10 Best Entry-level Criminology Jobs

Are you captivated by the intricacies of the surroundings of a crime scene? Or do you enjoy how meticulous one has to be to analyze evidence or the level of psychology you need to understand criminal behavior? You might even be aspiring to be the real-life Sherlock Holmes or Lisbeth Salander. If all of these speak to you, it really means the world of criminology is calling your name!

Truth be told, it’s not easy to break into any specialized field, the question of where to begin always comes up especially if you’ve just gotten the required education or training. Don’t worry, some entry-level criminology jobs are good roles to begin your journey to mastery.

Moreover, there are still interesting jobs with decent pay that don’t consider your degree, and you can focus on some important trade school subjects that can land you high-paying jobs. The rule of thumb remains for you to have a brilliant resume that can win you these jobs.

These criminology jobs can benefit you whether you’re a college graduate eager to apply your knowledge or a career changer with a newfound passion for criminal justice. 

Let’s get started.

entry-level criminology jobs

Entry-level Criminology Jobs

Before we get started, you should know that most entry-level jobs are competitive, so you should learn to be patient and persistent.

1. Customs and Border Protection Officer

According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, CBP Officers inspect the merchandise, agriculture, luggage, and people coming into and out of the United States, intercepting drugs, weapons, and other illegal goods before they get into the wrong hands and stopping people from trying to enter the country illegally. 

One of the huge benefits of becoming a CBP officer is the amount you’ll earn and other benefits. Because it’s a federal job, you’ll have health insurance, retirement plans, and job security.

However, the work can be stressful due to unforeseen circumstances and sometimes you’ll be be working late at night and even on weekends.

2. Entry Level Field Investigator

An entry-level field investigator assists a field investigator in collecting information and evidence that will help ongoing investigations of law enforcement agencies. This is among the entry-level criminology jobs that will enable you to gain valuable experience while collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, and writing reports.

Also, you might get exposure to different areas of criminology such as juvenile justice, white-collar crime, or environmental crime depending on your specific role.

3. Crime Analyst 

According to Indeed, a crime analyst uses critical thinking and reasoning to study data and make recommendations to help reduce crime in a particular region. They analyze crime trends, create crime data, and develop intelligence reports.

It’s a good fit for newly graduated criminology student because it doesn’t require experience, there is high demand for them, and it opens doors to other criminology careers.

4. NSA Police / Law Enforcement Officer

The role of the National Security Agency Police is basically to enforce NSA rules and regulations which involve the protection of NSA personnel, property, and resources. They can also participate in counter-terrorism activities.

Moreover, as a government job, you’re guaranteed to have excellent job security and benefits such as health insurance, retirement savings plans, etc. Also, their extensive training can help boost your career.

5. Court Service Officer

A court service office helps to ensure that hearings in law court go in a calm and orderly manner without any security problems. They can also interview defendants and witnesses.

It is one of the entry-level criminology jobs that will give you the experience for advanced criminology roles, and gain hands-on experience in the criminal justice system. However CSO role can be demanding and stressful and they might deal with some difficult people.

6. Probation Officer

A probation officer supervises offenders placed on probation to ensure they obey court orders. This role will not only help you to fully apply your criminology knowledge but will also help you to impact positively on offenders as they reintegrate back into society. 

However, it can also be emotionally challenging due to dealing with some complex situations and different kinds of individuals.

7. Corrections Deputy – Entry Level

According to Zippia, a corrections deputy assists senior officers in overseeing the daily activities in jail or prisons and keeps order by enforcing strict rules and regulations. This role will definitely give you the needed experience in the criminal justice system which will be of great value if you intend to further your career in law enforcement, probation or parole, or any other related career.

Also, as a government work, you’re guaranteed of your job security.

8. Inmate Records Clerk

According to governmentjob.com, an Inmate Records Clerk is responsible for the tracking of cases and holds placed on inmates and determines if those inmates shall be released, transferred, or remain incarcerated. This is among the entry-level criminology roles that give you first-hand experience on the ins and outs of correctional facilities.

Also, it improves your skills in some areas like communication, data entry, and recordkeeping, and you’ll even learn to pay more attention to detail.

The downside is that you won’t have so much criminology experience because you’ll mostly focus on clerical tasks.

9. Welfare Fraud Investigator

A Welfare Fraud Investigator conducts in-house and field investigations of suspected fraudulent receipt of aid. They ensure that donated or allocated resources are given to those who need them.

This role will enable you to learn a lot about fraud schemes and even see them play out in real life. This kind of experience will help prepare you in other areas of criminology such as financial crime or white-collar crime.

10. Crime Scene Cleaning Technician 

Just like the name, your job here is basically to clean and sanitize the area where a violent crime has taken place. If you have no education and experience but have an interest in the criminology world, then this role could be your best fit.

It is among the entry-level criminology jobs that will expose you to crime scenes, and investigations. If you’re more detailed you’ll even pick up some skills like evidence collection, and the aftermath of criminal activity. It can lead you to other roles like forensic science, law enforcement, or victim advocacy.

Key Takeaway 

Here you have it! You’ve seen that even though starting in the world of criminology can seem daunting it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Whether you’re intrigued to chase criminals as a police officer, or you love the details of analyzing crime scenes, it’s just a step at a time and there is a role out there for you to begin with.

Well, one thing you shouldn’t forget is that “the first step is always the hardest,” even if you’re looking for a high-level role and can’t get it now, don’t be discouraged. You’ll get there only if you trust the simple steps taken each day. Besides, every successful criminologist started from an entry-level position.

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