Top 5 Scholarships in Norway for International Students

Are you an international student, looking to apply for scholarships? This article carries with it a wealth of information on Scholarships in Norway for International Students. Seat tight and get the information you need!

Scholarships are the easiest way for one to study in any country of choice, because of this, tons of Students apply for scholarships to earn different degrees at different institutions all over the world.

Every country has different scholarship forums for both their student residents and International Students and these Scholarships are made available at different times with their requirements which must be met before one can apply and be given the scholarship opportunity.

In this article, we will be discussing in full, the different scholarships in Norway for International Students, and all that it entails. Let’s pay rapt attention because a lot of information will be made available through this article.

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Let’s pause for a while and get to know the country Norway!

Norway is a long country located in Northern Europe with borders to Sweden, Finland, and Russia on the east side, and an extensive coastline facing the North Atlantic Ocean on the west side.

Here the climate is wet and mild compared to the east and the north, where winters are colder and longer.

The major cities in Norway are located along the coastline: the capital Oslo is Norway’s largest city, with about 620.000 inhabitants. Other major cities are Bergen and Stavanger in Western Norway, Trondheim in the middle part, and Tromsø in the North.

5.2 million people are living in Norway. About 32 percent of the population has higher education. Like Sweden and Denmark, Norway has grown to become a multicultural country.

Today, 33 percent of the population in Oslo are immigrants or Norwegian-born to immigrant parents. In the country as a whole, a bit over 16 percent are immigrants or Norwegian-born to immigrant parents.

It is ranked as one of the best countries to live in and has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. All the more reason to Study in Norway!

How to get a scholarship in Norway

The first step in getting a scholarship is to apply for one. Other requirements are needed before one can be eligible for a scholarship opportunity.

Listed below are the requirements for a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree for international students applying for a scholarship in Norway.

Eligibility Criteria for a master’s degree

  • The applicant should be an international student ( non-Norwegian)
  • Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree for this Master’s scholarship
  • English Language Requirement

Required Documents

  • Transcript of records for your bachelor’s degree
  • Relevant courses/ Degree to be completed – Only applicable for Nordic and EU/EEA/Swiss Citizens
  • Documentation of financing (if applicable)

For Bachelor’s Degree

English proficiency requirements:

Applicants who are not native speakers of English must document their proficiency in English.

 Academic requirements:

Due to differences in world educational systems, applicants must submit specific documents to show they are eligible for admission.

The Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT) provides the GSU list which specifies the education (Higher Education Entrance Qualification) you must have to qualify for admission to universities and university colleges in Norway.

Which documents you submit depend on your country’s educational system. Check the GSU list to see the minimum requirements for specific countries (

Refugee status:

At the moment the requirements for applicants with refugee status are the same as for all other applicants – full documentation is required for all applicants. No applicants will be admitted before they have submitted all required academic documents.

Scholarships in Norway for International Students

Scholarships in Norway for International Students

There are few Scholarships available for international students in Norway, we would be looking at the top Scholarship opportunities that are open for International Students who wish to apply. They will be listed and explained one after another below;

  • BI Norwegian Business School Scholarships
  • NORAM Scholarship
  • Lakselaget Foundation Scholarship
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Scholarships
  • High North Fellowship Program

1. BI Norwegian Business School Scholarships

This scholarship in Norway for International Students is the first on our list. It is awarded to students with a strong academic record, the Bachelor International Scholarship is open to international applicants who apply with international education.

Applicants who apply for, and are accepted in, the Bachelor of Business Administration, the Bachelor of Data Science for Business, or the Bachelor of Digital Business program who display above average grades from Upper Secondary School and/or University from a school outside Norway.

The Scholarship will cover 50% of the tuition fee for each semester of the program, pending the student achieves the academic progression requirements. The total value of the scholarship throughout the three-year degree program is approximately NOK 125,000.

Scholarship Link

2. NORAM Scholarship

The Norway-America Association (NORAM) is a scholarship organization that helps Norwegian and American students by administrating and awarding scholarships for education. It is the second on the list of Scholarships in Norway for International Students.

Since 1919, NORAM has awarded more than 5000 scholarships for bachelor’s, master’s, Ph.D., post-doc, continuing education, teachers courses, and many other students and others.

Scholarships that NORAM awards are donated to the organization as a form of endowments and scholarships.

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3. Lakselaget Foundation Scholarship

Lakselaget offers scholarships to Norwegian students who wish to study in Minnesota or the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, or Minnesotans desiring to study in Norway. It is the next scholarship in Norway for International Students.

It is also open to providing grants to Minnesota professional women who have the opportunity to intern in Norway and, of course, to Norwegians interning in Minnesota. The grants are meant to supplement wages lost for experience gained.

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4. Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Scholarship

Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters are offered by multiple higher education institutions and run across various countries.

It is another Scholarship opportunity in Norway for International Students.

They are distinguished by their academic excellence and by the high level of integration of the courses. There are also scholarships for students to take part in these prestigious programs.

This scholarship opportunity is specifically for applicants pursuing a master’s degree. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree before applying for the scholarship.

Erasmus+ Master Degree Loans are EU-guaranteed loans with favorable pay-back terms that can help you finance a Master course (1 or 2 years) in an Erasmus+ Programme country.

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5. High North Fellowship Program

The High North Fellowship program offers scholarships to students from Canada, Japan, Russia, South Korea, and the US who attend an institution in Northern Norway as part of their higher education.

The program is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is the last on the list of best scholarships in Norway for International Students

Each fellowship recipient receives a monthly stipend of approximately NOK 9 440 and a travel grant of the same amount.

Institutions of higher education in Norway do not charge tuition from international students, and the stipend is intended to cover housing and living expenses.

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In conclusion, these Scholarship opportunities are given to students who have met the requirements for applying for them and are willing to pursue any degree of their choice.

Scholarships in Norway for International Students – FAQs

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Does Norway give scholarships to international students?” answer-0=”Yes, but there are very few scholarships available for international students in Norway” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”Does the university of Oslo offer scholarships?” answer-1=”Yes, the University of Oslo offers a scholarship opportunity to students who are interested in applying for them.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Can international students study for free in Norway?” answer-2=”Yes, Like Germany, Norway is one of the few countries with free education for all international students, whether they come from EU/EEA countries or not. Students only have to pay a semester fee of 30 – 60 EUR for the student union.” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]