8 Best Esthetician Schools in Atlanta and Their Fees

The Esthetician schools in Atlanta have built a reputation for bringing into the workforce highly trained and diligent professionals who have imbibed in them an enormous amount of creativity.

The esthetician schools in Atlanta are the best there’s no arguing about that, but I know some of you are wondering—like me when I first got the memo to write on this—what is an esthetician.

There is a simple answer to this which is “Beautician”, or in a more definitive text someone that provides services that focuses in great depth on the care of people’s skin which includes—but is not limited to—skin treatments, facials, makeup application, and hair removal. But their jobs and functions entail a whole world of more details, so if you want to be an esthetician, stick with me on this trip.

The cosmetology schools in Atlanta follow the same path to academic excellence that has distinguished the state from other states and even some countries. And, for this reason, Indiana-accredited online colleges are keenly sorted after by both national and international students.

Well, pardon me to let you in on a little secret, I am going to—for this one time only—expose to you the way I see and define beauty. Because this topic we are embarked on this journey for is entrenched in beauty and creativity, which are the bedrock of how I see things for it is written: “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”.

It is now time to put this show on the road.

Fashion is one of the few human endeavors that can truly be said to need the ability of humans to create something extremely beautiful, for you to become a fashion designer, you must have installed within your mainframe the ability to see the world with eyes filled with beauty receptors, and be able to reciprocate that on fabric if you don’t have this ability then you can learn this by attending any of the Florida fashion schools.

Staying true to the wise words “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” we take a look at another field that involves a lot of creativity and beauty mindset, and that is the field of culinary.

The field of culinary is an art more than a profession, as it entails the use of the huge reservoir of human intellectual prowess and creativity, but some of you are thinking, come on Regis, we are talking about food here, right?

Absolutely, but to create food that is tasty to the tongue and pleasing to the eyes you need creativity. And that is an important element in beautification as you need the know-how to turn ordinary into beautiful that will get people interested in it. Therefore, to get this inert skill, I advise that you get enrolled in any of the French Culinary Schools available.

Cost of Attending Esthetician Schools in Atlanta

The average price of an esthetics program in Georgia is $10,748.00, according to estheticianedu.org.

How to become an Esthetician in Atlanta

Below are some of the requirements to be met before you become an Esthetician in Atlanta by route of any of the Esthetician schools in Atlanta;

  • Age minimum of 17 years old.
  • Possess a GED or high school diploma.
  • Finish a 1,000-hour esthetics program that has received state approval.
  • Pass a 90-minute theoretical test as well as a 110-minute practical exam.
  • Provide a copy of your passport.
  • You must submit an application and pay $30.
  • Pass the necessary criminal history checks.

Esthetician Schools in Atlanta

8 Best Esthetician Schools in Atlanta and Their Fees

1.      Lanier Technical College

The first on my list of best esthetician schools in Atlanta is Gainesville, Georgia’s Lanier Tech which also happens to be a public university that is part of the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. It is a modest university with 1,194 undergraduate students enrolled.

The acceptance rate at Lanier Tech is 100%. Welding, cosmetology, and heavy equipment maintenance technician are popular majors. Lanier Tech grads go on to earn a starting income of $25,200, with graduation rates of 42% of students.

Being one the finest esthetician schools in Atalanta, Lanier Technical College has it fees pegged at  $7,024/Year

2.      West Georgia Technical College—Murphy

Next on my list of esthetician schools in Atlanta is a public university called West Georgia Tech-Murphy is situated in Waco, Georgia, near Atlanta. It is a tiny university with 1,754 undergraduate students enrolled.

Murphy accepts 100% of applicants at West Georgia Tech. Welding, nursing assistant, and cosmetology are popular majors. West Georgia Tech – Murphy graduates earn a starting income of $23,500. 43% of them graduate.

The West Georgia Technical College for Esthetics’ fees are held at $15,523/Year

3.      Southern Crescent Technical College

In the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Griffin, Georgia is home to Southern Crescent, a public college. It is a modest university with 1,333 undergraduate students enrolled.

The acceptance rate for Southern Crescent is 100 percent. Liberal arts and humanities, business, and child care providers are all well-liked majors. Alumni at Southern Crescent go on to earn a starting income of $23,800, with 51% of students graduating.

The Esthetician school of the Southern Crescent Technical College has fees as $15,523/Year

4.      Georgia Career Institute

Conyers, Georgia, in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, is home to Georgia Career Institute, a for-profit institution. With 510 undergraduate students enrolled, it is a tiny institution.

The Georgia Career Institute has a 100% acceptance rate. Popular majors include cosmetology, nail technology, esthetician, and skin care. Alumni of the Georgia Career Institute typically have a starting salary of $16,200.

The fees of the Georgia Career Institute stand at $10,445/Year

5.      Elaine Sterling Institute

In Sandy Springs, Georgia, near Atlanta, there is a for-profit university called Elaine Sterling Institute. 316 undergraduate students are enrolled, making it a tiny school.

Given that the Elaine Sterling Institute’s acceptance rate is 71%, admissions are a little competitive. Esthetician and skin care, nail technician, massage therapy, and bodywork are popular degrees.

Fees – $16,913/Year

6.      International School of Skin, Nailcare, & Massage Therapy

In the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, in Sandy Springs, Georgia, lies ISSN, a for-profit institution. 285 undergraduate students are enrolled, making it a tiny school. The acceptance rate for the ISSN is 100%. Popular degrees include massage therapy and bodywork, nail technician, esthetician, and skin care. The starting pay for ISSN graduates is $22,200.

Its Esthetician School Fees is $37,028/Year

7.      Paul Mitchell the School—Esani

And finally, on the list of best Esthetician schools in Atlanta is a for-profit university called Paul Mitchell – Esani situated in Roswell, Georgia, near Atlanta. 239 undergraduate students are enrolled, making it a tiny school.

The acceptance rate for Paul Mitchell – Esani is 100 percent. Esthetician and skin care, cosmetology, cosmetology instruction, and salon management are popular degrees. Alumni of Paul Mitchell – Esani typically get a starting salary of $16,900.

Fees for the Esthetician School of the Paul Mitchell the School are $17,212/Year

8.      Atlanta School of Massage

In the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, in Dunwoody, Georgia, there is a for-profit college called Atlanta Massage. With 183 undergraduate students enrolled, it is a tiny institution.

The acceptance rate for Atlanta Massage is 100%. Esthetician and skin care, massage therapy and bodywork, and athletic training are popular degrees. Alumni of the Atlanta Massage program often start out making $20,800.

Fees – $20,599/Year


The various Esthetician Schools in Atlanta are dedicated to producing professionals with the right mindset not just to work but in all spheres of human interaction. Enroll now to get this level of training and discipline.

Esthetician Schools in Atlanta—FAQs

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”How long is Esthetician Schools in Atlanta?” answer-0=”A licensed esthetician program must consist of 1,000 hours. Six to eight months is the average length of time it takes to complete a 1,000-hour program. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”How much does an Esthetician make in Atlanta?” answer-1=”A curriculum to become a licensed esthetician must last 1,000 hours. The typical time required to finish a 1,000-hour program is six to eight months.” image-1=”” count=”2″ html=”true” css_class=””]