5 USAID Free Online Certificate Courses

With USAID free online certificate courses you will be able to learn professional skills that can set you apart from your colleagues.

USAID is interested in improving the national security and economic growth of the United States. Most importantly, their vision and help are not just for the U.S. alone.

They also help the world at large to grow economically to be able to stand in adversities and depend on themselves. They want each country to be able to depend on its country’s resources, and they partnered with these countries to actualize this goal.

This is one of the ways America expresses its benevolence to the world and to itself. USAID free online certificate courses address how strong the world can be by pointing out the major causes of violence.

USAID also goes further to help developing countries by partnering with their government to establish new markets and opportunities for buying and selling. For the challenges that seemed impossible in the past, they try their best to provide solutions for them.

Further, they save the lives of people by providing sources of food and partnering with their governments. Again, they help the country to promote democracy and dialogue.

They have the desire that every individual regardless of gender and age, has the right to good and nutritious food, has the right to formal education, and the right to health care. Some developing countries poorly recover from the act of God.

The truth is, natural disasters are inevitable, some countries have a high rate of drought affecting their crops, and some other countries are facing floods over and over. So what USAID is doing is to help to invest in the resilience of these countries, which enables them to get back on their feet in challenging times.

This investment in their resilience also helps them not to return to poverty, making them self-reliant. And there won’t be the need for expensive emergencies from other countries or their country to recover from adversities.

For instance, they partnered with Kenya’s government to provide NGO scholarships in Kenya. And, strengthen their Oldonyiro market allowing lots of small businesses to buy and sell. 

This market has experienced lots of drought on their farms in the past, and the worst of it, they hardly recover from it, and the women are mostly hit by this hardship.

But USAID free online certificate courses made it possible to partner with their government in 2015 to recover from drought and it’s making them fight poverty on their own. Currently, the market is doing amazingly well, and the drought doesn’t stop the market from opening.

Also, USAID opens its door for individual partnerships. For instance, when the coffee price crashed in Honduras, the effect affected the farmers but it wasn’t too bad on most of them. 

However, it greatly affected one of their farmers, Evelio Miranda, who had to come to USAID for partnership.

He wasn’t the only Honduran farmer that received a partnership from USAID. Currently, these farmers have been connected to international buyers which have helped to boost their farm business internationally.

They don’t just help only in quality food provision, they are also interested in a peaceful and democratic world. They help countries in preventing, detecting, and fighting corruption of any kind.

They also go further to hold those involved in the corrupt practices accountable. USAID free online certificate courses help us to see the effect of corruption in the country and the world at large.

So, USAID has to create and position Anti-corruption units in every sphere of the world, they are at the local, national, and international levels. With the help of USAID free online certificate courses, you will learn how to help them fight corruption.

In a country where tyranny is the norm, the country is made not to freely behave the way it should, thereby reducing freedom, growth, inventions, and innovations. USAID is working tirelessly to make the dignity and respect of all humans irrespective of age, nationality, ethnicity to be given to them. 

They know that a democratic world promotes development, and no country can advance without it. And, seeing citizens that have stood up for their rights, and people that have become voices to the voiceless have inspired them.

USAID has given microphones to women to speak of their equal rights and their equal access to the government. For instance, in Nepal, Archana Tamang is one of the women that advocated for women’s rights in the high position of the country, like the government.

With the help of USAID, in their 2017 election, they completed their first local election in 20 years. More than 1.7 million newly registered voters were mostly women.

In addition, USAID is fighting to make education accessible to everyone. For instance, they provided a means to help the children of Senegal to continue reading even during the COVID-19 pandemic when schools were closed.

They had access to reading programs that were broadcast on television and radio. And they formed a club that made the parents of these children read with their kids.

USAID partners with so many countries to provide education to their citizens, whether in tertiary institutions, high schools, or elementary. They went further to partner with Kenyans to support the path to higher education for the disabled.

With the help of USAID free online certificate courses, you’ll understand the effect of inclusive development, decentralization on their vision.



2021 marks USAID’s 60th anniversary. It was established on November 3, 1961, under the leadership of our late president, JFK.

Before it was created, lots of foreign assistance organizations were on their own, no group brought them together. Then, President John F. Kennedy thought of bringing all of these organizations as an agency.

This agency became in charge of rendering help to foreign countries to foster their economic and social growth. USAID’s vision continues to promote the American’s major value, “to do what is right.”

And since the USAID was activated, there has been amazing growth in international help. At first, they were focusing on the technical needs and capital assistance of foreign countries.

Then, in the 1970s, they shifted their focus to the basic needs of humans, like food, shelter, education, health, population planning. In the 1980s they started helping foreign countries to re-emphasize employment and growth of their income through agriculture.

Further, in the 1990s, USAID channeled its focus to helping foreign countries become self-reliant. In the 2000s, the help of USAID was needed during the Afghanistan and Iraq war.

They were called up to help the two countries to rebuild their way of rulership in the government. They also had to help to rebuild their infrastructure, health care, education, and civil society.

So far, their progress has helped to create free healthcare for everyone in various countries. They had to partner with some organizations to bring to light their assistance to foreign countries.

Currently, their staff is operating in over 100 countries with the same ambition and vision President JFK had. And, with USAID free online certificate courses you’ll see how they promote international students and post-pandemic education and fight the causes of violence.

Moreover, in their zeal to make the health system of every nation strong, they have supported field health programs and innovation with almost $4.15 billion. This also includes partnering with some of the best medical schools in the US to provide grant opportunities to help strengthen the medical growth of developing countries.

With its over $27 billion budget, USAID is said to be one of the largest official aid agencies in the world and accounts for more than half of all U.S. foreign assistance.

Who can apply for USAID online certificate courses?

USAID funds a lot of free online certificate courses, and their courses have been made available for any kind of student. There are certificate courses for business people, graduates, teachers, workers, and undergraduates.

It is also available for the United States and international students. You can decide to enroll in the offline class or online, either way, you get the same quality.

USAID partners with lots of foreign governments, MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), to provide quality education to all people.

Benefits of USAID free online certificate courses

USAID free online certificate courses come with lots of benefits to their students. For instance, 

  • Their diploma in electrical studies will help you to join the electrical engineering labor market. 
  • The knowledge from these USAID free online certificate courses can help you to earn more salary.
  • It can also help you to start your own business.

USAID Free Online Certificate Courses

Here is the list of USAID free online certificate courses

  • Diploma in Electrical Studies
  • Introduction to Electrical Wiring Systems
  • Introduction to Carpentry
  • Diploma in Carpentry Studies
  • Diploma in Plumbing Studies

1. Diploma in Electrical Studies

It takes 10-15 hours to complete this course, and it is an online program. This is one of USAID free online certificate courses that is offered through Alison. Over 72,000 students have enrolled in this course, and it teaches you a lot about electricity. 

You’ll see how electricity helps us to live a better and more comfortable life. Imagine how our streets and houses would have been without electricity, thanks to inventors and electricians that made this possible.

The beginning of the module welcomes you to some introduction to electrical safety. Because there are some precautions, when they are not observed can lead to serious injury or even death.

For instance, arc flash or even shock can lead to death when you are a victim of them. It doesn’t always occur, but knowing about them will enable you to carefully prevent them.

You’ll also be introduced to electric circuits and the theories that govern electricity. You’ll focus your learning on what forms an electrical wiring system, and you will also see some of the hazards that can occur when you work with electric power.

In addition, this is one of USAID free online certificate courses that will teach you the procedures required to install electrical wiring components. You will start to see how electrical wiring in residence differs from that in commercial or industrial.

You will then go further to learning electrical drawings, how to put electrical connections into paper.

You’ll also learn the full uses of some electrical equipment such as an ammeter, galvanometer, voltmeter, ohmmeter, and multimeter.

The knowledge from the course will help to improve your electrical engineering skills thereby earning a higher salary. The course will teach you a broad aspect of electricity, its fundamentals, and the major aspect of the electrical trade.

There are 13 modules in this course, and you’ll be having a series of assessments as you go through the course. You must achieve an 80% or high score in each assessment before Alison can graduate you.

When you have completed the free diploma in electrical studies course, you can get a certificate for a little token, depending on the kind of certificate you’re going for. After completing the program, you can decide to further your electrical studies at one of the best electrical engineering schools in the world and earn a world-class degree. 

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2. Introduction to Electrical Wiring Systems

This is one of USAID free online certificate courses where you exclusively learn about electrical wiring. It takes 1.5 to 3 hours to complete, and over 28,000 students have already enrolled in it.

This course will focus on the important part of the electrical wiring system. You will learn the raceway system of wiring, and how it protects wires from physical effects like heat, corrosion, water, and threats.

You’ll see how the raceway system prevents people from being electrocuted, especially kids. And, the tiny parts of the electrical wiring system, how to properly handle them.

Further, you’ll learn how to install different kinds and sizes of electrical wire. This will help you to learn the foundational skills an electrician needs.

This course is one of the USAID free online certificate courses that made 4 simple but needful modules. The first module teaches you about device boxes, their uses, and types.

You’ll also learn about the jargon used in device boxes in this first module, then they will go further to teach you the different sizes and how to install electrical device boxes.

In the second module; hand-bending conduit; you will learn why it is required to use electrical conduits. You’ll learn the different ways electrical conduits can be made, whether of metal, plastic, or even fiber.

Further, in the second module, you’ll learn why hand bender is important for electrical conduits, and the geometry required to bend it.

Module 3 explains raceways and fittings. You’ll see how to work with raceways and conduits.

Finally, the last module explains conductors and cables. They will teach you the different instruments needed to install conductors into electrical conduits.

Then after all the modules, you’ll have your final assessment which also requires an 80% pass mark. Their course is free and has no restrictions, but you have to pay a little fee to acquire their certificate.

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3. Introduction to Carpentry

This is also another 1.5 to 3 hours class offered by USAID through Alison. It is one of USAID free online certificate courses enrolled by over 21,000 students.

It teaches you woodworking, and how to create quality constructions that can last for decades and centuries. Due to the expertise of carpenters, they are rated as one of the professions with the best rate of job satisfaction in the construction industry.

There are lots of career opportunities for carpentry. Including interpreting blueprints to customers, advising the construction industry on the best timber that should be used for a project. 

Some carpenters focus on planning and maintaining the structure of a building, they are known as rough carpenters. Some carpenters focus on creating trims of a room.

In this course, you’ll be learning the terminologies used in the carpentry world, such as plywood, butt joint, architrave, biscuit jointer, finish, rough. They will also go further to teach you different construction materials that carpenters use, such as; lumber, shiplap, laminate, molding, etc.

Yet, you will learn how to properly measure the appropriate material sizes that are needed for different projects. This is one of the USAID free online certificate courses that teach you different fasteners.

It has four modules, which includes;

  • Introduction to Carpentry
  • Building Materials
  • Fasteners and Adhesives
  • Hand and Power tools.

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4. Diploma in Carpentry Studies

This is an advanced course of intro to carpentry that takes 5 to 6 hours to complete. It is one of USAID free online certificate courses where you fully understand the modern application of carpentry.

You will see how carpentry has developed to what it is in this 21st century. You will see the difference between our modern-day tools and the ones used decades ago.

And how this modern-day equipment has helped to improve buildings and commercial constructions. You’ll also learn the career opportunities that have been kept for potential carpentry experts.

The interesting thing about this course is, it will teach you everything in the introduction to Carpentry, give you an assessment then move further to other advanced modules. This is one of USAID free online certificate courses that goes further to teach you;

  • Reading plans and elevations
  • Floor systems
  • Wall and Ceiling Framing
  • Roof Framing
  • Introduction to concrete
  • Windows and exterior doors
  • Stair construction

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5. Diploma in Plumbing Studies

This is one of USAID free online certificate courses that take 6 to 10 hours to complete. You’ll be learning the skills required to become a professional in Plumbing.

This course goes far back to lecture you a little history of plumbing and how it has evolved in our 21st century. You’ll go further to see a special skill set an expert plumber needs.

You’ll start to understand some terms used in the plumbing industry and safety signs in plumbing. There are 15 modules in this course, which includes;

  • The plumbing profession
  • Plumbing safety
  • Hazard communication
  • Tool safety and working environment
  • Plumbing tools
  • Plumbing math
  • Plumbing drawings
  • Plastic pipes and fittings
  • Copper pipes and fittings
  • Cast-iron pipes and fittings
  • Carbon steel pipes and fittings
  • Corrugated stainless steel tubing
  • Fixtures and faucets
  • Drain, waste, and vent systems
  • Water distribution systems

When you’re done you will take the final assessment, which requires an 80% pass mark.

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You’ll see in these USAID free online certificate courses, they are all from Alison. This is because USAID is partnering with Alison to provide free online certificate courses to everyone.

This course gives you an edge over other people, and if you can pay for the certificate, which is recognized globally, you’ll stand out in any of the careers listed above.