How To Become A Paramedic In Ontario

This blog post gives you full details of everything you need to know concerning how to become a paramedic in Ontario. It was specially curated to show you the step-by-step procedures, and also some prestigious schools that offer paramedic programs in Ontario.

If you have ever wanted to venture into the medical field but, are not interested in becoming a nurse, or even a medical assistant, you can consider going for a paramedic. It is a great career that is growing at a very high rate in Canada.

However, to be regarded as a professional in the field of paramedics, there is a series of training you need to undergo, and some certifications you must acquire, hence the purpose of putting up this article is to show you the A- Z of how to become one.

Now, paramedics are those licensed healthcare professionals that aim at giving urgent attention to sick or injured persons. In an accident scene, they are usually those who come to rescue the situation and help give first aid treatment to the victims, before further actions are carried out.

The nature of their work has made them take first aid courses in order to learn faster ways of rescuing people during emergencies.

Without much ado, let’s quickly delve properly into the topic. You can look up this article on steps to becoming a better educator in case you are interested.

How Long Does It Take To Be A Paramedic In Ontario?

It takes about 2 years to graduate from a paramedic program in Ontario.

What Qualifications Do You Need For A Paramedic In Ontario?

It is important to note that the qualifications or requirements needed to become a paramedic in Ontario differ from school to school.

However, listed below are the general ones.

  • You must be 18 years of age.
  • You must possess an Ontario high school diploma or its equivalency.
  • You must have a recent standard first aid certificate.
  • You must pass some high school courses like biology, mathematics, English, and chemistry.
  • You must be fit physically.
  • You must have good communication skills and be able to express yourself fluently.
  • You must have Ontario class F driver’s License.
  • You must not be suffering from any communicable disease.
  • You may need to show proof of your current immunization such as Hepatitis A/B, influenza vaccine, etc.

How Much Do Paramedics Make In Ontario?

Paramedics in Ontario earn about $28 to $49 per hour according to Job bank

how to become a paramedic in Ontario


How To Become A Paramedic In Ontario

These are the various procedures by which you can become a paramedic in Ontario. I will list and explain them for you to get full insights. Do follow me closely.

  • Acquire a high school diploma or equivalent like GED
  • Enroll in a 2-year paramedic program in an accredited or recognized Ontario institution.
  • Carry out an internship program.
  • Take and pass all the regional certification examinations to become an Advanced Emergency Medical Care Attendant (A- EMCA)
  • Seek employment in the paramedic sector.

1.      Acquire a high school diploma or equivalent like GED

Getting your high school diploma is the first step to becoming a paramedic. In high school, you are given the foundation of how emergencies are taken care of.

You will also be acquainted with some fundamental knowledge through subjects like biology, chemistry, mathematics, physiology, and other health-related courses. You will also need to pass these subjects before enrolling in a college to study paramedic programs.

2.      Enroll in a 2-year paramedic program in an accredited or recognized Ontario institution

Enrolling in a recognized Ontario university is the next step after you have graduated from high school. In these universities, you get to learn from different experts in the field who will prepare you adequately on how to start out your career as a paramedic.

The duration of completing a paramedic program is about 2 years. Before applying to an institution, it is crucial you check out their criteria or requirements for admission.

3.      Carry out an internship program

It is essential that you carry out internship programs. As a matter of fact, a typical paramedic program carries internship opportunities where students put the theory they have learned into practice, and gain more practical skills.

The skills acquired during these internship periods help students to know more about paramedics and carry out their duties effectively.

4.      Take and pass all the regional certification examinations to become an Advanced Emergency Medical Care Attendant (A- EMCA)

This is self-explanatory. It simply means taking and passing all provincial exams needed to acquire your certificate as a professional paramedic.

You are eligible to write the exam once you have successfully completed the primary care paramedic program at an accredited school. The students are given about three chances to pass the exams before remedial training.

Students need to have at least 70% to pass the A-EMCA exam and may work for ambulance services for about seven months.

5.      Seek employment in a paramedic sector

After you have successfully passed the A-EMCA exam, you are free to get employed in any of the paramedic sectors such as ambulance services. Some paramedic work in/ with flight schools too.

20 Best Ontario Schools That Offer Paramedics

These are the best Ontario schools that offer paramedic programs. go through them carefully.

  • Algonquin College
  • BizTech College Of Health Sciences, And Technology
  • Cambrian College
  • Centennial College
  • College Boreal
  • Conestoga College
  • Confederation college
  • CTS Canadian Career College
  • Durham College
  • Fanshawe College
  • Fleming College
  • Georgian College
  • Humber college
  • La Cite Collegiale
  • Lambton College
  • Loyalist College
  • Niagara College
  • Northern College
  • Ontario College Of Health And Technology
  • Clair College


You have been provided with the necessary steps needed to become a paramedic in Ontario. The best schools you can enroll in for the programs have also been listed. I hope you make good use of the information.

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How To Become A Paramedic In Ontario- FAQs

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[sc_fs_faq html=”true” headline=”h3″ img=”” question=”Is There A Demand For Paramedics In Ontario?” img_alt=”” css_class=””] Yes, there is. The increase in population has led to a greater need for emergency medical services, hence the need for trained paramedics to help out in some situations [/sc_fs_faq]