10 Best Cosmetology Schools in New York

The best cosmetology schools in New York give rise to some of the finest beauticians found anywhere in the world. They are keenly sorted after as they produce some of the finest professionals in the field of beauty and cosmetics.

The cosmetology schools in New York are some of the finest the world has ever seen, but that is not the argument at this juncture in this day and age. Graduates from the various cosmetology schools in New York have gotten some of the biggest contracts, some as big as Hollywood.

The cosmetology schools in New York follow the same path to academic excellence that has distinguished the state from other states and even some countries; that is why some consider the New York online colleges to mirror the Indiana-accredited online colleges which are keenly sorted after by both national and international students.

Well, pardon me for letting you in on a little secret, I am going to—for this one time only—expose to you the way I see and define beauty. Because this topic we are embarked on this journey for is entrenched in beauty and creativity, which are the bedrock of how I see things for it is written: “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”.

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How to become a Cosmetologist in New York

Cosmetologists in the state of New York must be licensed to conduct hair and beauty services. Aspiring cosmetologists must finish a 1,000-hour cosmetology program that has been recognized by the state and then pass a licensure test in order to obtain this license.

Cosmetology Schools in New York

10 Best Cosmetology Schools in New York

1.      The Academy NYC of Cosmetology & Esthetics

The Academy is a legendary New York-style school. The Academy offers the proprietary Paul Mitchell cutting method, which is sought after by stylists across the nation, as a Paul Mitchell partner school. The building is as opulent, cutting edge, and fashionable as you would expect from the top cosmetology school in New York, but students also mention that the atmosphere is welcoming and inclusive.

The Academy participates in regional and national charity activities in an effort to be a good neighbor in its neighborhood. Few students graduate from the eight-month school in debt, and 77% land positions in the field right after. Both scholarships and VA benefits are recognized.

2.      American Beauty School—New York

ABS is highly regarded by salon owners all across the city as one of the oldest and most well-established cosmetology schools in New York. The institution is extremely inexpensive despite its prominence.

Nearly all graduates have no loan debt. More than 50% of students graduate on schedule. Though many will be asked to assist in school-sponsored philanthropic activities like the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk throughout their stay there. Even the G.I. Bill is accepted at this institution.

3.      Arrojo Cosmetic School—New York

It is quite impressive because Arrojo has some of the best salon facilities in New York City. This institution places students in the epicenter of New York’s fashion industry because it is situated in TriBeCa.

The school boasts one of the highest on-time completion rates in the state for its 7-month curriculum, which is one of the shortest in the country, and Arrojo teaches a distinctive cutting method.

With 80 percent of graduates getting employment in the business right away, students are sure to have a job waiting for them when they graduate. During their tenure at the institution, the majority of students incur little or no debt from loans. For qualifying veterans, the school receives benefits from the G.I. Bill.

4.      Aveda Institute—New York

The salon and classroom areas of the Aveda Institute are expansive, bright, and shiny, evoking New York flair and placing students right in the center of the international fashion business.

Aveda teaches students how to use the newest products and techniques while also fostering their creative expression. The extensive salon network of Aveda offers graduates job placement prospects.

Students in the program don’t accrue a lot of debt, and the several national Aveda scholarships that are available, along with the fact that the school takes VA insurance, can make it even more inexpensive.

5.      Beauty School of Middletown—Middletown

Middletown maintains an extremely low teacher-to-student ratio to guarantee that every participant receives the greatest amount of one-on-one instruction from qualified teachers. Students graduate from the institution with a lot less debt than the state average in terms of student loan debt.

6.      Capri Cosmetology Learning Center—Nanuet

Because Capri is located outside of New York City, they are able to charge such low tuition fees. But they don’t cut corners on the instruction. Students are given extensive business skills training in addition of the internationally known curriculum that has made Capri one of “the ivy league of cosmetology schools,” preparing them for positions in salon management or even salon ownership.

During their time in school, students incur little debt, which can be further reduced by utilizing available scholarships or using VA system benefits.

Community functions like Style for a Cause at Westchester Medical Center and a Fashion Festival fundraiser for Bethel Woods Center are sponsored by the Capri Cares program.

7.      Carsten Institute of Cosmetology—New York

The Carsten Institute is the only school on our list that offers education in this fundamental style skill, and it strikes pupils with an international flavor since it has embraced the famed Bruno Pittini’s French Haircutting method.

Eighty percent of students graduate on schedule, proving that the Institute’s instructors have honed their teaching methods. They often do not have large student loan debt when they graduate.

Students at Carsten also give back to the community by offering style assistance to poor females attending proms and assisting in the provision of educational opportunities for nearby high school students and guidance counselors.

8.      Continental School of Beauty—Rochester

On the route to becoming eligible to take the New York state license exam, CSB believes in appointing qualified teachers and making studying enjoyable for students.

Although the school is recognized for its value because of its low tuition expenses, students will benefit greatly from the integrated business training curriculum and job placement service, which will aid in their employment after graduation.

The institution accepts VA benefits and provides scholarships. Additionally, CSB is dedicated to helping philanthropic and community groups, which is advantageous for students who wish to give back as they learn.

9.      Hair Design Institute—New York

Thanks to the committed career services personnel at the Hair Design Institute, 81% of graduates go on to land positions in the sector. However, because of the high-quality education pupils acquire, finding a job isn’t too difficult.

In order to prepare them for their careers, HDI students practice in actual salons using name-brand products and take part in industry events. Surprisingly, the school has below-average tuition costs compared to the other colleges on the list, making it quite inexpensive. Also accepted are VA benefits.

Prospective students can choose from a wide range of scholarships offered by HDI. The Institute differentiates itself from other New York universities by including a business skills component in the core curriculum.

10.  Midway Paris Beauty School—New York

While teaching fundamental, modern, and sophisticated style methods, Midway Paris also gives students the freedom to express their own unique originality and flair.

This university is a wonderful choice for students on a tight budget who want to receive top-notch stylist instruction. Nearly all student loan debt is paid off by the time they graduate. Counselors from the student services department help graduates find employment.

14 List of Colleges in New York for Cosmetology

Here is a list of colleges in New York that offer cosmetology to students, feel free to check on anyone that appeals to you and apply for enrollment;

  • Empire Beauty School—Manhattan
  • Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics
  • Continental School of Beauty Culture—Rochester
  • Continental School of Beauty Culture—Mattydale
  • Capri Cosmetology Learning Center
  • Christine Valmy International School of Esthetics, Skin Care, and Makeup
  • Shear Ego International School of Hair Design
  • Brittany Beauty School—Levittown
  • Empire Beauty School—Queens
  • Empire Beauty School—Brooklyn
  • American Beauty School
  • The Salon Professional Academy—Tonawanda
  • Britanny Beauty School—Bronx
  • Continental School of Beauty Culture—West Seneca


The beauty schools in New York are vast in knowledge and application of such, it is important to seize this by the horns and enroll in any of the mentioned cosmetology schools in New York as soon as possible.

Cosmetology Schools in New York—FAQs

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”How long are Cosmetology Schools in New York?” answer-0=”It takes nothing less than a 1,000-Hours of academic work to complete the cosmetology schools in New York. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What is the Salary of a Cosmetologist in NY?” answer-1=”In New York, NY, the average hourly wage for a cosmetologist is $35.23.” image-1=”” count=”2″ html=”true” css_class=””]