7 Top Culinary Schools in Oregon | Fees, and Details

The fine art of a well-prepared meal, properly arranged to also be artistically pleasing is learned at the top Culinary Schools in Oregon. And with the added benefit of being a high paying, people loving profession, it is important for those nursing interests in having a career as a professional chef, sommelier, or restaurateur that is respected as a master of the art, to focus on this post that presents the 7 top culinary schools in Oregon.

If I were to advise anyone considering a career in the restaurant or culinary industry, I would tell them that reading is a prerequisite for success, so read everything you can about the foods you come across, and learn from professional chefs who have had successful careers as well as those who have failed or are learning from their failures, as this will teach you more about the industry you are entering and what mistakes to avoid.

Oregon is known for its discipline, professionalism, and strong academic pursuit with top-grade courses that include accelerated nursing programs.

Oregon is an amazing city, as it is one city that is blessed with amazing natural wonders like Crater Lake, Mount Hood, and Cannon Beach. This has made it a must-be for tourists and students alike as it is the home of Oregon University.

The restaurant sector in Oregon is worth 9.7 billion dollars. The state’s dining establishments employ over 10,450 people, accounting for 11% of the state’s total workforce. The demand for restaurant and foodservice occupations is predicted to grow by 11.6 percent by 2029, resulting in 24,500 new jobs. Now is the best moment to acquire your culinary degree and start working!

Like Oregon, Tennessee is a mighty fine state with a rich history of fine dining, and to pass down this tradition to future generations both indigenous and foreigners alike, some of the finest culinary schools around have been established in Tennessee.

Maryland is another fine example of a place filled with food-loving people that know how to treat their pallets right, any Marylander will inform you that good food is synonymous with a happy community and they take personal the education of anyone willing to have a deep understanding of culinary skills in any of the culinary schools found within the state.

Mind you, Oregon doesn’t just have well-fed people but also a people ready for a fight as they are known to install within their wards the discipline found within the military by sending them to some of the best military boarding schools within Oregon.

Before we get into the finest culinary schools in Oregon, there are a few things that must be ingrained in the minds of individuals seeking admission to any of the state’s culinary schools. What I’m talking about is that students from Oregon can apply to any of the culinary schools in Oregon if they meet any of the following criteria:

  • For starters, you must possess high school certificates, official transcripts, GED, HISET, high school equivalency documents, etc., and must be ready to present the same which indicates you have finished high school.
  • You must be able to present reference letters attached with valid ID cards.
  • You must have a duly filled, handwritten essay that will be submitted.
  • You must have within your possession a study permit card or a student visa for international students.
  • It is important to note that your scores on proficiency tests such as IELTS or TOEFL for English Language users, DELE for the Spanish Language users, DELF or DALF for the French users, and DSH, OSD, TELF, and TestDAF for the German language users must be submitted, therefore it is important to improve your proficiency in the uses of these languages. Also, pertinent to note that not all the culinary schools in Oregon require this.

We compiled a list of the top culinary schools in Oregon. Our list includes schools that are recognized by the American Culinary Federation and have a strong industry reputation based on our online research.

We prioritized institutions with a hands-on culinary lab setting, knowledgeable faculty, and an externship program that allows students to obtain practical job experience in the sector before graduation. The following is our list.

Culinary Schools in Oregon

7 Top Culinary Schools in Oregon

1.      Southwestern Oregon Community College

Southwestern Oregon Community College is one of the best culinary schools in Oregon. A 17,000 square foot state-of-the-art culinary facility with three kitchen labs, classrooms, and a banquet hall is available to students. Students in the associate degree program complete a year of professional education before embarking on a three-month internship to put their culinary skills to the test.

Students have the option of living on campus and participating in college sports and activities for a more typical college experience. Graduates of the school can work as sous chefs, Garde mangers, kitchen supervisors, and restaurant managers, among other professions.

Tuition and Fees

The Southwestern Oregon Community College presents to prospective students, their parents, and guardians a tuition calculator, which grants them the opportunity to know beforehand what it entails to study with them.

Out-of-state tuition is not charged at Southwestern Oregon Community College. Tuition at SWOCC is the same whether you reside in Oregon or elsewhere. Financial help is offered from the college as well as federal and state agencies.


2.      Lane Community College

Lane Community College, one of the most prestigious culinary schools in Oregon, offers a competitive AAS degree in the Culinary Arts that has been awarded outstanding certification by the American Culinary Federation.

Students can get experience by working at the university’s banquet and conference facilities. Menu planning, food preparation, baking, cleanliness, and safety are among the skills taught in this rigorous curriculum. Students learn not just about the origins of their food, but also about the nutritional worth of the foods they consume.

Lane boasts cutting-edge cooking laboratories and top-notch instructors and staff that provide a great learning environment for students. Chefs, head cooks, restaurant cooks, and production bakers are among the jobs available to graduates.

Admission Requirements

The Lane Community College presents to prospective students seeking admission into their care the requirements as regards admission on their website, where the information is arranged to cater to all categories of prospective students, head over there and get the necessary information as regards your study.

Tuition and Fees

The official website of the Lane Community College presents all there is to know about the required tuition and fees that are expected of prospective students, this enables students to get to grips with the realities regarding studying in the college.

The Lane Community College has painstakingly arranged all payments according to the category each student falls under; from International to domestic, all expenses as regards the fees and tuition are presented in a precise manner.


3.      Central Oregon Community College

The Cascade Culinary Institute at Central Oregon Community College offers associate degree programs approved by the American Culinary Federation. There is a reason CCI is highly recognized in the culinary schools in Oregon and by presenting students with options to observe experts in action in numerous cooking laboratories and a demo theater at CCI, it is highly sorted after by many in search of culinary colleges in Oregon to attend.

CCI operates Elevation, a student-run restaurant that serves the general public (reservations recommended), giving students real-world experience before venturing out on their own.

CCI boasts an approximately 18:1 student-to-faculty ratio and offers “open laboratories,” which allow students to practice their abilities under supervision outside of their regular class schedule.

Students develop critical thinking skills, community skills, and leadership abilities that will help them succeed as they advance in their careers.

Admission Requirements

To get information on admission and the requirements to be met before gaining admission into the Cascade Culinary Institute, prospective students need to apply online. This is made to ease the strain placed on students during the admission process.

Tuition and Fees

The tuition and fees of the Cascade Culinary Institute in the Central Oregon Community College have the same tuition and fee rates as other regular colleges and institutes. Also available is a tuition calculator where prospective students can know and budget in advance what is expected to be paid during their stay within the Institute.


4.      Linn-Benton Community College

Linn-Benton Community College is a prestigious culinary school that offers a two-year associate’s degree in culinary arts. Culinary skills in the pantry, bakery, grill, a la carte, food productions, soups, and meal preparation are taught to students. Students learn to prepare a wide range of cuisines, including Asian, vegetarian, and other ethnic dishes that are popular among today’s diners.

The Santiam Restaurant provides wait for service training for first-year students and kitchen training for second-year students. Pastries and coffee beverages are offered in the morning, followed by lunch at 11 a.m.

Another on-campus eating option is the Commons Cafeteria, which serves cuisine made by culinary students. Catering and conference services are also available at Linn-Benton, allowing students to obtain experience in those areas.

Admission Requirements

To be on schedule for participation in the upper-division curriculum and timely graduation, students applying to STEM-field majors should complete college-level mathematics.

Students who are accepted without having taken a college-level mathematics course must take one at OSU within their first 45 credits.

Students who graduated from high school in 1997 or after must fulfill a foreign language requirement by completing two years of high school level study in the same language or two quarters/semesters of college-level study with a C- or higher.

Tuition and Fees

Students interested in the Linn-Benton Community College are presented with the ability to get a forehand knowledge of what the costs of admission are and also get to calculate them with the school’s fees calculator.


5.      Portland Community College

Portland Community College is the first on our list of the finest culinary schools in Oregon. Culinary Assistant Training is available at the college. This curriculum is designed specifically for people with disabilities and prepares them for careers in the food service industry. The certificate may be completed in less than a year, and scholarships are available.

Admission Requirements

Admission into the Portland community college can be done online with ease as information on what is required from prospective first-time students is presented to students in ease to understanding format.

Tuition and Fees

  • $123 per credit for residents U.S. citizens and immigrants having permanent resident status in Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, or Nevada are eligible. All students qualified for VA Education Benefits are also affected.
  • $258 per credit for non-residents
  • International students and students from states that do not border Oregon are eligible.


6. Oregon Coast Culinary Institute

Southwestern Oregon Community College is home to the Oregon Coast Culinary Institute. It is one of the reasons why many lists of the finest culinary schools in Oregon include both entries when they are part of the same school system as it is on par with giant culinary schools in Oregon such as the Cascade Culinary Institute and Central Oregon Community College. The American Culinary Federation has granted OCCI programmatic accreditation, making it one of the few culinary schools in the state.

Through its state-of-the-art culinary facilities, OCCI provides students with intense practical learning opportunities to become skilled in the newest culinary trends and methods. Degree programs in culinary administration, baking and pastry arts, and culinary arts are available at the university.

On-campus SOCC students benefit from an affordable curriculum and the amenities that come with it because it is a part of the Southwestern Oregon Community College.

Students will get advanced and fundamental chef training as well as restaurant management abilities through OCCI’s Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts program. It is an American Culinary Federation-accredited curriculum that allows students to earn the Certified Culinarian certification upon completion.

The principles of current and traditional cuisine, as well as restaurant processes, will be taught to students. They will be able to choose between a remote externship and a local externship as part of the concluding requirement.

Graduates can work in a variety of culinary professions since they have improved a la carte and Garde manger’s cooking abilities. Students must complete at least 91 credit hours to graduate.

To earn an Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Management, you’ll need 107 credits. Except for the final term requirements, the curriculum is equivalent to the Culinary Arts AAS program.

Students who complete the Culinary Management AAS program will be eligible to enroll in Southern Oregon University’s Bachelor of Applied Science in Hospitality and Tourism program as juniors.

The Associate of Applied Science in Baking and Pastry Arts, as well as the Associate of Applied Science in Baking Management, follow the same framework as the Culinary Arts degrees.

The curriculum, on the other hand, will teach pupils how to make baked products, pastries, and confectioneries. Students will learn how to work with chocolate, frosting, syrups, and sugar, and will be prepared for the future as pastry chefs or professional bakers at a resort, hotel, restaurant, bakery, or other food service institution.

The Culinary Arts Certificate of Completion and the Baking and Pastry Arts Certificate of Completion are two short-term academic programs offered by OCCI.

Both programs have a total of 73 credits. Graduates are prepared to apply for entry-level careers in various food service organizations after completing a program that covers broad core knowledge in culinary arts, baking, and pastry arts.

Students will be eligible for scholarships and other financial assistance opportunities regardless of the majors they choose. Depending on the students’ dedication and schedule, any culinary program can be finished in 18 months. Students receive specialized, hands-on learning in professional culinary settings through OCCI’s academic programs, which are taught by trained chefs.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements are mentioned in full on the website, check it out to keep abreast on what is expected of students to gain admission into this prestigious institution.

Tuition and Fees

Payments for the tuition and fees can be made easier by getting awarded with any of the scholarships and grants on offer, head there to see if you are qualified enough to get one.


7. The Kitchen at Middleground Farms

The Kitchen at Middleground Farms is one of the finest culinary schools in Oregon if you’re seeking a non-traditional cooking school with a unique experience. It’s a recreational and on-farm culinary school based in Wilsonville on a family hobby farm. The Kitchen at Middleground Farms is also a farm-to-table dining experience for honoring relationships with family, friends, or professionals.

Middleground Farms’ Kitchen offers a range of cooking lessons for kids and adults that will teach them the fundamentals of gardening and cuisine. Each workshop will also include traditional and forgotten food preservation and handcrafting techniques.

Traditional culinary methods will be emphasized in the Kitchen, from gathering up vegetables and fruits for the winter season to learning the foundations of cheesemaking to making a delectable pie dish. Students will also learn about food science and how to use a knife.

Demonstration Classes and Hands-On Classes are available in Middleground Farms’ Kitchen. A class of two to ten students will be accommodated inside the cooking studio for each Demonstration class.

The presentation will teach participants about the methods, techniques, tools, and equipment needed to make a certain dish. They will be able to taste the results of the chef’s effort when they have completed the dish. While the presentation is going on, the staff will serve each course.

One of the chefs may let one person assist in the kitchen while also seeing the recipe. It’s one of the finest culinary experiences you can have while learning to cook. Depending on the difficulty of the dish, each lesson will run for about two hours.

The following are some of the most popular cooking lessons offered at The Kitchen:

  • Knife Skills: Getting Back to Basics
  • Winter Harvest Cooking Fundamentals for Kids: Plant-Based Meals (8 & Up)
  • Celebrate your date night!
  • Pasta for the Family!
  • Sauces – Back to Basics
  • Bread Baking Camp for Two Days

Apart from traditional dishes, The Kitchen at Middleground Farms offers a number of demonstration programs, such as the Winemaker’s Dinner Series. Each Winemaker’s Dinner Series event will feature an interactive and educational cooking lesson with Oregon wines matched with seasonal fare.

Each demonstration will highlight a specific brand of wine, such as Argyle, Brooks, or Cristom, as well as wine aficionados from the winery.

Chefs from The Kitchen will display the menu and pairings, discuss a 4-course seasonal meal, and offer suggestions to help create stunning combinations. The Kitchen’s Curator of Wine & Experiences will also educate attendees on the specific pairings for each meal.

To register for the demonstration class, participants must pay a $50 table deposit. A $145 per-person fee, minus the table deposit, is also charged at the end of the session. They will be seated in the Wine Barn alongside others in groups of four to eight people, each with two cooks.



Though Oregon is a land of beauty, the fervent nature to which it holds on to high educational standards is not only commendable but also enviable. Those who are considering any of the 5 top culinary schools in Oregon are not only choosing the right direction but are also laying the foundations for having a wonderful professional career.