12 Best Online Courses On Marketing With Certificates

Here are online courses on marketing you can take as an international or domestic student to improve your skill in the field of marketing and obtain a valid certificate upon completion.

Marketing is one of the most appreciated skills in the business field and getting an upper hand here means having more chances of being hired by top companies or even starting your own marketing company.

Over the years, we’ve advocated for online education stressing its importance in this ever-developing world we live in. In that motive, we’ve written several guides on online education, short courses, degrees online, free courses online, online universities and the rest of them.

One of the guides pointed out some free online courses in Canada and this has helped a lot of people improve their skills.

Just like marketing is a professional course, we have also written on about ten short professional courses in Canada that are obtainable online.

While you can take a marketing course online and obtain a certificate for the course, you can as well take a full degree course on marketing online and obtain a degree certificate at the end.

Taking Marketing Course Online

Learning and getting online courses on marketing seems to be turning into the order of the day, it has become widespread and this is a result of the benefits online education offers.

Studying a course online and getting the certificate doesn’t make you less of a student, you are equally as much of a student as one who goes to the regular school offline.

Most people who take online courses do so depending on their schedule, I mean you may be working in a firm and decide to take an online class on a course probably to enhance your skills or get you a promotion without having to quit your ob first.

Online courses are faster, hassle-free and convenient as you get to learn at your own space and time.

Back to the main topic, marketing is a really good discipline to study and you may want to study it to sharpen your skills or get you a promotion under a marketing department or just to gain the knowledge. You could also study it to become a marketing professional and start a new career path.

Marketing is known to be one of the primary components of business management, with this knowledge you can be able to efficiently promote a business, sell the products or services of that business, be able to carry out market research and create positive awareness.

It involves carrying out researches, promoting, distributing and selling goods or services and as a marketer, you must make this process interest clients and potential customers. Isn’t that how you win?

Let’s take a look at some of the marketing courses you can take online to stand out as a certified 21st-century marketer ready to take up jobs anywhere and deliver.

Online Courses On Marketing
( With Certificates )

  • Digital Marketing
  • Brand and Product Management
  • Pricing strategy
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Digital Branding and Engagement
  • Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO Training Course
  • Social Media Marketing
  • The strategy of Content Marketing
  • Introduction to Personal Branding
  • Market Research and Consumer Behavior

Digital Marketing: Just as the name implies digital marketing is a form of marketing that involves the use of the internet and IoT devices like smartphones, computers to promote goods and services.

Taking this course would get you skilled in this area of marketing, you’d know how to reach out to potential clients and customers through the means of social media, search engines, internet, and mobile devices.

Duration: 4 weeks long
Certificate: Available

Brand and Product Management: This is a marketing component that teaches you how to identify critical details required to create a product and also brand a strategy towards the success of the product.

Successful completion of this course would sharpen your skills in constructing strategies that will make your product or services come to life and reach the hands of customers and clients.

Duration: 4 weeks long
Certificate: Available

Pricing Strategy: is a technique used to establish the best price for a product or service and at the same time considering customer and market demands. Successful completion of this course will enable you to have a proper price-setting skill for your goods or services.

Duration: 4 weeks long
Certificate: Available

Marketing Analytics: is a marketing practice that involves managing, measuring and analyzing performance to increase its effectiveness and optimize ROI.

Successful completion of this course will make you manage and minimize the use and wastage of resources during marketing.

Duration: 6 weeks long
Certificate: Available

Digital Branding and Engagement is the utilization of technological devices to brand your product and also use this same technology to communicate with your clients concerning your product.

This course will give you the skill necessary to manage a digital brand and also connect with people through digital means.

Duration: 4 weeks long
Certificate: Available

Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content: This deals with how to make your brand, goods or services go viral by using the right content to promote it.

Successful completion of this course will give you skills on how to make your ideas stick, help you increase your influence and also able to utilize social media to spread information.

Duration: 4 weeks long
Certificate: Available

Content Marketing is the use of written or motion content simply designed or created to answer specific questions raised by customers which you could use to introduce your business to them.

Successful completion of this course will get you skilled at knowing how to create the right material such as webinars, entertainment, e-books, videos and educational materials to answer questions people have and bring in your product or services to them.

Duration: 4 weeks long
Certificate: Available

SEO Training Course: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) training course gets you skilled on how to use search engine mechanisms and how they affect organic search results and the websites.

This training course will give you the necessary skills for developing a working SEO strategy such as; how to perform keyword research, select keywords, know consumer’s search behaviour and also how to execute on-page SEO analysis.

Duration: 4 weeks long
Certificate: Available

Social Media Marketing is the use of social media platforms to advertise your product or services and to gain influence.

This course will teach you the hidden functions in your social media accounts that could be utilized to make your product, services and even you gain influence.

Duration: 4 weeks long
Certificate: Available

The strategy of Content Marketing is a course study that teaches you the strategies that are necessary when creating marketing contents such as webinars, videos etc and be certain that your content solves a specific problem.

At the end of this course program, you will be able to effectively plan, create, deliver and govern your content.

Duration: 5 weeks long
Certificate: Available

Introduction to Personal Branding This course will make you understand personal branding, what it means and how to inhabit your brand. It will also teach you how to establish yourself on at least three social media platforms, build and maintain a board of directors for your business.

Duration: 5 weeks long
Certificate: Available

Market Research and Consumer Behavior This is a highly necessary course of study in marketing, it is here that you can build the foundations of your marketing journey.

This course will get you skilled at creating a market research plan, analyze data, correctly interpret and communicate survey reports which will then help you to adopt a true consumer focus like identifying a need to buying and consuming a product and knowing how consumers make decisions.

Duration: 4 weeks long
Certificate: Available

Conclusion on Online Courses On Marketing

You may study one or more of these online courses outlined above to make your skills better, choose a new career path or even become a professional at it. Whichever way, as long as you study any of them you have added to your knowledge and knowledge they say is never wasted.

Certificates are also available for all the online courses on marketing listed here which is a plus to your CV, whether you are presenting it for a job in any company or you are using it to secure contracts for your own marketing company.

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