Best 6 Accredited Online Colleges in New Jersey

Online colleges in New Jersey have been providing online programs and degree courses for their students. So if online learning is your plan for this school year then sit back and relax because we have provided a wealth of information on it.

If you are thinking of getting into college but your work schedule, family, or other obligations are in the way, then an online college is the best solution!

Yes, you can still work, take care of your responsibilities and still go to college with the aid of online learning platforms.

You can even get free online courses and study while working or taking care of your responsibilities without breaking the bank and still earn a Certificate at the end of the course.

You get many benefits by upgrading your skills with an online degree, especially towards your career.

Online education is becoming the trend now. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 36.6% of U.S. postsecondary students were enrolled in distance education courses in 2019.

Earning a college degree is a big investment and also earning a degree from an accredited college is an even better bonus because it provides you with that quality education that you have always wanted.

Therefore if you live or work in New Jersey, you can also consider enrolling in one of their online colleges to study.

New Jersey is known for its high-quality education. Although due to the covid pandemic, their economy declined a bit they are gradually coming back to their feet.

As a state home for the two most prestigious schools in the world, its institutions have been evolving in their learning options and in this case, online learning is one of them.

To add to their list of academic prowess, you can get to study some accelerated nursing programs in New Jersey as well as Culinary Schools too

The U.S. Department of Education reports that more than 45,000 students enrolled in New Jersey’s colleges and universities are pursuing their degrees online. This is a huge one!

This also includes residents and out-of-state students as well. There are also affordable colleges for in-state and out-of-state students in New Jersey as well.

Asides from New Jersey, States such as Louisiana have online colleges for their residents to attend and study too.

Now before we start listing, let’s look at the average cost of studying in the online colleges provided by New Jersey.

The average cost of Online Colleges in New Jersey

According to the National College Board for the 2015-2016 school year the average cost of tuition and fees in the United States was $9,410 for in-state residents at public colleges and universities, $23,893 for out-of-state residents at public colleges and universities, and $32,405 for students attending private colleges and universities.

However, for colleges or universities in New Jersey, the average cost depends on the college itself.

For private colleges and universities in New Jersey, the average cost of tuition and fees during the 2015-2016 school year was $22,181.

The cheapest college in New Jersey which is Thomas Edison State University has an average tuition fee of $6,135. In contrast, The most expensive college in New Jersey for the 2015-2016 school year was Drew University (a private university) with a tuition of $45,552.

With this context in mind, you will discover that public or in-state colleges are more affordable and cheaper compared to private or out-of-state colleges.

Requirements for Online Colleges in New Jersey

Admission requirements for Online Colleges in New Jersey vary. The majority of the colleges required documents such as:

  • Applicants must have their original high school transcripts and transcripts from previously attended institutions
  • Applicants must meet the required CGPA for their respective degree programs
  • Applicants must complete the online application form
  • Applicants should provide their recommendation, statement of purpose, essay and CV or resume
  • They must provide their Relevant Test scores like MCAT, GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, etc.
  • Applicants must have Prior Work Experience
  • Applicants must pay an application fee if required although some online colleges waive the application fee.
  • Applicants also need to have digital learning devices to take online classes and submit tests and assignments.

Benefits of Online Colleges in New Jersey

The following are the benefits of online colleges in New Jersey amongst others. They include:

  • A variety of programs and courses are offered through online colleges
  • They are a more affordable option
  • The more comfortable learning environment
  • It is flexible and convenient
  • There’s more interaction and a greater ability to concentrate
  • You can study while working
  • It saves time and money for commute or transportation
  • It improves your technical skills and makes you tech-savvy.
  • The ability to attend classes no matter the circumstance or situation.
  • Increased Instructor-Student Time
  • The online college also provides students with the chance to network with peers in the same college
  • All the information that you will need will be safely stored in an online database.

online colleges in New Jersey

 Online Colleges in New Jersey

The following are ranked the top Best Accredited online colleges in New Jersey.

1.       Thomas Edison State University

This is the first school on our list of best accredited online colleges in New Jersey. Programs such as computer science, energy systems technology, and homeland security are 100 Percent online and are offered by the school.

Students seeking a bachelor’s degree in business administration online can choose between eleven concentrations that are available online too.

The school has over 30 online programs to choose from depending on the student’s desired course of study.

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2.       Kean University

This is the second on our list of best accredited online colleges in New Jersey. The college offers six undergraduate programs online.

These programs include criminal justice, management-human resources management, psychology, accounting, management-general business, and nursing.

They are committed to making use of technology to teach and facilitate learning for online students. Their online classes are very flexible and students are allowed to learn at their own pace.

This does not prevent the fact that they also get to interact with their mates and form relationships.

Therefore if you are finding it difficult to juggle work and academics, then this school will be your best choice.

3.       Rowan University

Rowan University is the third on our list of best accredited online colleges in New Jersey. The University offers six online bachelor’s degree programs, four of which are degree completion programs.

The programs available are health studies, liberal studies, nursing (RN to BSN), law and justice, construction management, and psychology.

These programs are 100 percent online and in addition to that, the school also offers non-credit career development courses to small businesses, high schools, and corporations.

Also, Some of Rowan’s online programs include accelerated courses, which help students finish faster.

4.       Rider University

This is the fourth on our list of best accredited online colleges in New Jersey. The University’s undergraduate, as well as graduate programs, are 100% online and they are designed for students who want to finish or advance their career paths.

They have a flexible program schedule that includes all courses for students to learn comfortably. They also get to choose from four convenient start dates in the fall, spring, or summer.

Students are allowed to transfer up to 90 credits from a combination of 2-year and 4-year institutions and they also made provision for extensive advising and academic support for working adults

Also, their online courses are affordable with a variety of financing options and courses each tailored to meet your interests and professional goals.

5.       Rutgers University

Rutgers University is the fifth on our list of best accredited online colleges in New Jersey

The school offers three online programs. These programs include: business administration, RN to BSN nursing, and labor and employment relations

The business administration program is divided into the following categories: They are corporate finance, digital marketing, data analytics, and strategic human resource management.

The school makes use of something called TLT for all the technical aspects of their learning including their online learning as well as the division of continuing education which is dedicated to Students who are adults.

6.       Centenary University

This is the last school on our list of best accredited online colleges in New Jersey.

The school offers three bachelor’s programs online. They include accounting, business studies, and professional studies.

The business studies degree has to do with the basics of business, while the accounting degree is more focused on the financial side of the business.

The professional studies degree has to do with soft skills, such as you would find in a liberal arts program.

The school allows students to decide how flexible they want their academics to be. Whether they want to finish it online, accelerate it, or pursue one or more courses in their various fields.

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This concludes it on our list of best accredited online colleges in New Jersey. I hope that you’ll find this article worth your time and data.

 Online Colleges in New Jersey – FAQs

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Are there free online colleges in New Jersey?” answer-0=”Yes, there are free online colleges in New Jersey. An example of one of them is Princeton University New Jersey. The school is tuition-free for low-income earners.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What is the cheapest online college in New Jersey? .” answer-1=”The cheapest online college in New Jersey is Thomas Edison State University” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”” answer-2=”” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]