offers video lectures that explain theory concepts in simple language, a practice lecture that will show you how to solve questions on that concept, and you can download PDFs on theory and practice questions that you can do at your own time. One of the perks of Pyoopel as a free online CAT coaching platform is that it is regularly updated with more lectures and practice PDFs.

With a laptop, smartphone, or tablet and a stable internet connection, you can have access to all the resources on Pyoopel.

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2.     Byju’s Exam Prep

Byju’s Exam Prep is one of the best websites offering free online CAT coaching to Indian students aspiring to pursue a graduate degree program in business or management fields. This platform is particularly my favorite on the list because of the many resources that it provides students who are preparing for CAT exam.

Once you gain access into the site, you will find many helpful resources that will help you prepare effectively towards your CAT. The website offers videos for CAT preparations, study materials, and tips on how to prepare for the test which covers all three section. You will find question paper, mock tests, and past questions from previous years which you can download as PDF format and practice in your spare time.

If there are also some questions troubling or confusing you concerning CAT exam, there are many FAQs, and their answers, available on the website. These FAQs were asked by previous students too and the answers have been provided to help others who want to take the exam. The question you are looking for or have always been confused about might be there.

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3.     CAT-holic

CAT-holic is a platform that offers free online CAT coaching resources that you can use to prepare for your CAT anytime and anywhere. The platform is owned by two IIM graduates and it mainly focuses on the Quantitative Ability (QA) section of CAT.

The questions are updated regularly so that you can always practice fresh questions.

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4.     Hitbullseye

Hitbullseye can help you prepare for your CAT exam without digging deep into your pockets. All the CAT preparatory resources on the site are free of charge and you can have access to them at anytime and wherever you are. Actually, the website is particularly concentrated on Quantitative Aptitude questions which is one of the three sections of CAT.

There are over 70 free questions on QA on the website which spans across a wide range of topic, ranging from probability and number system to permutation and arithmetic progression. All the topics have questions and worked answers that you can always use to practice while awaiting your exam day.

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5.     Handa Ka Funda

Hunda Ka Funda believes that video tutorials are efficient and effective at helping students prepare for CAT or any other entrance exams. You can watch the video tutorials anytime you want and any number of times you want, this makes the coaching courses here rely heavily on video tutorials.

The video tutorials cover all three aspect of CAT exam to prepare you for excellent on all sections and pass with outstanding academic performance. Handa Ka Funda is one of the free online CAT coaching websites that you might consider using to practice.

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6.     Edulyte

Edulyte is one of the free online CAT coaching websites designed to make you exam-ready. The CAT-prep resources on the website aren’t completely free. You can only book a one-hour free live class after which you will need to start paying for the services. But there are practice questions that you can always use to practice for free.

Some of the perks of using Edulyte is that you are guaranteed to be taught by the best, the learning is self-paced, the courses are formulated for students, a live one on one group sessions, and affordable and flexible timing. You can enroll into Edulyte and partake in its free online CAT coaching.

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7.     2IIM

2IIM provides appropriate materials and lectures that you can use to prepare for CAT. The website isn’t completely free but when you sign up on the website as a trial user, you can sample 10 topics for free. The online coaching courses covers all topic of discussion and all the sections in CAT. If you want more services, you’re going to have to pay for it.

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8.     MBA Karlo

CAT is one of the hardest exams in India and extremely competitive but you can pass it when you burn midnight candle, that is, adequate preparation. On MBA Karlo, a website that offers free online CAT coaching, offers study material that you can use to prepare for your CAT exam.

MBA Karlo provides downloadable PDF notes and past questions from previous years for you to practice with. The practice questions also have answers so that your learning can be much more effective.

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9.     EduShastra

EduShastra is one of the free online CAT coaching website which you can easily enroll into and get CAT and GMAT coaching for free. The online coaching covers all topics and sections to give you a broad perspective of how the real one looks like.

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10.  Mockat

Mockat is not a completely free online CAT coaching website but the packages it offers for free will wow you. When you book a free session, you will get a week of free live classes, access to more than 20 hours of video lessons, access to over 30 practice questions, day-wise study schedule for a month, and overall 180+ lesson hours and 8,000+ solves questions.

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These are the free online CAT coaching websites that you should start using today to prepare for your CAT so that you can perform excellently in the real test.


How can I get free CAT online?

There are up to 10 free online CAT coaching, they have been listed and discussed in this post. And with just a click, you can get to any of the websites and start practice and learning today.

Which online site is best for CAT preparation?

The best online site for CAT is Mindworkzz but then, the best site depends on you and if it meets your demand.