51 Biblical Questions that Make You Think

Ever come across biblical questions that make you think? In this article, we have listed over 50 thought-provoking biblical questions to make you think critically and put your biblical knowledge to the test positively.

Asking questions is the greatest way to explore a field of study, discipline, a hypothesis, and even a religion much deeper. If you are tired of living on the surface or no longer comfortable with being at the surface, questions are the only thing that will get you out of that zone and dive you into much deeper exploration.

Questions are asked everywhere and biblical questions are no exception, in fact, it is the most popular book with the highest number of questions. Top people like philosophers, scientists, and theologians talk about it all the time, raising more and more questions concerning the bible and in most cases, doubting its authenticity.

So, yea, questions aren’t just limited biblically if you want to take your knowledge of anything, it could be a relationship, marriage, business, etc. ask questions to advance another level else you’ll be stuck in a place.

I have discovered that asking incredible questions can uncover significant things in a section, cut through the haze and reach the core of a matter, and change your viewpoint and life. Thought provoking questions are even proven to work better, uncovering questions behind questions, which offer you greater depths.

In this post, I am only writing about thought provoking biblical questions to make you think not everyone has the ability to think up great questions, this article will help you with that. It is also for those who have come to the end of the road on biblical questions or experiencing a blockhead and can’t come up with questions.

Through this article, you will be open and be to explore a large volume of biblical questions that are designed to provoke your thoughts. You may also use this article for further reference if you are looking for biblical questions to ask during bible study, bible discussion group, ice breaker discussion points, and other places where a topic is required.

Truth is, the more you study the bible the more questions will arise and there’s nothing wrong about asking for answers to these questions that plague your mind, neither should be afraid nor embarrassed to seek for answers.

Now, let’s go on to explore the bible questions that make you think if maybe, by chance, you can get answers to them.


Biblical Questions that Make You Think

The following are biblical questions that make you think:

  1. In the bible, the law of God wasn’t given until the time of Moses, how then did Noah know what is clean/unclean and how did Cain and Abel learn about sacrifices?
  2. Why did God put the tree of knowledge in the garden of Eden if he knew what was going to happen?
  3. Why will God send anyone to an eternal burning flame? Isn’t he, after all, the all-loving God?
  4. Why did God allow Satan, the devil, to exist?
  5. Is it safe to say God created evil, since he created Lucifer, the Satan?
  6. In Hosea chapter 13 verses 16 and Revelation 13 verses 15-18, God commanded his chosen people to kill babies and children. Why would an all-loving God command that?
  7. God is all-knowing and all-powerful how could Satan think he could have a revolt against someone like that?
  8. How could there be war in heaven when God already knows about it and could make it stop or not to happen at all?
  9. Why did God try to kill Moses right after sending him to free the Israelites from Egypt?
  10. God sent Moses to free the Israelites then hardened Pharaoh’s heart, so that he would not let the Israelites leave, making it necessary for God to send the plagues on Egyptians. Why did God choose to go through all that stress? Doesn’t that pretty much negate Pharaohs free will in the matter and punish the Egyptians because of it?
  11. Is everything truly in God’s power?
  12. Why did God not just forgive humans instead of sending his own son to be tormented and killed for the same people he wants to forgive?
  13. “God is everywhere” where was he when the serpent was tormenting Eve?
  14. God is all-knowing why then is he angered by any sin we commit since he supposedly knows?
  15. How can I trust that the people who wrote the or translated the bible got it right?
  16. What evidence is there that the plagues, flood, and other miracles really happened?
  17. Why are some books included in the bible and others aren’t?
  18. How did God part and entire sea for the Israelites?
  19. Does Jesus possess the nature of Adam after the fall or before the fall?
  20. Did Christ experience God’s wrath on the cross?
  21. Who resurrected Jesus? Did he resurrect himself?
  22. What put Jesus on the cross? Was it sin or God?
  23. What is this mystery of which the Apostle Paul wrote to the Ephesians and Colossians?
  24. In the old testament, did the practice of animal sacrifices, circumcision, and feasts offer salvation?
  25. What is the seal of God vs the Mark of the beast?
  26. Can you sin and still make it to heaven?
  27. What is the best bible interpretation to use?
  28. Is there some role we have in impacting the timeline of Jesus’ return?
  29. How should be wait for the second coming of Jesus?
  30. In what year was the bible recorded?
  31. Did Jesus come to the world to deal with God’s wrath on man because of their sin or he come to take away sin?
  32. Where is Jesus now and what is he doing?
  33. Was there a time Jesus didn’t exist?
  34. As Christians, should we fight the fight of faith or fight the fight?
  35. What is the importance of tithes and offering?
  36. What is the importance of baptism when I’m still going to sin anyway?
  37. Does God remember forgiven sins?
  38. Is the bible full of errors and contradictions?
  39. What can we learn about politics from the bible?
  40. How did the Virgin Mary conceive by the Holy Spirit?
  41. Why is God so mean in the old testament?
  42. Why does Jesus need disciples?
  43. Can a wealthy person go to heaven?
  44. Was Adam’s sin the original or Satan’s?
  45. Aside Adam and Eve, did God create other people?
  46. When did Joseph, the father of Jesus, die?
  47. Did Jesus have any sibling?
  48. Is God male or female?
  49. Is Jesus really God?
  50. When did Mary, the mother of Jesus, die?
  51. Does God have a physical body?

These are the biblical questions that make you think, you might have already thought of some of them and find the others completely new. If you don’t have biblical questions to ask in a bible study discussion group, here you go. You now have over a forty of them at your disposal which you can use at various bible study meetings.

These biblical questions are provocative and if you asked them to over sensitive Christians they might pick offence or get embarrassed but the facts still remain that they are questions and deserve answers. So, don’t stop asking, don’t stop exploring or looking for the answers.

A huge amount of satisfaction comes with finding answers to provocative questions and this satisfaction isn’t just limited to biblical questions alone. It stretches to philosophical, scientific, and other field that is shrouded in mystery.

So, go on, explore…