11 Top D2 Baseball Schools

You can become a student-athlete in college and get scholarships to fund your academics if you go to the right college. This blog post highlights the best d2 baseball schools for aspiring student-athletes to have options on where to play baseball while pursuing their academics.

Baseball is one of the most popular sports played by men and women in collegiate, national, and international competitions. It is also played in high school and is popular among kids from all backgrounds. If you played in high school and want to pursue sports professionally without giving up on your academics, that is 100% possible.

College presents an opportunity for students to play their favorite sports or carry out any other recreational activity or hobby such as acting, singing, or dancing while still studying for their degree. These opportunities presented to students give them a chance to have even more options when they graduate. So, if you play a particular sport, you can go into it fully or get a job with your degree.

So, if you want to play baseball and still pursue a degree in computer science, law, or business, you should consider applying to a college with a strong baseball presence. That is, the college qualifies for the local and national baseball competitions at the collegiate levels and has bagged numerous awards while still maintaining academic excellence among student-athletes.

It is during these competitions that you can show your talents because many sports personalities and coaches from other teams in the country are present to find the next baseball star, and it could be you. So, a college without a strong baseball presence and rarely qualifies for competitions won’t do you much good that is why we have published this post to help you make a great choice.

The top d2 baseball schools curated in this blog post are popular and top-ranking in baseball competitions, awards, and achievements in sports, and offer world-class education. From our list, you can make any choice and still be on the right track to your academic and sportsmanship success.

To widen your options on where to play baseball or any sports for that matter in college on scholarship, there are 18 NAIA schools in California and over ten NAIA schools in Texas that you could add to your options.

What Is A D2 Baseball School?

There are three categories of baseball schools starting from Division I or D1 to Division III. A D2 baseball school is a category that contains college baseball teams who compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) at the Division II level in the US.

In the Division II baseball category, there are 259 teams, 9,000 athletes in total, an average team size of 34, and up to 9 scholarships per team.

Admission Requirements Into A D2 Baseball School

If you want to enter a Division II (D2) baseball school as a student-athlete, there are certain requirements you must meet which comprise both academic and sports requirements and are different from that of a normal student. These requirements are:

  • Minimum high school GPA of 2.0 on a scale of 4.0
  • Pass 16 NCAA-approved core courses in high school which must include math, English, social science, and natural/physical science.
  • Create an NCAA Certification Account. It costs $90 for US citizens and $150 for international students
  • High school transcript
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Be in good academic standing
top d2 baseball schools

Best Division II Baseball Schools

Here are the top division 2 schools with strength in baseball and academic quality:

  • California State University – Chico
  • Rollins College
  • Colorado Mesa University
  • California State University, Los Angeles
  • St. Mary’s University
  • The University of North Georgia
  • West Virginia State University
  • San Francisco State University
  • Florida Southern College
  • Ashland University
  • The University of New Haven

1.     California State University – Chico

California State University at Chico is a public university founded in 1887 offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs in a range of academic disciplines like business, arts, and natural sciences. The baseball team of this institution is under the NCAA II division and is a member of the California Collegiate Athletic Conference.

The tuition for in-state students is $7,806 and $19,686 for out-of-state students. There are baseball athletic scholarships available for qualifying student-athletes.

2.     Rollins College

Rollings College is a small private not-for-profit higher institution located in Winter Park, Florida with a competitive men’s baseball team under Division Two. The baseball team is made up of 61 players who are trained by one head coach and four assistant coaches. Also, the team has made $924,975 in revenue.

3.     Colorado Mesa University

Colorado Mesa is a prestigious college in the US and has ranked top in a number of categories including in best US colleges in the mountains and achievement as one of the colleges with strength in baseball. It is a public school offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs to students from the US and other nationalities. It has a 20 to 1 student-faculty ratio and an acceptance rate of 76%.

The cost for in-state students is $14,079 with financial aid and covers tuition, room, board, books and supplies, and other fees. The cost for out-of-state students is $27,628 with financial aid. There is only a baseball team for men at Colorado Mesa University.

4.     California State University, Los Angeles

California State University, Los Angeles is a leading public university in California with a reputable baseball team that competes at the NCAA Division II level. The team is a member of the California Collegiate Athletic Conference.

 Admission into the school is selective, accepting only 48% of applicants annually. ACT or SAT is required to gain entry into the college. In-state tuition is $5,742 and out-of-state tuition is $17,622.

5.     St. Mary’s University

St. Mary’s University is a catholic private school in Texas established in 1852. It is one of the top d2 baseball teams offering scholarships to student-athletes who qualify. The baseball team has 4 assistant coaches and 1 head coach who guide and assist players. The team is also a member of the Heartland Conference. Tuition for in-state and out-of-state students is the same at $33,518.

6.     The University of North Georgia

This is a public university founded in 1873 and currently offers a wide range of innovative undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Some of the most popular majors are business administration, education, and biology. Combined programs are also offered.

The University of North Georgia baseball team is known for winning one of 34 NCAA Division II teams to earn the American Coaches Association Team academic excellence award. In-state and out-of-state tuition are $5,596 and $19,754 respectively. Scholarships are available to student-athletes who qualify.

7.     West Virginia State University

West Virginia State University has won an achievement as one of the colleges in the US with strength in baseball and an award in colleges with strength in baseball in Division II. If you are a student-athlete who wants to play baseball in college, then you should add West Virginia to your list. The baseball team is only for men.

The university accepts 88% of students every academic year, so, the acceptance rate is not selective. TOEFL, test scores, high school GPA, and transcripts are among the requirements for application. Tuition is $7,912 for in-state and $13,600 for out-of-state.

8.     San Francisco State University

San Francisco State University is a public institution with a baseball team under the NCAA Division II and a member of the California Collegiate Athletic Conference. It is a large school with over 33,000 students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate degree programs in academic disciplines like engineering, agriculture, music, business administration, and biotechnology.

The school accepts 67% of applications annually which is not so selective. To be considered, ensure to meet all entry requirements. Tuition for residents and non-residents is $5,742 and $17,622 respectively.

9.     Florida Southern College

Florida Southern College only has a men’s baseball team of 40 team members comprising one head coach and 5 assistant head coaches. The baseball team brought in $654,628 in revenue from its baseball program. The acceptance rate is competitive at 50% so make sure you check all the boxes for admission requirements while applying.

10.  Ashland University

Ashland University is a private Christian university with a baseball team under the NCAA Division II and a member of the Great Midwest Athletic Conference. If you want to play baseball at Ashland then you must meet the entry requirements which include a GPA of 3.0 and ACT or SAT scores. Admission is selective so, ensure that you meet above the admission requirements to be accepted.

The tuition is $21,980 per year, financial aid options such as scholarships and grants are available to all students and if you are a student-athlete in the baseball team, you will get an extra scholarship from the NCAA.

11.  The University of New Haven

If you are seeking a college with a good baseball team and a high acceptance rate, then you should consider the University of New Haven. The men’s baseball team comprises 28 team members led by a head coach and three assistant coaches. There are also other sports like tennis, softball, football, lacrosse, volleyball, and soccer.