10 Best Film Schools In London & How To Get In

If you are looking to enter the film industry, getting an education in the field is the potential way to develop your talents and get recognized in the industry. Here are the 10 best film schools in London where you can begin your journey into the filming world.

Filming is one of the disciplines of art, and just like music, it is very popular. There aren’t very many people in the world right now, especially in this digital age, that hasn’t seen at least one movie or any type of film for that matter. Every day, more and more films are created and distributed which contributes to the growth of the film industry.

If you want to be a part of this continuously progressing art field, then you should get an education at a film school to develop your talents. A film school will offer you the resources and platform you need to take a step further in your career.

You will learn first-hand from professionals in the industry, be exposed to both modern and ancient filming techniques, make use of labs, facilities, and equipment to practice, and gradually begin to make a name for yourself.

These and many more are some of the things you will gain from attending an accredited, approved, or recognized film school. While there are dedicated film schools, there are also many art schools, like the art schools in London, and universities that offer degree programs in film. Whichever one you decide to attend is completely your choice, none is above or below the other.

Some schools offer filmmaking courses online that you can take from the comfort of your home.

While there are many film schools scattered across the globe, this post concentrates only on the ones in the UK. Using this article as a guide, aspiring film producers can have a wide array of film school options to choose from, as well as compare and contrast with others to know which suits them most.

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Back to the topic, I have put together some helpful guides, as well as other information you need to know about to facilitate your entry into any of the film schools in London.

What Is A Film School?

What a film school is exactly what it sounds like. It is an educational institution focused on teaching people how to make films and other aspects of filmmaking such as film production, film theory, digital media production, acting, directing, costumes, scriptwriting, video editing, screenwriting, etc. Film schools are dedicated to the practical aspect of movie making.

Is London A Good Place To Study Film?

Maybe you live in London or other parts of the world but considering studying film in London and not so sure if it is the best place for such a career, here are the reasons that will give you an answer.

  1. For filmmakers, London is a popular location, and due to its long cinematic history, it is an iconic location that consistently starred in a wide range of excellent movies.
  2. Some of the best film schools in the world are in the UK
  3. British and non-British actors trained in the UK are held in high esteem in Hollywood
  4. People in London are used to seeing film crews, therefore, there are little to no distractions when a movie is being shot at any of the locations.
  5. There are endless opportunities to see great films.
  6. London suits any genre.

For these reasons, you can determine whether London is a good place to study film or not.

Cost of Film Schools in London

The cost of film schools in London varies from school to school and the residency status of students with international students pays more. The cost can range between £10,000 to £30,000 per year.

How To Get Into Film Schools In London

The process to enter a film school in the UK may vary but here are the general requirements:

  • Have your bachelor’s degree with honors or an equivalent
  • Relevant professional experience in film or a related area
  • Completed online application form
  • CV or resume
  • Personal statement

These are the basic requirements for a film school in London, your preferred institution may require more, therefore, it is your duty to contact the film school of your choice to get the complete list.

Knowing about the requirements is just one of the steps to entering film school in London. You have to look for a suitable film school to apply to, satisfy all the requirements, and begin the application process which is typically done online. There might be entrance tests and/or interviews which may be conducted online, in-person, or by phone call. Just be prepared.

film schools in London

Best Film Schools in London

Here, you will find a list of some of the best film schools in the UK with their details which highlight important details such as program offerings, location, fees, etc. which will help you make a decision.

  • London Film School (LFS)
  • Met Film School London
  • London Film Academy
  • National Film and Television School (NFTS)
  • Goldsmiths University of London Screen School
  • Central Film School
  • University of Arts London (UAL)
  • Bournemouth Film School (BFS)
  • The Northern Film School
  • Raindance Film School

1.     London Film School (LFS)

Prideful in delivering more than 180 films every year, the London Film School consecutively tops the list of the top 5 best film schools in the world and is the no.1 best in Europe. LFS offers four full-time study courses which are MA in Filmmaking, MA in Screenwriting, MA in International Film Business, and Ph.D. A film by Practice degrees. There are also several workshop programs.

The London Film School has graduated from many parts of the world, some of the common alumni are Koby Adom, Franc Roddam, Les Blair, Rafael Kapelinski, and many more.

2.     Met Film School London

Met Film School London is one of the best film schools in the UK and compared to the one above, this one has more course offerings. You can find varieties of MA and BA degrees, short courses, certification programs, part-time courses, and young people’s courses. Some of the programs are:

  • MA Producing
  • MA Film and Television Production
  • MA Cinematography
  • BA (Hons) Practical Filmmaking
  • Certificate in Practical Filmmaking
  • Six-month Producing
  • Eight-week Documentary Filming (short course)
  • Young Filmmakers Workshop

The MA or Master of Arts course takes 1 year to complete while the BA or Bachelor of Arts courses takes 2 or 3 years to complete. Now that you know most of the program offerings, which one will you be applying for?

Also, Met Film School London has campuses in London, Leeds, and Berlin. You can see a video of the virtual view of each of these campuses on the website page. Finally, international applicants are accepted.

3.     London Film Academy

This is another reputable film school in the UK that you shouldn’t confuse with the London Film School as they are both different but nearly sound alike. London Film Academy is located in Fulham, London, and offers undergraduate, postgraduate, diplomas, short courses, and young filmmakers programs.

The courses offered are Filmmaking Diploma, MA Screenwriting, BA (Hons) Filmmaking, MA Filmmaking, Filmmaking Certificate, and varieties of short courses. Some of the popular alumni of LFA are Philip Clements, Jean-Philippe Gossart, Michael Cheung, Robert Hall, Anna Kolber, Josephine Mackerras, and many more.

4.     National Film and Television School (NFTS)

The National Film and Television School (NFT) located in Beaconsfield, UK is consistently ranked the top international film school by the Hollywood Reporter. It is a highly sought-after film school by many students from and abroad due to its quality program offerings. You can find courses in MA & BA, short courses, diploma courses, online courses, and part-time courses.

Some of the courses are MA in Producing, MA in Digital Effects, Diploma in Cameras for TV Production, and many more. The master’s program takes 2 years, the diploma takes 1 year, and the short courses take a few days to a few months to complete. Some award-winning alumni of NFTS include Roger Deakins, Nick Park, Lynne Ramsay, and David Yates.

5.     Goldsmiths University of London Screen School

Goldsmiths Screen School is another reputable film school in London that offers postgraduate degrees in Filmmaking, Script Writing, TV Journalism, Film & Screen Studies, and Photography. No undergraduate, diploma or certification programs are offered.

Graduates from these programs go on to work in every area of the film and TV industry and are renowned all over the world for their work.

6.     Central Film School

The Central Film School is another renowned film school in London that you can consider applying for. The specialist film school trains people to become reputable filmmakers through its academic program offerings. Programs are offered via undergraduate courses, postgraduate courses, short film courses, and online courses which you can explore to find one that suits you best.

The undergraduate program takes 2 years to complete. All courses are taught by industry experts and professionals and all courses are hands-on, practical programs.

7.     University of Arts London (UAL)

The University of Arts London is a prestigious higher institution in London and Europe as a whole. The institution houses the London College of Communication which also houses the Screen School where all kinds of filmmaking teaching and training take place.

The Screen School are UAL offers professional certification programs, graduate diploma programs, and a wide range of MA and BA programs in courses like Film, Screenwriting, Television, Animation, Games Design, Visual Effects, Sound Arts, and many more.

8.     Bournemouth Film School (BFS)

Bournemouth Film School is a division within Arts University Bournemouth that sets the standard for turning creativity into careers. BFS is one of the reputable film schools outside London that offers only undergraduate programs. The film school offers 10 BA programs in Acting, Costume, Film Production, Dance, Performance Design and Film Costumes, Creative Writing, and many more.

This school is established for over 50 years, if you want to film a school that is soaked in years of experience in the industry, BFS is the place to look.

9.     The Northern Film School

The Northern Film School is a division within the School of Arts at Leeds Beckett University, one of the renowned film and television schools in the UK attracting aspiring filmmakers from different parts of the world. This film school has been around for more than 25 years and offers courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels leading to BA, MA, and Ph.D. degrees.

Students are taught and equipped with theoretical and practical skills necessary for filmmaking and offered resources to help them become as creative as possible.

10.  Raindance Film School

Raindance takes pride in being London’s #1 professional, accredited independent film school focused on training you to develop your skills your way, in your style. Students at Raindance enjoy mentor-based support, financial assistance, fantastic networking, and career-building opportunities to launch a career in film.

Raindance offers programs leading to HND, BA, and MA. There are also short courses available.

And this wraps up the top 10 film schools in London and the UK as a whole. This should serve as a guide for aspiring filmmakers and others who want to enter the film industry to find the right school where they can develop their potential and grow their skills.

Film Schools in London – FAQs

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”How many years is film school in London?” answer-0=” Film schools in London take 2-3 years if you are going for a BA or MA but short courses and diploma course takes a few months to a year to complete.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”Where is the best place to study film in the UK?” answer-1=” There are more than the top 10 film schools in the UK to study filmmaking, scriptwriting, and so on.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”How many film schools are in the UK?” answer-2=” The UK houses dedicated film schools and universities that offer programs in film.” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]