10 Best Cosmetology Schools in Texas

The cosmetology schools in Texas are some of the best in the industry as they have an age-long reputation for bringing forth some of the finest and highly talented professionals.

The cosmetology schools in Texas are some of the finest the world has ever seen, but that is not the argument at this juncture in this day and age. Graduates from the various cosmetology schools in Texas have gotten some of the biggest contracts, some as big as Hollywood.

The cosmetology schools in Texas follow the same path to academic excellence that has distinguished the state from other states and even some countries; that is why some consider the Texas online colleges to mirror the Indiana-accredited online colleges which are keenly sorted after by both national and international students.

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Cost of Cosmetology Schools in Texas

For students on a tight budget, the beauty schools in Texas that made our list are quite reasonable with an average price of $13,852. With so many beauty academies spread all around the state, accessibility is not a concern for any student prospects, no matter where they may be from.

How to become a Cosmetologist in Texas

Complete a cosmetology curriculum at a public school that consists of 500 hours of relevant high school coursework and 1,000 hours of instruction at a beauty school.

You have a Class A Barber Certificate and 300 hours of cosmetology training under a recognized training program at a beauty school.

Best Cosmetology Schools in Texas

10 Best Cosmetology Schools in Texas

1.      Avenue Five Institute—Austin

The students’ achievement and passion are Avenue Five’s key priorities.

This results in a 64 percent on-time graduation rate. The famed Vidal Sassoon cutting method is taught to students throughout the course of the program’s 11 months, and they also get extra instruction in fundamental business principles to position them for future management or ownership positions in salons.

Additionally, the school emphasizes giving back to the community. Avenue Five has collaborated with several other regional non-profits and has long supported the Breast Cancer Resource Center of Austin. even accepts veterans’ benefits at the school.

2.      Baldwin Beauty Schools—Austin

Founder Ross Baldwin incorporated a significant mentorship component in Baldwin’s educational philosophy in 1960. In comparison to other programs in Austin, the school today takes pride in claiming to have graduated the most cosmetology students.

This rank has been made possible by a high completion rate on schedule. More significantly, 84% of those graduates went on to obtain employment right away in the beauty sector.

The school’s tuition costs are also lower than the state average. For students in need of additional support, scholarships are available. In line with its generosity, the school also contributes to a wide variety of regional nonprofits and charities.

Last but not least, a significant business skills component helps Baldwin graduates complete their degrees.

3.      Central Texas Beauty College—Austin

The Central Texas Beauty College is dedicated to offering the best instruction at a reasonable cost, and they succeed in doing so. They offer the lowest tuition in the state and all of their programs have 100% State Board pass rates.

Additionally, the institution provides scholarships to meritorious applicants, further reducing the cost of the program for those who are most in need.

As a result, pupils graduate with absolutely no loan debt! More than 50 percent of students complete the program on schedule and within budget.

4.      Franklin Beauty School—Houston

Time is undoubtedly on The Franklin School’s side. They may be the state’s oldest continually running beauty school, having been started in 1915! Old doesn’t always equal outdated, though; the institution offers some of the best classroom and salon facilities in the state. At the same time, students benefit from traditional values.

Franklin is cost-effective due to an emphasis on value and frugality, and students graduate with less debt from student loans.

5.      Milan Institute of Cosmetology—Amarillo

Milan provides a wide range of career training programs, with a focus on assisting students in locating employment following graduation. After finishing the Milan program, a professional career services section aids each graduate of a cosmetology program in finding employment.

In addition, the school’s cosmetology training curriculum includes a highly useful business skills component that prepares students for salon management. We accept VA benefits.

6.      Ogle School of Hair, Skin, and Nails—Dallas

With 82 percent of alumni securing jobs, they enjoy right after graduation, the Ogle school has one of the greatest rates of job placement in the state.

Every graduate receives assistance from a career services department in finding employment in the sector.

Moreover, half of Ogle’s students finish the thorough, fashionable, and business-focused course of study in the allotted 12 months. Along with their polished and modern teaching approach, Ogle’s optional iPad-based digital curriculum particularly impressed us.

7.      Paul Mitchell—Austin

The Paul Mitchell cutting system is a set of style procedures that provides graduates a distinct edge in the job market as soon as they graduate, and Paul Mitchell schools are well known for having exclusive access to it.

Less well known are the numerous acts of kindness that Paul Mitchell shops frequently carry out in their neighborhoods, such as their involvement in the annual FUNraising charity event.

“Giving is my style,” is their credo. Students at the Austin campus, like those at all other Paul Mitchell institutions, have access to scholarship opportunities, and the university also takes VA benefits.

8.      Texas College of Cosmetology—Abilene

With all the newest and greatest fashion trends included in its curriculum, the Texas College of Cosmetology guarantees to provide students with the best education of their lives.

With below-average tuition and a free program to assist alumni find jobs when they complete their training, the institution is incredibly valuable. In addition, the institution takes VA benefits.

9.      Total Transformation Institute of Cosmetology—Austin

Modern education and straightforward business principles are combined at Total Transformation, one of the top cosmetology schools around.

The curriculum includes the Sassoon Cutting and Coloring program, which gives graduates an advantage over those from other schools.

The fact that TTIC graduates students on schedule and with less student loan burden is another advantage for them. The institution accepts VA benefits and even provides certain scholarships.

Supporting Earth Day initiatives is only one way the school keeps up its community engagement at both the local and global levels! Graduates of TTIC easily adapted to the laid-back but active Austin aesthetic.

10.  Vogue College of Cosmetology

According to Vogue, the success of the institution depends on the accomplishments of its graduates. They are dedicated to giving pupils the practical abilities and self-assurance they need to succeed in the real world.

Their secret is a welcoming family environment mixed with knowledge and experience. Their accomplishment is demonstrated by a completion percentage of 77% on time! The institution accepts VA system benefits and provides scholarships.

For those still interested, below I list the colleges in Texas with cosmetology courses. You can choose any of them that appeals to you to further your studies.

17 Colleges in Texas with Cosmetology Courses

  • Lone Star College
  • Houston Community College
  • San Jacinto College
  • Southwestern Assemblies of God University
  • El Paso Community College
  • South Plains College
  • Laredo College
  • Navarro College
  • Wharton County Junior College
  • Odessa College
  • McLennan Community College
  • Palo Alto Community College
  • Kilgore College
  • Weatherford College
  • Southwest Texas Junior College
  • North Central Texas College
  • Trinity Valley Community College


The esthetician schools in Texas offer students a great opportunity to grow their creative spirit while being trained to become worthy professionals. Enroll now.

Cosmetology Schools in Texas—FAQs

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