Make Money Reading And Selling Books Online

If you love reading books, then you’ve probably spent a lot of money buying fascinating books from some of the best authors. That means you have lots of cash kept somewhere in your bedroom right now, library, or somewhere in your basement. 

There are plenty of places online ready to pay cash for your textbooks, novels, CD books, and even your photo books. You can also find other sites that will pay you to write a detailed review on some books. And since you love reading, you can also earn side money from there.

Of course, writing reviews isn’t the only one. This guide will show you ways to get paid by reading and selling books online. 

Let’s begin.


Make Money Selling Used Books Online 

Before you sell your used or old textbooks online, you need to keep your books in good condition. That can increase the price of your book. You should also know when to sell your books, mainly textbooks.

It’s best to sell your textbooks at the beginning of the semester, not at the end of the semester. Aside from that, the first step in selling your books online is to determine your book’s value. 

You can do that on This site has 20 years of experience in the bookselling industry and offers an easy process for people to sell their books. What you do is type in your textbook’s ISBN and get the current value of the book. 

When you get your preferred quote, you ship your textbooks and get paid when the company receives the package. 

You can also sell your books on other bookselling sites. These places are also good to try out: 

  1. Amazon
  2. Powell Books
  4. Bookscouter

How To Make Money Reading Books 

Aside from selling books online, you can also make money reading books. And there are several ways to do that. Let’s go through them. 

Write Book Reviews

There are many ways to make money by writing book reviews. One is to pitch newspapers and magazines that accept book reviews. You can check the “submissions” or “writers” page on the publication’s site for more information on book review submissions. 

Another way is to write for a book review publication whose primary purpose is to review books. You can even find some apps and sites that pay you to review books. Some of them include the U.S. Review of Books, Any Subject Books, and Kirkus. 

Even though most of these resources pay you cash, some give you copies of the magazine or books instead. So you should check the payment details before you apply. 

Read And Record Audiobooks

Most publishers have their audiobook readers. However, self-published authors, including small presses, usually search for people who have clear voices to read nonfiction and fiction books. 

You can find these works through Brilliance Audio and Amazon’s ACX, which produces numerous bestselling audiobooks. You can also check out freelance websites like Upwork for audiobook reading gigs. 

Write Book Summaries 

If you love reading, consider writing book summaries. Some busy executives don’t have the time to read the latest books yet want to talk about them and sound knowledgeable. 

There are book companies that sell refined book summaries to people who prefer short versions. Many of these organizations pay people to read the entire book and write a summary. You can find these gigs on freelance writing job websites. 

Consider Literary Agent Freelance Reading 

In this freelance job, you screen manuscripts and synopses for publishers and agents. Then you let them know if the book is worth the time reading it or not. The freelance reading position relies on finding a literary publisher or agent who has loads of reading to go through to find a jackpot. 

Sometimes, you can find this job on freelance and writing job boards. But, also, you’ll have to become a literary agent yourself. 

Final Thoughts 

It’s possible to make money reading books and selling them online. If you want, you can do both at the same time. But before you proceed, you need to be strategic. For example, you’ll run out of textbooks if you make it a side business. 

In such situations, you need to find places to get old or used books to sell. You can try your local bookstores, garage sales, etc., for more. You’ll also need to know when to sell your textbooks.