Top 8 Websites for Free Online Astrology Prediction

Do you need access to websites for free online astrology prediction? Then this blog post is just for you.

We are all born and bred in an era filled with uncertainties and hopelessness. We all have concerns about our future and ask questions while seeking answers that seem almost impossible to get.

With nobody giving us a clue of these answers, we end up wandering about how bleak or bright the future will be.

Despite this, there are people who with their brain capabilities and studies can perceive signs and predict or decipher codes or information about the future. These people are called Astrologers.

Astronomy is known to be the study of the heavenly bodies and how the Position of the sun, moon, stars, and planets at the time of birth of an individual can determine their personality and future.


What is Astrology Prediction?

Astrology prediction is the act of predicting the future using the position of the celestial bodies and their movements through Zodiac signs.

A skilled and experienced astrologer will predict your future with the information gotten from observation of the sun, moon, stars, planet, and date of birth.

Benefits of Astrology Predictions

Life is uncertain. It can either be happy or sad. There is no way of changing your past but your future is prone to change depending on the decisions you make today.

Since the existence of astronomy, it has served so many people and has had many benefits.

These benefits include:

  • It helps you determine the right path to follow in life.
  • Gives you information on what you need to know about your love and relationship life.
  • Progress on your career or field of study.
  • It gives information on the upcoming year.
  • It points out deficiencies and suggests remedies.
  • It gives information about auspicious days or years.
  • It helps in decision-making in any aspect of life.
  • It helps you achieve your dreams and aspirations with the aid of future predictions.
  • It helps you keep a prior track of your progress in life.
  • It helps you know the truth behind any circumstance happening in your life.
  • It helps you know a way out of troubles and life issues.

The good news is that you do not need to physically meet with an astrologer before you get the prediction you need. You can do it in the comfort of your home with either your mobile or laptop.

Websites for Free Online Astrology Prediction

  • Astrology Zone
  • Co-Star
  • The Pattern
  • Time passages
  • Sanctuary
  • Time Nomad
  • Daily horoscope
  • Chaturanga Astrology

1.       Astrology Zone

Astrology Zone owned by Susan Miller is a Website for users to check horoscopes and astrological signs or information.

The website contains information such as daily astrology Zone, news articles on astrology, a mobile app, life, and love compatibility test, and horoscope.

You can subscribe to the newsletter to get more updates from the website. It is one of the free online astrology prediction websites. It is also rated as the best overall astrology website.

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2.       Co-Star

Co-Star was launched in 2017 by a fashion industry alumnae called Banu Guler and his co-founder are Ben Weitzman and Anna Kopp.

The website gives access to accurate astrology. Their prediction is very accurate and unlike other websites, their horoscope is determined by the minute you were born rather than the month. Also, they use a complete picture of the sky rather than just the sun to predict the future.

They have an android and iOS version of their mobile app. Users also have access to real-time insights as to the planet moves with the help of their NASA data.

It is one of the free online astrology prediction websites and it is rated as the most talked about website.

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3.       The Pattern

The pattern is a social network that bonds people and connects friends. It runs relationship analysis for People by having them enter information about their friend, crush, romantic partner, or business associate.

It is a mobile app that gives users access to a down to earth horoscope readings and in-depth analog of their development, foundation, and relationships.

It is one of the free online astrology prediction websites and it is rated as the best website for relationships.

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4.       Time passages

This website has a free app and it is a service from astrograph. Users have access to charts that explain the meaning behind the sun, moon, stars, and planets.

This website is perfect for people who want a deep understanding of horoscopes. The app gives free daily horoscopes

You can also choose other features such as the compatibility meter that helps you choose the perfect romantic partner or successful business.

This website is one of the free online astrology prediction websites. It is rated to be the best for newbies.

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5.       Sanctuary

This website is based on human interaction. The astrologer interacts with the user via chats. They give access to answer questions and a thorough guide on your signs and Basic things to know about your zodiac.

The app contains a lot of jokes, emojis, and GIFs that make it fun and have a great user interface.

It is one of the free online astrology prediction websites and it is rated as the most interactive astrology prediction website too.

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6.       Time Nomad

The time nomad is a website and app that allows users access to real-time astrological charts, transits, progressions, fixed stars, and lots more.

It has a friendly user interface and is free for all its core functionality. Users can access the app right away without any form of registration, login or password needed.

It is available on android and iOS. It is one of the free online astrology prediction websites and rated as the best astrology website for learning.

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7.       Daily horoscope

Daily horoscope is a back-to-basics app that is powered by comic a developer. It gives users access to daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes and readings.

It has a friendly user interface and users are allowed to make certain changes such as font size, adjust colors, and many other settings.

It is one of the free online astrology prediction websites and it is rated as the most basic astrology website.

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8.       Chaturanga Astrology

The Chaturanga Astrology is an app that requests the user to be specific till the minute of when they were born. They also have a birth time rectification process for those that don’t know the specific minute they were born.

When you open the app, you enter your information and you get access to one free question. Your question will be answered within 24 hours and you can also get freebies by inviting your friends to join the app too.

To ensure the quality of their predictions, they request users to rank each question they receive. This helps them serve the public better.

It is one of the free online astrology prediction websites and it is ranked as the best Astrology app for specific inquiries.

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This blog post has given concise information on free online astrology prediction websites that will be found useful by people who wish to check their future or any other kind of prediction.


Are our free online astrology predictions accurate?

Astrology predictions are not 100% accurate. It is the skill of the astrologer to predict in the best possible way. No astrologer can claim to be the best since there’s no scientific way to judge them.

Astrologers can only improve their predictions through trial and error and also through research.

Can I use astrology predictions to see my future?

Yes, you can. Tests of astrological Systems and astrologers have shown that they are on average 67% accurate and 50% pure guessing.

This means that if you get a report about your future for a specific period, 67% of that report is true and Just 33% is wrong.

Is it possible for astrology predictions to fail?

No profession is 100% foolproof. Errors are natural and they occur in almost every field of life. Astrologers who do not follow the rules of astrology and who didn’t do enough research will end up failing in their field.