How to Obtain a 2-Year Nursing Degree in the UK

Obtaining a 2-year nursing degree in the UK is one way to fast-track yourself into becoming a professional in the field of nursing which will make your dreams come true.

The 2-year nursing degree in the UK opens students to a wealth of possibilities in the field of nursing while also making it possible for said students to achieve their dreams of being registered nursing in as little as 2 years. This is mirrored by the accelerated nursing programs that are offered in Ontario Canada, where students upon graduation are easily absorbed into the workforce.

Nursing is one fantastic field of endeavor and it has precepts that must be matched by students before they can be considered professional nurses.  These are instilled into the retention and behavioral patterns of students that have enrolled in any of the Southern Dakota accelerated nursing programs.

The joy of being a nurse is that you as an aspiring student can get the necessary training on clinical skills to enable you to practice, sit for the NCLEX examinations, and earn a Baccalaureate in Nursing; all these can be achieved through the use of the internet to enroll in any of the Pre-licensure nursing programs available in Texas.

One thing I will never fail to recognize is the effect of funding on the dreams and aspirations of students on a global front. Many individuals have had their dreams shattered due to the inability to match the financial obligations that are required to get them educated, which is why there are various certificate-issuing nursing programs on the internet today to make sure no one capable gets left behind.

Related to this, there are cheap nursing schools designed for international students in Canada that are tasked with the obligation of graduating very skilled and intelligent individuals from moderate financial standings to improve the workforce positively.

While those with the aspiration of studying in the US are not left out, as the US is host to some of the cheapest nursing schools for international students where same can rest assured of being delivered with the best training and facilities to ensure they are astute professionals in the workplace.

Can I become a Nurse in 2 Years in the UK?

For holders of pertinent degrees, you can choose to study for a postgraduate diploma in a specialty field of nursing over two years full-time.

Average Cost of 2-year Nursing Schools in the UK?

Associate degrees in nursing (ADN) are often the most economical programs because they only last two years. At public colleges, tuition fees might range from $3,000 to $10,000 per year or from $6,000 to $20,000 for the whole degree.

Tuition at private colleges is typically more expensive; there, students may spend up to $40,000 on an ADN. To offset expenses, however, many ADN schools provide special rates for active-duty personnel and veterans, and students can seek scholarships.

ADN programs generally demand 60 credits of education, and universities break down tuition fees per credit. The price per credit for in-state programs can range from $100 to $200. Private and out-of-state tuition sometimes costs up to $400 per credit.

2-Year Nursing Degree in the UK

10 Schools Offering 2-Year Nursing Degree in the UK

1.      University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is one of the top-ranked universities in the UK, according to the UK. International students can enroll in a two-year nursing degree program there.

The course teaches students how to care for patients and their families while also covering the principles of nursing. In order to get real-world experience, students can also participate in clinical internships in hospitals.

The University of Edinburgh is a renowned research institution and one of the best institutions in the world, as was already noted. The top colleges in higher education, according to Times The US News & World Report Best Global Universities Rankings 2019, the QS World University Rankings 2018, and the World University Rankings 2017–2018. Are you looking for UK-based international nursing degree programs? Well, this is an excellent illustration.

Services for International Students

The International Office at Edinburgh has several divisions and activities to assist international students. A postgraduate degree called English for Academic Purposes involves pre-sessional English teaching. Numerous events are held in the International Student Center, which also serves as a center for world affairs.

The Resident Life service will plan programs and social events when new students move into the residence halls to assist them in integrating into the institution and city.

In order to help international students settle in and learn more about the region and institution, the International Buddy and Hospitality Schemes arrange for them to meet residents and current students.

2.      University of Liverpool

Another university that provides a 2-year nursing degree in the UK to undergraduates is the University of Liverpool. The curriculum equips students with the information, abilities, and attitudes necessary for effective practice, preparing them for a future in nursing.

There are three 13-week-long semesters in this two-year curriculum. During their final semester, students take six modules and complete a required placement. Modules include:

  1. Health and Social Care: This subject introduces the health and social care systems in the UK and throughout the world and looks at how research may be used to make these systems better. It also examines a number of health-related topics, including substance abuse, sexual health, physical health, and mental health.
  2. Professional Practice: This lesson introduces you to professional practice.

Services for International Students

A warm welcome at Manchester Airport is only the beginning of the University’s complete environment for foreign students, which also includes our Meet & Greet airport transportation service. All incoming overseas students are invited to a fun schedule of orientation and welcoming activities that will aid in their speedy acclimatization to Liverpool.

Foreign Advice and Guidance staff at the university offer assistance to international students with matters related to accommodation, money, immigration, and visas. Throughout your academic career, you can get free in-session English language help from the campus’ English Language Center.

3.      University of Glasgow

International students seeking to pursue a 2-year nursing degree in the UK can achieve that by enrolling at the University of Glasgow. International students who enroll in the program receive the training necessary to work in the healthcare sector. The University of Glasgow, one of the oldest institutions in Europe and one of the top 100 universities in the world, is one reason why this school is unquestionably exceptional.

The University of Glasgow’s nursing degree program is taught by skilled professors, registered nurses, and medical professionals who are active in their professions. More than 200 foreign students from nations including Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, India, Nigeria, and China enroll in this program each year.

People who wish to pursue a career shift or their interest in healthcare may do it with the help of this course without having to relocate or invest a lot of time in their studies overseas.

Services for International Students

The Department of Glasgow’s network of student services includes the Student Counseling and Advisory Service.

At Glasgow Airport, we will welcome international students and direct them to free transportation and their first-year residence. To aid international students in adjusting, International Student Support also provides an orientation session. Pre-sessional English classes are also available for international students.

4.      Manchester Metropolitan University

The training offers the abilities and information necessary for working as a nurse. It will help you get ready to work as a registered nurse. They will provide you with the knowledge and abilities needed to pursue additional training to become a specialty nurse, advanced practitioner, or nurse practitioner.

Lectures, seminars, tutorials, and clinical placements are the main modes of instruction for this course. Additionally, you will learn about the English and Welsh health care systems, including patient rights, how to care for individuals who speak other languages, how to communicate with people from other cultures, how to work in multicultural teams securely, and how to apply various research methodologies.

If you are at least 18 years old, you are eligible to enroll in Manchester Metropolitan University’s two-year nursing degree program.

Services for International Students

For students willing to gain admission into this wonderful 2-year nursing degree in the UK, the university provides a dedicated student services staff institution that offers assistance to foreign students with their academic, professional and spiritual needs. International students are given free language instruction and one-on-one counseling by the university. New foreign students can arrive at the university with the aid of a meet & greet service from Manchester Overseas Airport.

5.      Cardiff University

International students seeking to obtain a 2-year nursing degree in the UK can enroll in the two-year Cardiff University Nursing Program.

The course provides several educational possibilities, including clinical rotations at medical facilities and community health centers. They may complete the degree without taking any examinations thanks to this, and it also gives them the chance to find employment in the UK once they graduate.

Services for International Students

The department of international development has set up a coach service from Cardiff and Heathrow airports to your accommodation.

Students get to know Cardiff, the University, the city, and the countryside over the course of five days of events. Trips like the South Wales tour provide students the chance to socialize with new people in a relaxed environment.

At Cardiff University, Welsh students can join a number of international organizations.

6.      Kingston University

One of the most sought-after professions worldwide is nursing. There is a huge need for nursing experts everywhere, which is due in large part to the lack of nurses as well as the necessity for nurses with multilingual skills.

One of the most esteemed universities in the UK is this one. International students seeking to enroll in a two-year nursing degree program in the UK can achieve this here. International students can pursue a two-year nursing degree at Kingston University. One of the top nursing programs in the UK is offered at this institution.

The curriculum provides students with knowledge of nursing that is both academic and practical, including topics like anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, mental health, etc. The course provides a great chance for students to interact with patients from other origins and cultures, which will improve their ability to communicate and comprehend the needs of others.

The curriculum gives the students the knowledge and abilities needed to work as registered nurses. The program also places a strong emphasis on fostering the leadership and managerial abilities that will be necessary for nurses to function independently in the future.

Services for International Students

When you begin your studies here, you may obtain assistance from the Student Life Center with concerns relating to your visa, money, disability support, and student financing. All present and prospective students are eligible for the funding.

Throughout the first week, it aids in your adjustment. To help you settle comfortably in school and in Kingston, the program offers social events, orientation sessions, and airport pickup.

7.      The University of York

The University of York offers to international students interested in being enrolled in a two-year nursing degree in the UK.

International students may choose from a variety of courses at the institution, including the two-year nursing degree program. The program gives students the chance to study for a master’s degree in nursing or another healthcare profession while simultaneously preparing them for professional practice in the NHS or other healthcare settings.

Services for International Students

The institution offers assistance to international students through its International Student Support Office. This covers orientation and social activities including processing visas, creating bank accounts, and counseling, as well as complimentary airport pickup from Manchester. The college also includes a sizable jobs section that may help with exam preparation, job searching, internships, and volunteer work.

8.      The University of Northampton

International students who desire to obtain a 2-year nursing degree in the UK but are unable to complete a four-year undergraduate degree can do so through the Northampton Nursing Programme, a two-year nursing degree.

If you pass your examinations, you might finish the Northampton Nursing Programme, a two-year intensive program that leads to an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), in as little as 15 months.

Services for International Students

Students are assisted in adjusting quickly by a complimentary Meet and Greet service from Heathrow and a Welcome Programme that provides social activities and useful advice on how to create a bank account, find part-time work, obtain a National Insurance number, and register with a doctor.

If you have any general inquiries regarding university life, from disorders to mental health help, the Student Information Desk is the place to go. The Multi-Faith Chaplaincy unites the university community regardless of faith, sexual orientation, or gender by offering free sports and organizations for students.

9.      Swansea University

For overseas students, the Swansea University School of Nursing provides one of the finest two-year degree in the UK. The program gives students the information and abilities they need to succeed as qualified nurses and midwives in the NHS.

International students who desire to work in the NHS but lack the time for a full four-year undergraduate degree might choose a two-year nursing degree program. They may enter the workforce more quickly and begin making money sooner in this way.

Services for International Students

Swansea offers a meet & greet service from Heathrow Airport and a week-long orientation session to assist new students in adjusting. During the academic year, pre-sessional instruction and individualized English language assistance are offered.

An office called Foreign@CampusLife is available on every campus and is dedicated to helping international students. For international students, the University offers support with visas, financing, and student welfare.

10. The University of Sheffield

Since its founding in 1828, the University of Sheffield has led the way in nursing education. The institution is recognized as one of the top nursing schools in the UK and has a history of nursing innovation and quality.

The two-year nursing degree program at the University of Sheffield gives foreign students a thorough grasp of all facets of professional nursing practice.

With access to resources and facilities that are unmatched by any other institution in the nation, this degree offers the chance to study at one of the most prominent universities in the UK. Leading academics with years of expertise in teaching, research, and practice will be the instructors for the students.

Services for International Students

One of Sheffield’s outstanding features is the Students’ Union, which has been named the best in the UK for the past four years (Whatuni Student Choice Awards 2017-2020). The Students’ Union has about 350 clubs and organizations in addition to shops, cafés, and pubs. This is what draws so many international students to Sheffield.

The team that supports overseas students can assist with visas and other requirements. A residential orientation program and a meet-and-greet service from Manchester International Airport are offered each school year. There are presentations by university staff members, informational booths, and tours of the school and city during Intro Week.

The good news is that the 2-year nursing degree in the UK has a fast-paced curriculum, unlike nursing schools in other nations. For students from the area, the curriculum is completed in three years. However, the nursing courses have been altered to allow overseas students to finish the whole program in just two years due to changes made to the nursing shortage in the United Kingdom.


Many institutions have implemented flexible study hours that suit your working schedule in response to the large number of overseas students enrolling in these courses.

2-Year Nursing Degree in the UK—FAQs

[sc_fs_faq html=”true” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”What is the Best Nursing School in the UK? ” img_alt=”” css_class=””] The University of Liverpool is considered by many as the best nursing school in the UK at present. [/sc_fs_faq]