10 Best Colleges For Sports Analytics

Sports analytics is an on-demand position in the sports industry and you can totally gain the skills, expertise, and experience from college. Here in this article are the best colleges for sports analytics that can equip you with the necessary qualifications to kick-start a successful career in the field.

This could probably be the first time you are hearing of sports analytics as a career. It is a legit career in the sports industry and a hugely important one too. Teams and sports organizations are highly dependent on sports analysis for many purposes and it contributes to the growth of teams and companies.

According to builtin.com, sports analytics is the process of plugging statistics into mathematical models to predict the outcome of a given play or game. Coaches rely on these analytics to scout opponents and optimize play calls in the game, while front offices use them to prioritize player development.

From the above description, you now understand what sports analytics is all about and how important it is to teams and sports companies. To work in sports analytics, you will need to attend college and earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in sports management, sports administration, or sports analysis.

Then to become a sports analytics specialist, you must have proficient skills in communication, statistics, writing, data analytics, programming, and sports. Going for any of the degree programs listed above will equip you with these skills and the experience too but you must have a strong background in math, statistics, or a related subject to even get into the academic program.

If you are passionate about sports, playing is not the only way you can get involved in the field. There are high-quality roles within the industry like sports analytics for instance. And if you haven’t considered a career in sports analytics, maybe you should begin to. Because according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a high demand for professional sports analysts and projected to grow up to 33% between 2020 and 2030.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary of a sports analyst in the US is $82,114 per year while Glassdoor says it is $62,071 per year in the US.

So, as you can see, sports analytics is a high-paying career within the sports industry. You can decide to work with a sports company as their sports analyst or become an agency and offer your services to various sports companies, teams, and/or clubs.

Although this article concentrates on the best colleges for sports analytics you may also want to check other related posts like the colleges with sports analytics majors and also colleges for sports marketing to explore other options within the sports industry.

Having said that, let’s dive into the main topic.

best colleges for sports analytics

Best Colleges For Sports Analytics

  • Arizona State University
  • Syracuse University
  • Springfield College
  • Rice University
  • American University
  • The University of Mississippi
  • George Mason University
  • Mercer University
  • California University of Pennsylvania
  • Northwestern University

1.     Arizona State University

ASU is a public research university that ranks among the top universities in the US for its outstanding academics. The US News & World Report ranks the school at no.121 out of 443 national universities and also as the most innovative school in the nation. The institution specializes in academic areas such as business, management, psychology, engineering, etc.

If you are looking for a top school to earn a degree in sports analytics, then you should consider adding ASU to your list. The school offers a prestigious master’s degree in sports analytics. The program is 100% online which makes it flexible and you can join irrespective of your location.

2.     Syracuse University

And here we have Syracuse University as one of the best colleges for sports analytics. This university is actually the first in the US to offer a Bachelor of Science in Sports Analytics. The program develops fine sports analysts by educating them on the principles of research methodology, sports economics, database management, finance, computer mathematics, economics, and statistics.

To help students gain experience in the field, the school set students up with internships at leading sports management and analytics firms to gain industrial experience and increase their chances of success when they set out on their own.

3.     Springfield College

Springfield College is a private college in Massachusetts, USA widely recognized as the birthplace of basketball because it was invented there. This makes the college a strong foundation of academic excellence and a rich athletic heritage. What better place to pursue an education in sports management than where basketball itself originated from?

Here at Springfield, a minor in sports analytics is offered from the department of mathematics, physics, and computer science – this is just a single department. The program curriculum covers topics on sports statistics, sports writing, sports information, dynamics of leadership, communication, and many more that will equip learners with the skills and expertise to pursue fulfilling careers as sports analysts.

4.     Rice University

This is a private research university in Houston, Texas and one of the top universities in the US ranked 15th out of 443 national universities by the US News & World Report. The institution is widely recognized for its contribution to science and stands out in the fields of space science, nanotechnology, artificial heart research, and structural chemical analysis.

This is the 15th-best school in the whole of the United States and earning a degree in sports analytics here would place you far above the competition in the workforce. The program is a Bachelor of Arts with a major in sport management and a major concentration in sports analytics. This presents opportunities for you to take up roles that come up between sports management and sports analytics.

5.     American University

American University is one of the best universities for degrees in sports analytics. The US News & World Report ranks the institution at no.72 out of 443 national universities. The sports analytics program here is high-level – a Master of Science in Sports Analytics and Management which is 100% online, 36-credit, and takes 2 years to complete.

The flexible program presents learners with the opportunity to become professional sports managers and sports analysts right from the comfort of their own homes. If you cannot commit to the MS program, you can go for the online graduate certificate in sports analytics and management which is 12 credits and takes between 6 – 8 months to complete.

6.     The University of Mississippi

This is the oldest and largest higher institution of learning in Mississippi. Its academic strength lies in liberal arts, science, pharmacy, law, and engineering disciplines. This is one of the factors that earn it a ranking on no.151 out of 443 national universities by US News & World Report.

The University of Mississippi offers an online Master of Science in Sports Analytics with two specializations in sports performance and sports business. The tuition for the program is $466 per hour which also makes it one of the most affordable schools for sports analytics.

7.     George Mason University

George Mason University is a public research university in Virginia and one of the best schools for sports analytics. The institution is one of the top 10 most diverse and innovative public universities in the US which contributes to its rank of 137th best school in the US by the US News & World Report.

The School of Sport, Recreation, and Tourism Management at George Mason University is responsible for offering a prestigious Bachelor’s degree in Sport Management with a minor in Sports Analytics. It is an 18-credit program that is offered through online and campus formats. The tuition is $558.40 for in-state students while out-of-state tuition is $1,565.25.

8.     Mercer University

Mercer University is a prestigious private research university in Georgia, USA where you can get one of the best education in sports analytics. The Princeton Review ranks the university among the best-value schools in the country.

The university offers a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Sports Marketing and Analytics. The program provides students with a focus on professional sports. When you earn this degree, you can get many opportunities within and outside the sports industry as a sports marketer, sports analyst, or business consultant.

9.     California University of Pennsylvania

For our 9th best college for sports analytics, we have the California University of Pennsylvania. A widely recognized public university in the US offering over 200 programs at undergraduate and graduate levels. The institution features top recreation facilities, best-in-class housing options, and plenty of green space for learning activities.

The California University of Pennsylvania offers an online Master of Science in Strategic Sport Analysis that comprises 36 credit hours. Tuition for the program is $516 per credit for in-state students and out-of-state tuition is $774 per credit hour.

10.  Northwestern University

And finally, we have Northwestern University as the last list of our best colleges for sports analytics. This university is a private research higher institution located in Illinois known for its focus on interdisciplinary education, extensive research output, and collaborative student culture. It is one of the top universities in the world ranking at no.10 out of 443 national universities by the US News & World Report.

Northwestern University offers a prestigious Master’s in Sports Administration with a specialization in sports analytics. The course is offered only in on-campus mode and consists of 11 courses.

This wraps up the list of best colleges for sports analytics and I hope it will be helpful in helping you make a decision on where to earn a degree in sports analytics.